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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Arthur William Vanderstraaten GREEN

Born in Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka [54]
Married Mary Mowat MILLER in 1899 in Victoria, Australia [54]
School Teacher in Walkaway 1900-1902, in Caballing 1902-1904, and in Dandaragan in 1905 [6] [84]
In January 1906, when their son Arthur Percival Miller died aged one year, they were living in East Perth [2]
School Teacher of the Moora State School in Moora 1906-1909 [6] [9: 14-Jan-1910] [19] [50]
     Member of the Moora Rifle Club - was Captain in 1908 [9: 23-Oct-1908]
     His son William Aleric Miller died at the age of 16 months on 29 January 1908 and was buried at the Moora Public Cemetery [116]
     He was appointed the Postal Vote Officer for Moora by the Chief Electoral Officer in 1908 [86: 5-Sep-1908]
     Member of the Moora Methodist Trust - was its Secretary in 1909 when it called for tenders for the building of a church [9: 16-Jul-1909]
     In January 1910 he was appointed to take charge of the State School in Three Springs [9: 14-Jan-1910]
School Teacher of the Three Springs State School in Three Springs 1910-1914 [6] [9] [19]
     He was the second teacher of the State School in Three Springs, having succeeded Miss Dagmar KOCH [9: 27-May-1910]
     For his first three years in Three Springs he received an annual salary of £180 and then £190 in 1913 and £200 in 1914 [73]
     Shortly after arriving in Three Springs he cleared a large area around the school for educational and experimental plots [9: 27-May-1910]
     In May 1910 the school had 42 pupils which overtaxed the small school, however it was hoped a larger building would be built [9]
At his invitation parents and pupils assembled at the school for the planting of trees for Arbor Day on 24 June 1910 [9: 1-Jul-1910]
Presided over the social hosted by Charlie and Winifred THOMAS at the schoolroom in Three Springs on 30 July 1910 [9: 12-Aug-1910]
Presided over the talk given by famous lecturer Miss Jessie ACKERMANN in Three Springs on Saturday 27 August 1910 [9: 2-Sep]
He was praised as "such an able teacher" at the Concert & Dance at the Three Springs schoolroom on 1 September 1910 [9: 9-Sep-1910]
He and his wife travelled to Dongara on 16 December 1910 where they camped with 25 of the TS schoolchildren [9: 16-Dec-1910]
Organised a Christmas Tree for the schoolchildren, which was held at the Three Springs schoolroom on 26 December 1910 [9]
In 1910 Senator Patrick J. LYNCH referred to him as "one of the best school teachers in the Education Department" [9: 6-Jan-1911]
Presiding Officer at the Poll Booth in Three Springs for the referenda and local option poll held in late April 1911 [9: 5-May-1911]
Organised a concert and dance in mid 1911, the proceeds going to the fund to have a local Agricultural Hall built [9: 2-Jun-1911]
Member of the committee who had the Agricultural Hall built in Three Springs in 1912 [9: 12-Jul-1912]
     He was also one of 15 guarantors who covered the £300 debt to complete and furnish the new Agricultural Hall [9: 12-Jul-1912]
He donated five shillings to the Moora District Hospital Fund during November 1912 [9: 15-Nov-1912]
In late 1913 he, his wife and their children departed on the steamship Indarrie for a holiday to the Eastern States [9: 19-Dec-1913]
Played the piano and spoke at the welcome social given to Rev. J. W. BAYLISS in Three Springs on 24 April 1914 [10: 1-May-1914]
In later April 1914 his eldest son broke his arm when the girdle broke while he was out riding a horse [10: 1-May-1914]
He rendered first aid and set his son's broken arm, having successfully done similar things for other local residents [10: 1-May-1914]
Organised the Concert & Dance held in Three Springs on Saturday 6 June 1914 to raise funds for the Methodist Church [10: 12-Jun-1914]
Chairman of a committee formed in July 1914 to assist the Boy Scout movement in Three Springs [10: 31-Jul-1914]
After receiving notice of his transfer left Three Springs in February 1915 [10: 5-Feb-1915]
Father of William Henry Miller, Winifred Augusta, Arthur Percival Miller, William Aleric Miller and Arthur Alaric Miller [15] [84] [116]
Died 1948 in New Zealand [82]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Arthur William Vanderstraaten Green' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 17 April 2024 from [reference list]

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