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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Albert Fleetwood BOWTELL

Born 18 April 1895 [P240] in Great Western, Victoria, Australia [54]
Son of John BOWTELL and Amelia Edith DODD [54]
Married Grace Victoria WHITEHURST in 1918 in Geraldton, Western Australia [66]
Farmer of both Cintra Farm in Dudawa, East Arrino and a property in Mullewa [3] [19]
Member of the Arrino Cricket Club in 1930-31 [4: 15-Nov-1930]
In 1933 he had a clearing contract with the Three Springs Road Board to clear roads and repair fences in Dudawa [5: 18-Aug-1933]
Received 1st and 2nd prizes for Farm Brood Mare in the Horse section of the Three Springs Agricultural Show in 1933 [5: 29-Sep-1933]
Exhibited in the Horse, Cattle, Sheep and Poultry sections at the Three Springs Agricultural Show on Thursday 13 September 1934 [5]
     Received 1st prizes for Berkshire Sow, and for Three Fat Lambs bred by exhibitor and suitable for export [5: 21-Sep-1934]
     Won 1st and 2nd for Dairy Cow; and 2nd for Farm Mare, Farm Brood Mare in foal or with foal at foot, and 2 year old Gelding [5]
Helped run the children's sports at the Wheatgrowers Union's Annual Picnic held in Three Springs on 21 August 1935 [5: 23-Aug-1935]
Exhibited in the Horse, Cattle and Vegetable sections of the Three Springs Agricultural Show on Thursday 19 September 1935 [5]
     Awarded both 1st and 2nd prizes for 2 year old Draught Filly and for Butter Fat Yield by Babcock Test [5]
     Received 1st prize for Cabbage, and 2nd for Four Horse Team, Clydesdale Stallion & Three Mares, and 2 year old Heifer [5]
     Also received 2nd prize for "Farm Brood Mare in foal or with foal at foot" [5: 27-Sep-1935]
In October 1935 sold 144 suckers (87 at 17/7, 41 at 16/7, 16 at 13/1), 12 shorn lambs at 10/4 and 8 shorn ewes at 8/4 per head [5]
     They were sold under the name of "Gould & Bowtell" of Arrino, indicative that he was farming in partnership [5: 11-Oct-1935]
In November 1935 "Gould & Bowtell" of Arrino sold 7 baconers and 22 porkers through Elder Smith & Co Ltd [5: 22-Nov-1935]
     Sold 3 baconers at £2/5/1, 4 baconers at £1/18/-, 5 porkers at £1/15/6, 9 porkers at £1/1/6 and 8 porkers at £1/5/6 per head [5]
Attended and competed at the Official Opening of the Three Springs Rifle Club's rifle range on Thursday 23 July 1936 [5: 31-Jul-1936]
     Donated a medal for the winner of the B Grade competition on the day, which was won by Walter W. DURACK of Arrino 1936 [5]
Donated a medal for the competition which followed the opening of the Three Springs Rifle Club's range on 23 July 1936 [5: 31-Jul-1936]
Exhibited in the Horse and Cattle sections of the Three Springs Agricultural Show held on Thursday 17 September 1936 [5: 25-Sep-1936]
     Won both 1st and 2nd prizes for non-Clydesdale Farm Mare and for Best Butter Fat Yield, and 2nd prize for Dairy Cow [5]
Gould & Bowtell sold 4 steers at £4/17/6 and 3 cows (1 at £6/2/6, 1 at £5/7/6, 1 at £5/17/6) at the Midland Market in 1936 [5: 23-Oct-1936]
Unsuccessfully tendered with the Three Springs Road Board to clean out the Dudawa Dam in January 1937 [5: 22-Jan-1937]
For a number of years leased a property at Prowaka, near the eastern side of the Mulliah / Yarra Yarra Lakes in Carnamah [88]
     In 1936 either herded or transported his sheep at Prowaka to Senator Patrick J. LYNCH's farm in Three Springs to be shorn [88]
     Sub-leased some of the farm at Prowaka to Herbert G. GALLAHAWK and Frederick W. ROBERTS in 1939 [88]
     In 1939 employed C. PELL of Three Springs to crop a 500 acre paddock on his Prowaka farm [88]
He also had land at Eneabba in 1937 [5: 19-Feb-1937]
In March 1937 he was granted permission to cart water from the Town Dam in Three Springs for domestic purposes [5: 25-Mar-1937]
On 3 August 1937 he and his wife hosted a House Party in Arrino comprising of bridge, euchre and bobs competitions [4: 7-Aug-1937]
Fined £1 and charged costs of 3/- at the Carnamah Police Court for not complying with Vermin provisions as required by law [22]
On 12 December 1949 purchased 3,727 acres of farmland near Prowaka in Carnamah from Mrs Catherine S. HALL of Geraldton [3]
     The 3,727 acres consisted of Victoria Locations 3330, 3331, 3332, 3333, 3334, 3335, 3336, 3337 and 3835 [3]
     It is assumed that he had been leasing the 3,727 acres near Prowaka prior to purchasing it in 1949 [--]
Remained the owner of the 3,727 acres in Carnamah until at least 1961 [3]
Resided in Mullewa prior to moving into the Lady Brand Lodge in Three Springs[147]
Resided at the Lady Brand Lodge in Three Springs from 23 July 1973 until his death on 14 August 1974 [147]
Father of Amelia, Boynton, Parkhurst, Dorothy, June, Kevin, Merle and Austin [P240]
Died 14 August 1974; buried at the Mullewa New Cemetery in Mullewa, Western Australia [P240]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Albert Fleetwood Bowtell' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 2 March 2024 from [reference list]

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