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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Edyna" Edna HUNTER / POTTS

Born 1906 in Yorkshire, England [21]
Daughter of Thomas HUNTER and Ada Florence GREENFIELD [21] [39: 4-Jul-1929]
Departed from London, England on the steamship Otranto on 10 June 1910 bound for Fremantle, Western Australia [203]
     She travelled on the Otranto with her mother, elder sister Olga and younger sister Beatrice [203]
     Also on board the same voyage of the Otranto were Tom and Jack OVERSBY who later farmed at Perenjori [203]
Resided with her parents on Armstrong Street in Geraldton, Western Australia[30: item 7023823] [50]
     Her father worked as a Carpenter and, possibly from his trade, had lost one and a half of the fingers on his right hand [30: item 7023823]
     In 1915 her father enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and served as Sapper 3431 in the 6th Field Company in France [30]
     Her mother was advised on 30 August 1916 that her father had been wounded in France, and was hospitalised for shell shock [30]
     After returning home in 1917 her father received a pension from the Australian Imperial Force for their entire family [30]
Married Arthur Willis George Alexander POTTS in Perth in 1925 [66]
     Resided with her husband in Three Springs in 1928, in Coorow 1929-1932 and in Three Springs 1932-1960 [2] [3] [4: 24-Aug-1929] [19]
She and her husband attended the Carnamah Cricket Club's Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 2 April 1929 [4: 27-Apr-1929]
Attended the Anglican Church's Fancy Dress Ball in Three Springs held on 27 June 1929 from the "Queen Anne Period" [4: 6-Jul-1929]
In August 1929 was admitted to Saint John of God Hospital in the Perth suburb of Subiaco to undergo an operation [4: 24-Aug-1929]
Attended the Three Springs Football Club's Welcome Home Social for two newly wedded couples on 1 November 1929 [4: 9-Nov-1929]
Attended the Ball following the Three Springs Show on 30 September 1930 in a dress of pink silk net over silver tissue [4: 12-Oct-1929]
In mid 1930 purchased a new hemstitching machine and advertised that she would undertake hemstitching [4: 14-Jun-1930]
Attended the Masquerade Ball held in Coorow in early September 1930 dressed as a "Spanish Senorita" [4: 13-Sep-1930]
Attended the Annual Ball after the Three Springs Show in 1930 wearing a blue satin bodice and silk tulle skirt [4: 11-Oct-1930]
As she stepped off a tram in Perth carrying her daughter on Sunday 12 October 1930, she was struck by a car [12: 16-Oct-1930]
    Both she and her daughter received serious injuries and weren't able to return home to Coorow until early December [4: 13-Dec-1930]
Attended the Carnamah Grand Ball at the Carnamah Hall on Thursday 28 July 1932 in a gown of white silk net [5: 5-Aug-1932]
Attended the Carnamah Roman Catholic Church's Annual Ball in Carnamah on 6 August 1932 in a gown of black velvet [5: 19-Aug-1932]
On 15 September 1932 in a gown of white net she attended the Show Ball following the Carnamah Agricultural Show [5: 23-Sep-1932]
Attended the Grand Show Ball following the Three Springs Show on 22 September 1932 in frock of pale blue marocain [5: 7-Oct-1932]
Attended the evening dance at the Three Springs Hall after the R.S.L. Sports Day at Arrino on 5 November 1932 [5: 18-Nov-1932]
Attended the Farewell Evening tendered to local pioneer Mrs Blanche M. KOCH in Three Springs on 3 December 1932 [4: 10-Dec-1932]
Along with her daughter Shirley spent a holiday in Perth in January 1933 [5: 27-Jan-1933]
Member of the Three Springs Golf Club 1933-1937 - was Captain in 1935 [5: 25-Aug-1933, 4-Oct-1935, 15-May-1936, 18-Jun-1937]
     Defeated Mrs Dorothy SMITH on Sunday 9 August 1936 to win the Associate Championship for the 1936 season [5: 14-Aug-1936]
Attended the Hospital Appeal Grand Ball in Three Springs on 8 June 1933 in a dress of tangerine satin [5: 16-Jun-1933]
Attended the Anglican Church Ball held in Three Springs on Thursday 20 July 1933 in a dress of tango satin [4: 29-Jul-1933]
Along with her husband departed Three Springs on Monday 21 August 1933 to spend a few days in Perth [5: 25-Aug-1933]
Attended the R.S.L. Ball held at the Three Springs Hall on Friday 1 September 1933 in a dress of white silk fisher net [5: 8-Sep-1933]
Attended the Show Ball following the Three Springs Agricultural Show on 21 September 1933 in a dress of tangerine satin [5: 29-Sep-1933]
In a dress of tango figured silk net attended the Three Springs Golf Club's Annual Ball on Thursday 12 October 1933 [5: 20-Oct-1933]
Won the consolation prize at the Card Evening at the home of Mrs Clare BLACK in Three Springs in November 1933 [5: 17-Nov-1933]
Attended the Carnamah Tennis Club's Flannel Dance held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 9 December 1933 [4: 16-Dec-1933]
Travelled from Three Springs down to Perth on 8 January 1934 to spend a holiday with her mother Mrs HUNTER [5: 12-Jan-1934]
On the evening of Thursday 15 March 1934 attended the Carnamah Race Club's Annual Dance at the Carnamah Hall [5: 16-Mar-1934]
Herself and Norm EVANS celebrated their joint birthdays at EVANS' farm in Three Springs on Tuesday 20 March 1934 [5: 23-Mar-1934]
     Those who attended their joint birthday were her husband Arthur,  Annie BYRNE, Dr MAYHOFER, William HARRIS, [5]
     Sister SPENCER, Bert EVERSON, Max WILSON, Vi MASLIN, Henry TOWNSEND and Mrs Ethel TOWNSEND [5]
Herself and Tom SOJAN won one of the novelty dances at the C.W.A. Dance in Arrino on Thursday 5 April 1934 [5: 13-Apr-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Golf Club's Opening Season Dance at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 21 April 1934 [5: 27-Apr-1934]
Won the bridge tournament at the House Party held at the Convent in Three Springs on Monday 21 May 1934 [5: 25-May-1934]
Attended the Dance held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 30 June 1934 to raise funds for Church organ repairs [5: 6-Jul-1934]
Attended the Back to Childhood & Nursery Rhyme Ball held in Three Springs on 6 November 1934 as a "Bridesmaid" [5: 9-Nov-1934]
Herself and her husband travelled from Three Springs to Perth by car early in the morning on Tuesday 22 January 1935 [5: 25-Jan-1935]
She was tendered a birthday party at Mr TOWNSEND's home in Three Springs on Wednesday 20 March 1935 [5: 29-Mar-1935]
In May 1935 her sister Miss V. HUNTER travelled to Three Springs to stay with her for an extended holiday [5: 3-May-1935]
Herself and her husband hosted at their home a private farewell to Henry and Ethel TOWNSEND on 18 June 1935 [5: 21-Jun-1935]
Attended the Three Springs Golf Club's Annual Ball at the Three Springs Hall on Wednesday 2 October 1935 [5: 4-Oct-1935]
After spending a fortnight in Perth returned to Three Springs with her husband on Tuesday 28 April 1936 [5: 1-May-1936]
Accompanied by Mrs Ethel C. TOWNSEND motored from Three Springs to Perth on Saturday 18 July 1936 [5: 24-Jul-1936]
     After a few days in Perth returned to Three Springs on Monday 20 July 1936, accompanied by Mrs Frances E. BARNHART [5]
Soon to be married Miss E. SPENCER of Guildford holidayed with her family in Three Springs in early October 1936 [5: 9-Oct-1936]
After visiting Perth returned to Three Springs on 1 November 1936 with her mother-in-law and Miss Jean POTTS [5: 6 & 13-Nov-1936]
     After just over a week in Three Springs her mother-in-law and Miss POTTS returned to Perth on Tuesday 10 November 1936 [5]
Travelled from Three Springs to Dongara on 10 December 1936 to attend the break-up of the Dominican Ladies College [5: 11-Dec-1936]
After a three week tour of the South West herself, her husband and their daughter returned to Three Springs on 18 January 1937 [5]
     They were accompanied back to Three Springs by her mother, who lived in Perth [5: 22-Jan-1937]
Spent a short holiday in Perth in April 1937, getting to Perth with Henry G. TOWNSEND on 23 April 1937 [5: 30-Apr-1937]
Attended the Official Opening of the new golf links in Three Springs on Sunday 23 May 1937 [5: 28-May-1937]
Attended the Catholic Ball in Three Springs on 3 June 1937 in "blue cellophane, trimmed silver lame, and frilled net cape" [5: 11-Jun-1937]
She was similarly dressed at the Annual Catholic Ball at the Yandanooka Hall in Yandanooka on Thursday 24 June 1937 [5: 9-Jul-1937]
Won the B Grade Associates trophy at the Victoria Districts 1937 Golf Championship in Mingenew in early July 1937 [5: 9-Jul-1937]
Attended the Farewell Social & Dance held for Vincent & May TIPPETT in Three Springs on Monday 28 July 1941 [4: 2-Aug-1941]
Her husband died at the age of 57 in 1960 [2] as the result of a go-cart accident on the golf course in Three Springs [144]
According to electoral rolls she resided in Three Springs until 1961 [19]
Resided at 23 Dover Crescent in the Perth suburb of Wembley Downs 1963-1980 [50]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Edna Hunter / Potts' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 24 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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