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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Bill" Albert Charles BOTHE

Born 11 August 1920 in Perth, Western Australia [16]
Son of Charles Cleaver BOTHE and Margaret MCGILL [P98]
Grew up on his father's Glenfield Farm in Coorow [P98]
     Student at Christ Church Grammar School in Perth 1927-1929 [P98]
     Student at the Coorow State School 1930-1932 and then at the Perth Boys School 1933-1936 [P98]
     Attended the Children's Fancy Dress Ball held in Coorow in July 1933 dressed as a "Shiek" [4: 29-Jul-1933]
     Received a 1st prize for Handwork at the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show on Thursday 7 September 1933 [5: 15-Sep-1933]
     A week later, on 14 September 1933, he won a 2nd prize for Wood/Fretwork at the Carnamah Agricultural Show [5: 22-Sep-1933]
After completing his schooling Perth he returned to Coorow and worked with his father on Glenfield Farm [P98]
     Member of the Coorow Cricket Club in 1935-36 [5: 14-Feb-1936]
     Attended his cousin Olive KAU's 21st birthday at Meadow Dale Farm in Coorow on Saturday 18 January 1936 [5: 24-Jan-1936]
     Attended the surprise 75th birthday for her grandfather Heinrich W. BOTHE in Coorow on Tuesday 13 April 1937 [5: 16-Apr-1937]
     Member of the Coorow Football Club in 1937 [5: 18-Jun-1937]
     One of the Stewards of the Sheep section of the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society's Annual Show in 1937 [150]
     Attended the wedding of his sister Thelma and Jack BINGHAM on 27 January 1940 at Saint Mary's in West Perth [81: 28-Jan-1940]
Member of the No. 2 Troop of the "C" Squadron of the motorised 25th Light Horse Machine Gun Regiment in 1939 [P15]
     The No. 2 Troop was a local militia unit made of people from the North Midlands and trained in Carnamah once a fortnight [P15]
     Later served full time with the 25th Machine Gun Regiment at Canning Weir, Western Australia [P98]
Enlisted in the Australian Army at Canning Weir on 17 December 1940 [16]
     Sergeant W1224 in the Australian Army's 25 Reconnaissance Battalion during a portion of the Second World War [16]
     On 21 September 1942 transferred from the Australian Army to the Royal Australian Air Force [16]
     Flight Lieutenant 427780 in the Royal Australian Air Force's 9 Aircrew Holding Unit during the Second World War [16]
     Discharged from the Royal Australian Air Force on 7 December 1945 [16]
     He was one of the guests of honour at the Welcome Home to Ex-Service Personnel in Coorow on 2 March 1946 [5: 15-Mar-1946]
     Attended the Dinner and Smoke Social for ex-Serviceman held in Carnamah on 27 April 1946 [5: 10-May-1946]
After the war initially farmed with his father on Glenfield Farm in Coorow [P98]
     Committee Member of the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society in 1946 [150]
     Became a member of the Carnamah Masonic Lodge No.150 WAC on 19 July 1946 - was Worshipful Master in 1957 [96] [153]
     Remained a member of the Carnamah Masonic Lodge for over 55 years and was later also a member of the Epworth Lodge [45]
     Assistant Steward of the Sheep section at the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society's Annual Show in 1947 [150]
     Member of the Coorow Sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers' League - was Secretary in 1948 [5: 23-Apr-1948]
     Member of Coorow-Waddy Forest branch of the Farmers' Union of Western Australia in 1948 [5: 5-Aug-1948]
Married Hettie Isabel FRANKLIN in Three Springs on 3 February 1948 [P98]
     He and his bride took up residence in Coorow in February 1948 after honeymooning at Roleystone in the Perth hills [5: 27-Feb-1948]
Farmer of Clerklands Farm at Billeroo, East Winchester in the Carnamah district 1948-1994 [P98]
     Clerklands Farm was 2,534 acres in size and consisted of Lots M1075, M1088 and M1089 of Victoria Locations 1937 and 1938 [3]
     Employed the services of Coorow builder E. Clive HUNTER to build him a new house on the farm [P320]
     His home was telephone number Carnamah-9D from 1949 to 1960 and was then number Carnamah East 209 [60]
Vestryman on the North Midlands Anglican Church Vestry 1949-1951 [167]
Member of the Winchester Tennis Club in 1950-51 [4: 9-Dec-1950]
An infant child of his died on 29 December 1953 and was buried at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth (Wesleyan, FA, 81A) [2]
Member of Carnamah's branch of the Farmers Union [P98]
Financial Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society 1958-1971 [13]
Member of the Carnamah Bowling Club [P98]
Served on the Carnamah Shire Council representing the Billeroo & Winchester Ward for 17 years 1962-1979 [7: page 112] [45]
Sold his Clerklands Farm in Carnamah to Gavin BROWN [P98]
Left the Carnamah district on 14 February 1994 and retired with his wife Hettie to 8 Coode Street in South Perth [P98]
Resided in the Perth suburb of South Perth until his death in 2003 [2]
Father of Allen [P98]
Died 14 June 2003; buried at the Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park in the Perth suburb of Padbury (Melaleuca Court, 1933) [2]

From The West Australian newspaper, Saturday 14 August 1920:
Births. "BOTHE - On August 11 at Nurse Bevan's Private Hospital, Kialla, 419 Newcastle-street, Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bothe, of Inglewood, Coorow - a son. Both well."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Albert Charles Bothe' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 18 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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