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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Charlie" Charles Edward LUSCOMBE

Born 1885 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia [15]
Son of William Henry LUSCOMBE and Sarah EARLE [15]
By 1913 he was a Postal Official in Three Springs, Western Australia [50]
Postmaster of the Post Office in Three Springs 1914-1946 [6] [19]
Before Three Springs he had been stationed in Sandstone, and initially hoped to be later transferred to Perth [P42]
Initially solely conducted the Post Office, however later in 1914 it was claimed business was so great an assistant was needed [10]
Member of the Three Springs Cricket Club 1912-1915 [9: 29-Nov-1912, 26-Jun-1914, 10-Dec-1915]
He donated five shillings to the Moora District Hospital Fund during November 1912 [9: 15-Nov-1912]
In early March 1914 it was reported that he was suffering from sore eyes [10: 3-Apr-1914]
In addition to the post office he also conducted the telephone exchange following its introduction in June 1914 [10: 10-Jul-1914]
Within Three Springs Notes in a regional newspaper he was referred to as "The ever popular and general Charlie" [10: 3-Nov-1914]
Left Three Springs on Friday 30 October 1914 to catch a boat to Victoria for a two month holiday in Ballarat [10: 3-Nov-1914]
After three months absence he returned to Three Springs and his duties as Postmaster towards the end of January 1915 [10: 26-Jan-1915]
Went "right out in the back blocks where letters, papers, stamps and money orders are unknown" during his leave in 1916 [10: 6-Jun-1916]
Proposed one of the toasts at the wedding of Clare KOCH and Robert BLACK in Three Springs on 20 July 1916 [10: 28-Jul-1916]
Married Mary Amelia CARROLL in Fremantle in June 1917 [10: 15-Jun-1917] [66]
Member of the Three Springs Tennis Club - was Secretary in 1917 [10: 22-Jun-1917]
Presided over May BERRIGAN's 21st Birthday at the Agricultural Hall in Three Springs on Friday 12 September 1919 [10: 19-Sep-1919]
His horse Nancy received 1st prize for Child's Hack in the ring events at the Three Springs Day on 23 September 1920 [10: 15-Oct-1920]
Attended the wedding of Robert A. CALDOW and May I. BYRNE at the Three Springs Hall on 5 October 1921 [9: 21-Oct-1921]
Donated 2/- to the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee in 1925 [124]
Attended Charles ROBERTSON and Winifred LANG's wedding dance on 27 March 1928 at the Carnamah Hall [4: 31-Mar-1928]
Travelled to the Eastern States of Australia during his annual holidays in September 1928 [4: 22-Sep-1928]
Pallbearer at the funeral of Three Springs resident Mrs Isabella BYRNE at the Moora Cemetery on 2 July 1932 [4: 19-Jul-1932]
Attended the Farewell Evening tendered to local pioneer Mrs Blanche M. KOCH in Three Springs on 3 December 1932 [4: 10-Dec-1932]
Attended the Three Springs C.W.A. Husbands Evening at the Three Springs Hall on Saturday 10 December 1932 [4: 17-Dec-1932]
Auditor for the Three Springs Agricultural Society 1933-1937 [5: 26-May-1933, 17-May-1935, 1-May-1936, 25-Mar-1937]
Spoke on behalf of the townspeople at the send-off to Albert and Elsie STOKES in Three Springs on 23 September 1933 [5: 29-Sep-1933]
Attended and spoke at the send-off to Miss Mary LYNCH in Three Springs on Wednesday 31 January 1934 [5: 2-Feb-1934]
In October 1935 signed a petition in support of the Three Springs Road Board constructing new tennis courts in Arrino [5: 1-Nov-1935]
In 1937 provided a reference for the naturalisation of Greek born Boris J. PASKOS of the Strand Cafe in Three Springs [30: item 1771804]
Speaker at the Farewell to Him & Hettie HOUSE at the tennis courts in Three Springs on Sunday 21 March 1937 [5: 25-Mar-1937]
Speaker at the Farewell held for EK, Les & Dorine BYRNE and Mervyn WILLIAMS in Three Springs on 16 June 1938 [4: 25-Jun-1938]
Retired in 1946, after which he continued to reside in Three Springs until 1957[4: 7-Oct-1960]
Resided of late in the Perth suburb of Mount Lawley [2]
Died 16 September 1960; buried Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Wesleyan, GA, 496)[2]
His wife, late of Victoria Park WA, died at the age of 88 years on 12 June 1968 and was also buried at the Karrakatta Cemetery [2]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Friday 7 October 1960:
Death of Old Three Springs Postmaster
"Back in 1912, before the Government railway to Mullewa via Wongan Hills was built, Three Springs was the last mail distribution point for a number of towns including Morawa and Perenjori, to which centres the mail was sent by road. It was during this era that the late Mr. Charles Edward Luscombe who recently passed peacefully away in Mt. Lawley was posted to Three Springs Post Office. The late Mr. Luscombe was born at Geelong in Victoria and joined the Postmaster-General's Department in Bunbury at the age of 21. He was transferred from Sandstone to Three Springs in 1912. He remained at the last mentioned centre until he retired as postmaster in 1946, and, having established firm "roots" during that long period, he elected to remain there for his years of leisure. However in 1957 ill-health enforced a move to the metropolitan area. The deceased gentleman is survived by his widow, one son (Mr. W. Luscombe) and a daughter (Mrs E. Gersch of Bowgada). The funeral took place in the Methodist portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery with the Rev. S. Saggers officiating and the pall bearers were Messrs W. J. Turner, A. Mortimer, R. Shaw, F. Hall, T. R. Weidon and T. S. Byrne."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Charles Edward Luscombe' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 14 April 2024 from [reference list]

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