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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Alan Oscar FIEBIG

Born 13 October 1902 in Midland Junction, Western Australia [P455]
Son of Oscar FIEBIG and Aimee Edith Mathilde EDWARDS [15]
     His parents were both school teachers [P455] and during his younger childhood they taught at Lion Mill [50] and Shark Bay [P455]
     His father was the School Teacher of the State School in Mingenew in 1912 and 1913 [50]
     During the First World War his parents, who were foreigners, were both extremely worried as 'aliens' were being interned [P455]
Later farmed with his parents and brother Carl at Nyabing east of Katanning [P455]
     Won 1st prize for Two Unshorn Merino Lambs at the Nyabing Agricultural Society's inaugural show in 1922  [120: 16-Nov-1922]
     While at Nyabing he met Ivy ANGEL from Watheroo who was working in the household of a Nyabing family [P455]
Served in the Western Australian Police Force from 22 August 1927 to 13 January 1962; regimental number 1574 [87]
Police Constable at the Central Police Station in Perth before being transferred to Collie and then Wagin [P455]
Married Ivy Evelyn ANGEL on 9 June 1928 at Saint George's Cathedral in Perth[P455]
     Their daughter Joan Iris, who was born on 30 June 1933 at the Wagin Hospital, died during infancy [15] [84]
Police Constable in Wagin until being transferred to Carnamah in August 1935 [5: 16-Aug-1935]
     He was the first Police Constable to be stationed in Carnamah following the building of the Carnamah Police Station [5: 16-Aug-1935]
     Arrived in Carnamah to take up the position of resident Police Constable at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday 13 August 1935 [5] [88]
Police Constable in Carnamah from 13 August 1935 to 16 April 1936 [87] [88]
     The Carnamah Police District spanned Carnamah, Winchester, Waddy Forest, Coorow, Marchagee and Gunyidi [22]
     Employed the services of local carrier Raymond R. WYLIE to transport stores for the new police office and his furniture [88]
     Owing to the police quarters not being ready for occupation he had to for a short time have his household furniture stored [88]
     Unpacked and arranged the office of the Carnamah Police Station on 15 August 1935 [88]
On 16 August 1935 attended an Elder Smith & Co stock sale in Carnamah - the first event he attended in an official capacity [88]
The following evening, on 17 August 1935, he paid his first visit to Coorow to check on the Coorow Hotel and on a Ball being held [88]
Scored 47 out of 50 at the Carnamah Rifle Club's Opening Shoot for the 1935 season on Sunday 18 August 1935 [5: 23-Aug-1935]
Welcomed to Carnamah by the members of the Carnamah District Road Board at their monthly meeting on 21 August 1935 [5]
His wife and two children joined him in Carnamah a few weeks later, arriving on Wednesday evening 21 August 1935 [5: 23-Aug-1935]
His first call for assistance in Carnamah was on 25 August 1935 to locate a suitcase lost between Winchester and Carnamah [88]
The next day he was called to Coorow following a motor accident resulting in the death Lawrence M. BRAMBLES of Redcliffe [88]
     Collected statements from witnesses and sought the advice of Dr ROSENTHAL of Carnamah and ordered a post mortem [88]
     An inquest was held in Carnamah into the man's death resulting in a charge of manslaughter [88]
     As the Carnamah Police Station at that time had no lock-up he transported the man to the lock-up in Three Springs [88]
     He motored to Perth Monday 30 September 1935 to give evidence at the trial of the man charged with manslaughter [5: 4-Oct-1935]
On 23 September 1935 took up residence in the police quarters and had R.R. WYLIE cart his furniture from storage to the quarters [88]
The police quarters were a stone house next to the weatherboard Police Station in Railway Avenue, Carnamah [8: page 31]
During his time in Carnamah dealt with lost items, thefts, disorderly conduct, accidents, deaths, warrants, summons and arrests [88]
Also renewed motor driver's licences and gun licences for the entirety of the Carnamah Police District [5: 18-Oct-1935]
Left Carnamah at 1:30 p.m. each Wednesday or Thursday for his weekly visit to Coorow (a round trip of 36 miles) [88]
Called at the Carnamah Hotel at intervals during every Sunday to ensure they were complying with Sunday Trading [88]
Attended in an official capacity stock sales, balls, agricultural shows, sports days and other events in Carnamah and Coorow [88]
His transport to Coorow and other centres under his control was on every occasion "by private car" [88]
Submitted an annual report to the Clerk of Courts on the Carnamah Hotel and Billiard Saloon on 11 October 1935 [88]
In October 1935 requested the Carnamah District Road Board erect a street light in front of the police station in Carnamah [5: 1-Nov-1935]
A telephone line extension was made from the Police Station to his quarters on 16 November 1935 [88]
The Police Station and the extension to the quarters were telephone number Carnamah-22 [60]
In October and November of 1935 purchased horses on behalf of the Police Department and had them transported to Perth [88]
     Among the horses were two from Angus A. N. MCGILP of Waddy Forest and one from Baxter D. BOTHE of Coorow [88]
Made his first trip to Gunyidi on 7 November 1935; his first trip to Marchagee and his second to Gunyidi was on 7 December 1935 [88]
Attended the entertainment for the Commonwealth Grants Commission at the Coorow Hotel on 21 November 1935 [5: 29-Nov-1935]
His first visit to Winchester was on 13 December 1935 to make inquiries about a stolen case of hardware and ironmongery [88]
     He found the missing case about 200 yards from the Winchester Railway Siding (where it had gone missing from) [88]
     Nothing was missing from the case which he said had "been broken open, apparently by tramps in search of food and clothing" [88]
At 10:15 p.m. on 26 December 1935 he had a telephone call from Dr Cecil P. ROSENTHAL of the Carnamah Private Hospital [88]
     The doctor reported he was wanted at the hospital as a man had been bought in who was badly assaulted [88]
     On arrival he took a statement from the injured man who had a broken jaw, damaged eardrum and facial abrasions [88]
     Left Carnamah at 11 p.m. for Waddy Forest where he took witness statements from three men before making an arrest [88]
     Arrived back at the Police Station in Carnamah at 5 a.m. after travelling a round trip of 60 miles by car [88]
     The man responsible went before the Carnamah Police Court on 11 January 1936 and was charged £2 plus costs of £2.4.0 [88]
At 12 noon on 30 December 1935 he had a telephone call from A. J. MORTIMER, Stationmaster of the Carnamah Railway Station [88]
     It was reported that three wooden sleepers had been placed over the railway track at a point about ten miles south of Carnamah [88]
     After getting a tracker he went to the scene however no tracks could be found within 200 yards of the site [88]
     A mentally unsound man was found at Touche however it was ascertained he was not responsible [88]
     The man, named James CLARK, was examined by Dr ROSENTHAL who issued a certificate under the Mental Treatment Act [88]
     At 7:30 p.m. transported the man to the Three Springs lock-up ahead of his transportation to Perth by train for treatment [88]
He was a Member of the Carnamah Rifle Club in 1935 [5: 30-Aug-1935, 27-Sep-1935]
     With a score of 140 points out of a possible 150 he won the Carnamah Rifle Club's competition for the Sargent Trophy [5: 4-Oct-1935]
     Represented the Carnamah Rifle Club at the annual Shearn Cup shoot in Mingenew on Sunday 20 October 1935 [5: 25-Oct-1935]
On 9 January 1936 travelled to Inering for the first time, to make inquiries about the theft of 80 sheep [88]
During his time in Carnamah worked eight hours per day or average thereof resulting in a total of 56 hours per week [88]
Every second week he had Sunday off on fortnightly leave and therefore those weeks he worked 48 hours [88]
Also had to collect livestock and agricultural statistics; collected statistics from Gunyidi and Marchagee on 27-28 January 1936, [88]
     from Coorow on 5 and 9 February 1936, from Waddy Forest on 11, 12 and 13 March 1936, from Billeroo on 16 March 1936, [88]
     from Winchester on 17 February and 2 March 1936, from Inering on 24 and 25 February and 5 March 1936, [88]
     from Prowaka on 10 March 1936, from West Carnamah on 27 February 1936, from North Carnamah on 19 March 1936, [88]
     from East Carnamah on 13 February and 3 and 9 March 1936 and from the Perenjori Road on 20 March 1936 [88]
During his time stationed at Carnamah he visited the Carnamah Hotel at least once a week and on every occasion found all correct [88]
He also found all to be correct at all stock sales, balls, shows, sports days and other events he attended in Carnamah and Coorow [88]
Dealt with seven thefts, two assaults, two accidents, made four arrests and escorted three prisoners to the Three Springs lockup [88]
Unless there was an event or crime did eight hours of office and general duties in intervals during the day and sometimes evening [88]
In January 1936 stressed to the Carnamah District Road Board the necessity for prison cells at the Carnamah Police Station [5]
     He had made four arrests in fourteen days, and successfully requested the Road Board's assistance in requesting cells [5: 24-Jan-1936]
By 11 March 1936 he had been informed he would soon be transferred to Perth [88]
     Railway ticket orders were issued and his wife and children left before him and proceeded to Perth [88]
     The Commissioner of Police stated the reason for his transfer was "owing to poor housing accommodation" [5: 20-Mar-1936]
Advertised his Peacock model Chevrolet 4 car for sale "in perfect running order" in The North Midland Times on 27 March 1936 [5]
     He was selling his car as following his transfer to Perth he would no longer need it, and also advertised for sale a glass door, [5]
     child's iron cot, kitchen dresser, kitchen safe, Skeleton wardrobe, Aladdin lamp, two galvanised tubs, three Brentwood chairs [5]
On 30 March 1936 he was informed his transfer to Perth had been cancelled and he would be going to Mullewa for Mounted Duty [88]
     He explained the issue of his wife and children and the Commissioner granted new railway ticket orders for them [88]
His successor, Constable Maurice PLUNKETT, was expected to arrive in Carnamah on Thursday 2 April 1936 [5: 3-Apr-1936] [88]
After delays Constable PLUNKETT arrived and took charge of the Carnamah Police Station at 7 p.m. on 16 April 1936 [88]
On 16 April 1936 had carrier Raymond R. WYLIE cart his furniture to the Carnamah Railway Station and assigned for Mullewa [88]
Had vacated the Carnamah Police quarters at 10 a.m. on 16 April 1936 and the next day proceeded by private car to Mullewa [88]
Police Constable in Mullewa, Western Australia from April 1936 to October 1938[5: 28-Oct-1938] [88]
Competed with some success in the South Australian Rifle Association's Centenary Rifle Meeting in Adelaide in September 1936 [5]
      He competed in the Rifle Meeting as a member of the Western Australian Police Force's rifle team [5:25-Sep-1936]
In October 1938 he was transferred from Mullewa to Perenjori [5: 28-Oct-1938]
Police Constable in Perenjori from 1938-1944 [P455]
In early 1944 they left Perenjori following his transfer to the Perth suburb of Bassendean [P455]
He remained with the Police Force until his retirement at the age of 60 [P455]
     Progressed to First Class Inspector in charge of the huge portfolio Liquor & Gaming, Firearms and Weights & Measures [P455]
     Resided on Hammond Street in West Perth and later on a large block at 17 Blackburn Street in the suburb of Maddington [P455]
Later resided in the Perth suburb of Saint James [2]
Father of Brian, Elsie and Joan [5] [84]
Died 5 October 1990; cremated at the Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Alan Oscar Fiebig' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 18 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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