WA Livestock Brands 1912-1962

Surname Name Property Brand Year
L MontNorman T.OngerupT3L1924
L'HuillierO. D.Fern Hill, Mt. Erin, Geraldton7OD1912
L'HuillierO. D.Fern Hill, Mt. Erin7OD1924
La BiancaC. & N.Loc. No. 50, Lot 32, Harvey2LB and 107B, 5A1962
La MontC. A.Invermay, Toolbrunup, via TambellupL6M and 20D, 120E1962
La MotteW.Bushmead, Lakes Road, Midland JunctionWL7 and 45D, 27E1962
LabitskeA. O. H.Unexpected G.M., Copperfields, Via Menzies8AL1924
LabitzkeA. O. H.Unexpected Gold Mine, Copperfields via Menzies8AL1912
LaceyBlancheCoombe Lacy, Geraldton9LB1912
LaceyL. B.Amy-Vale, PitharaLU2 and 115E, 10D1962
LaceyStephenKimberley Goldfields, Kall's CreekSL91912
LaceyStephenKimberley Goldfields, Hall's CreekSL91924
LaceyW. E.14086, 9250, JitarningE7L and 8B, 80A1962
LaceyW. H.Dalyvale, PopanyinningAC01925
LaceyWm. Jas.Killarney, Popanyinning8LY1924
LaceyWm. Jas.Sandbridge, QuairadingL3Y1924
LachM. & P. R.Plant. 6454, 5918, 367, AlbanyM3W and 39D, 38E1962
LackmanCatherineRetreat, Korrelocking6XL1924
Lackman & Watson-Retreat, KorrelockingLW41924
LacyBlancheCoombe Lacy, Geraldton9LB1924
LacyF. B.Mt. Elizabeth Station via DerbyTR5 and 18A, 80C1962
LacyFrank B.WyndhamZQ21926
LacyM. E.Wallal Downs, Pt. HedlandLY21962
LacyP. B. & F. X.Mt. Elizabeth Station via DerbyZQ2 and 84C, 26E1962
Lacy Bros.-Hillview Station, MeekatharraHV2 and 10B, 23E1962
LaddHerbert Hy.Willimena, Williams2HL1912
LaddHerbert Hy.Willimena, Williams2HL1924
LadhamsC.Loc. 6468, Bakers HillCL7 and 4D, 110E1962
LadhamsR. C.2100, Lake Serenity, Mt. BarkerL0S and 116B, 50A1962
LadhamsRichardCoolgarrup, BridgetownZV91924
LadhamsThos. Geo.Bracken Lea, BridgetownTY91924
LadhamsViolet B. A.Nelson Location 7592, Pemberton5VL1924
LadymanA. E.Black Rock, Kojonup7AL1912
LadymanA. E.Black Rock, Kojonup7AL1924
LadymanA. L.Kojonup Loc. 1845, KatanningL0X and 45B, 22E1962
LadymanA. R.Kanooka, Katanning0ZZ1912
LadymanA. R.Kanooka, Katanning0ZZ1924
LadymanD. E.Lenzie, KatanningEV7 and 14C, 40A1962
LadymanE. & M.Tennisdale, KatanningL6H and 28C, 30A1962
LadymanG. & E.Kantara, KatanningLA4 and 33A, 20B1962
LadymanH. C. & J.Acaroona, PingellyIL1 and 28D, 21E1962
LadymanHy.Tennisdale, KatanningL6H1912
LadymanHy.Tennisdale, KatanningL6H1924
LadymanJohn F.Kurrajong, KatanningVK81924
LadymanJosephWoodlands, KatanningL0X1912
LadymanJosephWoodlands, KatanningL0X1924
LadymanL. L.The Meadows, BroomehillE6N and 29D, 19E1962
LadymanM. E.Black Rock, Kojonup7AL and 56F, 33B1962
LadymanP.Woodlands, KatanningPL3 and 36B, 9A1962
LadymanR. F. & M. M.Yarranbah, Kojonup Loc. 7432, BroomehillL3Y and 37C, 16A1962