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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Rev. David Henry DYKE

Born 23 March 1874 in Adelaide, South Australia [55]
Son of Henry DYKE and Charlotte BOWER [55]
Married Amy Gray FABIAN on 9 December 1898 in North Adelaide, South Australia[55]
Shifted from South Australia to Kellerberrin, Western Australia C.1923 [139]
Presbyterian Minister in Boulder in 1933 and 1934 [6]
Resided in Boulder until being transferred to Carnamah to succeed John BARNES as the local Presbyterian Pastor [5: 28-Sep-1934]
Along with his wife and daughter Amy arrived in Carnamah on the night of Wednesday 10 October 1934 [5: 12-Oct-1934]
Presbyterian Minister for the North Midlands based in Carnamah 1934-1936 [5] [6]
Conducted his first services in the district at Winchester, Billeroo and Three Springs on Sunday 14 October 1934 [5: 28-Sep-1934]
Periodically conducted services in Three Springs, Carnamah, Winchester, Billeroo, Waddy Well, Caron, Latham and Maya [5]
Conducted the Armistice Day Commemoration Service at the Carnamah Hall on Sunday 11 November 1934 [5: 2 & 9-Nov-1934]
A letter of his was published in The North Midland Times on 14 December 1934 urging the formation of a local fire brigade [5]
He wrote the letter following a fire in Carnamah town the previous Sunday that destroyed two shops and damaged a third [5: 14-Dec-1934]
Spoke about Burns Night at the Burns Night Celebrations held at the Carnamah Hall on Friday 25 January 1935 [5: 1-Feb-1935]
Acting Secretary of the Carnamah Ratepayers & Citizens Association from March to June 1935 [5: 8-Mar-1935, 10-May-1935]
One of the speakers at the Farewell Social to Thomas and Laura POOLE at the Billeroo School Hall on 10 April 1935 [5: 12-Apr-1935]
Conducted a Commemoration Service at the Carnamah Hall at 10:45 a.m. on Anzac Day, Thursday 24 April 1935 [5: 19-Apr-1935]
     After the service and sounding of the Last Post those present moved to the War Memorial where wreathes were laid [5: 26-Apr-1935]
Held a Loyalty Service in recognition of His Majesty's Silver Jubilee at the Church Hall in Carnamah on 5 May 1935 [5: 10-May-1935]
Gave a talk on "The Dawn of Conscience" at a meeting of the Waddy Forest Group of Toc H in May 1935 [5: 17-May-1935]
Presented the Shield to the Carnamah State School at the Combined School Sports held in Carnamah on 19 October 1935 [5: 25-Oct-1935]
Conducted the Armistice Day commemoration service at the Carnamah Hall on Sunday morning 10 November 1935 [5: 8-Nov-1935]
      A transcript of his Armistice Day speech was published in the next edition of The North Midland Times [5: 15-Nov-1935]
Officiated at the funeral of Miss "May" Mary Lochhead LANG of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 26 November 1935 [1]
Member of the Carnamah Parents & Citizens Association - was President 1935-1937[5: 5-Jul-1935, 19-Feb-1937]
Gave an address at the Toc H World Chain of Light Ceremony in Waddy Forest on Thursday 12 December 1935 [5: 20-Dec-1935]
     The chain was commenced in England and after the lighting at Waddy it provided a continuous circle of light around the world [5]
Attended the Winchester State School's Concert at the Winchester School on Saturday evening 14 December 1935 [5: 20-Dec-1935]
Returned to Carnamah on Wednesday 19 January 1936 after an enjoyable holiday at Dongara [5: 31-Jan-1936, 21-Feb-1936]
A shed behind his house in Carnamah was destroyed by lightning or wind during a storm on Monday 23 March 1936 [5: 27-Mar-1936]
The North Midland Times newspaper of Friday 10 April 1936 contained an unsigned letter entitled "George's Letter" [5: 17 & 24-Apr-1936]
     The letter was about how the author thought intelligence was required to know which parts of the Bible to take as Gospel [5]
     He responded to the letter, which was published in the next edition of the paper under the title of "In Reply to George's Letter" [5]
     In his letter he claimed George lacked intelligence for his views and invited George to meet with him so he could show him right [5]
Himself and Rev. Alfred J. TOOMEY conducted the Anzac Day commemoration service at the Carnamah Hall on 25 April 1936 [5]
     After the service returned soldiers marched to the Carnamah War Memorial, where wreathes were laid [5: 24-Apr-1936, 1-May-1936]
Travelled to Perth in May 1936 to attend the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Western Australia [5: 29-May-1936]
Attended the Reunion of South Australians in the North Midlands at Centenary Park in Carnamah on 26 September 1936 [5: 2-Oct-1936]
Officiated at the wedding of James K. FORRESTER and Mrs Doris BOLTON in Carnamah on 10 October 1936 [5: 16-Oct-1936]
Conducted an Armistice Day service at the Presbyterian Church in Carnamah on Sunday morning 8 November 1936 [5: 6-Nov-1936]
Held a Special Service of Thanksgiving at the Presbyterian Church in Carnamah on Sunday 20 December 1936 [5: 18-Dec-1936]
     It was "in recognition of our nation having under the blessing of God surmounted the gravest crisis in the history of our Empire" [5]
Officiated at the wedding of H. Wilhelm HELWIG and Monica K. COOPER in Carnamah on 11 January 1937 [5: 15-Jan-1937]
Following her transfer left Carnamah for Kondinin on Monday afternoon 18 January 1937 [5: 18-Dec-1936, 22-Jan-1937]
Presbyterian Minister in Kondinin from 1937 until his death in 1941 [2] [5] [6]
Father of Mildred Fabian, Arthur, John and Amy [55]
Died 21 February 1941; cremated at the Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'David Henry Dyke' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 15 April 2024 from [reference list]

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