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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


YABSLEY, Beryl Valentine
Resided in Carnamah ... [more]

YACOBUCCI, Angelo Raffaele "Ralph"
Tinsmith, Builder and Plumber in Carnamah ... [more]

Resided in Carnamah ... [more]

Resided in Gunyidi ... [more]

Resided around New Norcia, Moora and Carnamah ... [more]

YAPPO, Patrick "Paddy"
Station-hand for Donald Macpherson on Carnamah Station ... [more]

YAPPO, Walter
Believed to have resided in or near Carnamah ... [more]

Owner of Yarragadee Station in Mingenew ... [more]

YATES, Fanny Jane *
Resided in Three Springs ... [more]

YATES, Nancy Miss *
Resided in Three Springs ... [more]

YEATES, Edith Margaret "Margaret"
Shop Assistant in Carnamah ... [more]

YELLAND, Eric Bruce
Truck Driver for the Shell Oil Company in Carnamah ... [more]

YEO, Willie Elphinstone "Bill"
Railway Night Officer in Three Springs ... [more]

YORK, Alfred James "Boy"
Shearing Contractor and later Farmer in Coorow ... [more]

YORK, Florence Mary "Florrie"
Resided in Watheroo and at 5 Macpherson Street in Carnamah ... [more]

YORK, Hermer John
Contractor in Carnamah and later resided in Watheroo ... [more]

YORK, Madge Winifred May
Resided on Turipa Farm in Coorow and later on farmland in Watheroo ... [more]

YORK, Russell Edgar
Agricultural Machinery Repairer in Three Springs and Farmhand in Watheroo ... [more]

YORK, Walter Richard
Resided in Watheroo either side of living at 5 Macpherson Street in Carnamah ... [more]

YOUNG, Alfred James
Farmer in Bowgada and Three Springs ... [more]

YOUNG, Dennis Raymond
Farmhand in Three Springs ... [more]

YOUNG, Emily Jane
Resided in Three Springs ... [more]

YOUNG, Gladys Mrs *
Resided in Three Springs ... [more]

Engineer in Carnamah and Three Springs ... [more]

Clerk in Coorow ... [more]

YOUNG, James
Labourer in Winchester, South Carnamah ... [more]

YOUNG, John Gordon "Jack"
Horse Trainer and Labourer in Three Springs ... [more]

YOUNG, Lorna
Storekeeper in Carnamah ... [more]

YOUNG, Mary Ann
Resided in Three Springs ... [more]

YOUNG, R. "Snowy"
Resided in Carnamah ... [more]

YOUNG, Ronald Walter
Proprietor of Young's Tea and Grill Rooms in Carnamah ... [more]

YOUNG, Thomas Joseph "Tom" *
Saddler in Three Springs ... [more]

YOUNG, William Clifford
Farmer in Bowgada ... [more]

YOUNGER, Margaret Inglis "Margot"
Resided on farmland in Winchester, South Carnamah ... [more]

YOUNGER, Mary Chalmers "May"
Resided on her son's Woongarra Farm in Winchester, South Carnamah ... [more]

YULE, Dulcie Elizabeth
Resided in Waddy Forest, Coorow and Green Head ... [more]

Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs


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