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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Mrs Blanche Maria KOCH

Took up residence in Three Springs in 1909, and was among the first white women to settle in the district [4: 10-Dec-1932]
Postmistress in Three Springs in 1910 [6] [9: 20-May-1910]
Proprietress of the Coffee Palace in Three Springs 1910-1913 and 1915-1932 [6] [9]
     She established the Three Springs Coffee Palace, which had opened by May 1910 [9: 27-May-1910]
     For a time continued as local Postmistress and conducted postal business from an office in front of her Coffee Palace [9]
     Within the same premises as her Coffee Palace she also had accommodated for boarders and travellers [9: 27-May-1910]
     As time passed her business became less of a restaurant and more of a boarding house [44]
     Her boarding establishment was "well and favourably known" and "a home which gave much comfort and cheer" [4: 10-Dec-1932]
Local store manager Charles MCKAY pulled her clear of a railway collision in Three Springs on Monday 16 May 1910 [9: 20-May-1910]
     The Perth to Geraldton train arrived half an hour late in darkness and collided with two railway trucks sitting on the railway line [9]
     She had been standing at the rear of one of the trucks, and was moved just as it was hit and hurled forward along the tracks [9]
In 1910 meetings of the Kadathinni Farmers & Progress Association were held at her Coffee Palace [9: 22-Jul-1910] [31: 24-Oct-1910]
The Three Springs Football Club was formed at a meeting held at her Coffee Palace on Saturday 18 June 1910 [9: 1-Jul-1910]
In 1913 and 1914 the proprietress of the Coffee Palace in Three Springs was Mrs M. MCKAY [6] [9: 9-May-1913]
The sign of her coffee palace was blown down in a storm during later February 1915 [10: 5-Mar-1915]
Catered for the luncheon at the Farmers and Settlers Conference held in Three Springs on Friday 20 July 1917 [10: 3-Aug-1917]
The floor of her Coffee Palace was submerged by floodwaters in mid August 1917, when floods isolated TS for ten days [10: 24-Aug-1917]
Catered for the luncheon at the Three Springs Race Club's Race Meeting in Three Springs on Thursday 6 March 1919 [9: 14-Mar-1919]
Assisted the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee with donations of 10/6 in 1919 and 1920, and also of meat in 1920 [124]
Attended May BERRIGAN's 21st Birthday held at the Agricultural Hall in Three Springs on Friday 12 September 1919 [9: 19-Sep-1919]
Local farmer Gilford HAINES and Mary A. L. HENNELL were married at her home in Three Springs on 3 March 1920 [P389]
Advertised her Coffee Palace in The Midlands Advertiser newspaper "Travellers can rely on Good Meals and Clean Beds" [9: 5-Mar-1920]
Beginning with its inaugural edition on 7 August 1926 she also advertised her Coffee Palace in The Irwin Index newspaper [4]
Travelled from Three Springs to Perth in January 1928 to recuperate after a severe illness [4: 14-Jan-1928]
Due to ill health advertised her boarding house in Three Springs for sale or lease in February 1929 [4: 16-Feb-1929]
She was tendered a Farewell Evening at the Agricultural Hall in Three Springs on Saturday evening 3 December 1932 [4: 10-Dec-1932]
     150 people attended her farewell, at which seven speakers gave testimony to the part she had played in the district's progress [4]
     During the speeches Edward HUNT, on behalf of her friends in the district, presented her with a beautiful handbag [4]
     It was said that to her many good friends that their "memory of her would be imperishable and worth more than silver and gold" [4]
     After thanking all of those present from the bottom of her heart the evening concluded with the singing of Auld Lang Syne [4]
After 23 years residence she left Three Springs in December 1932 and shifted to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [4: 10-Dec-1932]
     Upon leaving Three Springs her Coffee Palace and boarding house was run by her daughter Mrs Clare Black 1933-1940 [6]
Died 1934 in Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia [32]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Blanche Maria Koch' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 22 July 2024 from [reference list]

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