People in the Colony of Western Australia 1863-1897

Surname Given Names Occupation District Year Source
N'NeeMrs.AccoucherPerth1874Herald Almanack
N. N. A. Mercantile Co's Store--North-West (Roebourne)1888WA Almanack
N. N. A. Merchantile Cos Store--North-West (Roebourne)1889WA Almanack
NabieJ.StorekeeperGeraldton1897Witton's Directory
NagleJ.LabourerMurchison, Gascoyne &c. (Gascoyne, Sharks Bay, Etc.)1884WA Almanack
NagleJ.LabourerMurchison & Gascoyne (Gascoyne, Sharks Bay, Etc)1886WA Almanack
NairanW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1873Herald Almanack
NairnF. E.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara1882Herald Almanack
NairnF. E.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara1883Herald Almanack
NairnF. E.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara1884Herald Almanack
NairnF. E.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara1885Herald Almanack
NairnJ.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara1882Herald Almanack
NairnJ.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara1883Herald Almanack
NairnJ.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara1884Herald Almanack
NairnJ.Farmer & GrazierIrwin & Dongara (Claremont)1885Herald Almanack
NairnJ.FarmerDongara1897Witton's Directory
NairnJames Farmer and Grzr.Victoria Plains &c.1876WA Almanack
NairnJamesFarmerVictoria District (Dongara & Irwin)1880WA Almanack
NairnJamesFarmerVictoria District (Dongara & Irwin)1881WA Almanack
NairnJamesFarmerVictoria Districts (Dongara & Irwin)1882WA Almanack
NairnJamesStockownerVictoria District (Dongara)1884WA Almanack
NairnJamesStockownerDongara1887WA Almanack
NairnJamesStockownerDongara1888WA Almanack
NairnJamesStockownerDongara1889WA Almanack
NairnJosephStockownerVictoria District (Dongara)1884WA Almanack
NairnJosephStockownerDongara1887WA Almanack
NairnMiss-Perth 1876WA Almanack
NairnMiss-Perth1877WA Almanack
NairnMiss-Perth1878Herald Almanack
NairnMiss-Perth1880Herald Almanack
NairnMiss-Perth1881Herald Almanack
NairnMiss.-Perth1879Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1874Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1875Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1875WA Almanack
NairnW. & J.StoreownerIrwin & Donarra1876Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersVictoria District (Irwin & Dongara)1876WA Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1877Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1877WA Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1878Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1879Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1880Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockOwnerIrwin & Dongara1881Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1882Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1883Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1884Herald Almanack
NairnW. & J.StockownersIrwin & Dongara1885Herald Almanack
NairnW. &J.StockownersIrwin1879WA Almanack
NairnW. J.StockownerVictoria District (Dongara)1884WA Almanack
NairnWalterStockownerVictoria District (Dongara)1884WA Almanack