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One kilometre east of the Carnamah townsite via a signposted driveway on the north side of the Bunjil-Carnamah Road.

The state heritage-listed Macpherson Homestead was one of the first buildings in the district in the late 1860s. The homestead's grounds are lined with old vehicles and machinery.

Free, with donations appreciated.

The homestead and its outbuildings can be visited at any time. If you'd like to look inside the main building, please call George on 08 9951 1690 or 0439 966 040.

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Macpherson Homestead in Carnamah

Workmen's Quarters at the Macpherson Homestead
History of the Macpherson Homestead

The homestead was the home of Duncan and Mary Macpherson who settled in Carnamah with their children in 1868. The Macpherson's established a pastoral station named Carnamah, and during their 70-year residence their homestead was known as Carnamah House.

The northern telegraph line to Champion Bay (Geraldton) was built passing their homestead as it was the only permanent residence in the district. The last link that joined up the completed telegraph line was connected in Carnamah on 5 June 1874. A telegraph office was run from an outbuilding by Duncan’s daughters for almost 40 years.

Following the deaths of Mary and Duncan Macpherson their unmarried children George, Maggie, Donald and Bessie lived out the rest of their lives at the homestead. After Bessie's death in 1939 the homestead was owned by the widow of her nephew Percy and Percy's son Malcolm. They leased and later sold the homestead to local farmer George S. Ferguson.

Over the years the homestead changed hands, became unoccupied and rapidly deteriorated. From 1979 to 2004 the Carnamah Apex Club, Carnamah Restoration Society and the Carnamah Historical Society restored the homestead with locally raised funds and grants from Lotterywest. In 1981 local farmers Glendon H. and Jennifer M. A. Lane donated ownership of the homestead and a parcel of surrounding land to the Shire of Carnamah.

For a number of years the partially restored homestead was used each week by the Carnamah Brownies. Following the conclusion of restoration works the homestead was furnished with donated items before being officially opened on 23 October 2004 by Ian Macpherson (whose father Malcolm and grandmother Ellen were the last Macphersons to own the homestead).

The Heritage Council of Western Australia assessed the homestead as having "played an important and successful role in the development and growth of the Carnamah district" and that "the place has particular structural interest, with its high walls and steeply pitched roof and bush rafters." The homestead is a permanent entry on the Heritage Council’s State Register of Heritage Places.

Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs

               ●   Duncan Macpherson
               ●   Mary Wilson / Macpherson
               ●   Aeneas Macpherson
               ●   "Locke" Lachlan Wilson Macpherson
               ●   "Jock" John Macpherson
               ●   "Bessie" Elizabeth Macpherson
               ●   "Maggie" Margaret Macpherson
               ●   "Bill" William Wilson Macpherson
               ●   "Don" Donald Macpherson
               ●   "Alick" Alexander Macpherson
               ●   George Macpherson
               ●   Albert Nebrong
               ●   "Fanny" Frances Nintigian / Ryder
               ●   Percy Campbell Macpherson
               ●   Ellen Eugenia Haddrill / Macpherson
               ●   Jessie Nebrong / Dido
               ●   "Dido" Joachim Dido
               ●   Malcolm John Campbell Macpherson

WA Heritage Awards

Bakehouse at the Macpherson Homestead in Carnamah

Sign at the Macpherson Homestead in Carnamah

View from the Macpherson Homestead in Carnamah

Rusting Vehicle at the Macpherson Homestead in Carnamah