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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Ned" Edward HAIG

Born 24 July 1912 in Quorn, South Australia [55]
Son of John Maurice HAIG and Ada Rose TURNER [55]
Resided with his parents in South Australia in 1926 when they shifted to a farm in Winchester, Western Australia [P26]
Settled with his parents on Kirkar Vale Farm in Winchester in 1926 and helped his father run the farm [P26]
On 24 November 1928 the engine of a car backfired while he was cranking it, the crank breaking his arm [4: 1-Dec-1928]
He was taken to Three Springs where his broken arm was set in plaster at the Three Springs Hospital [4: 1-Dec-1928]
Entered into a farming partnership with his brothers Clyde and Keith and later just his brother Clyde as "Haig Bros" [P26]
     They purchased 1,671 acres on the Yarra Yarra Estate in Carnamah on 25 January 1934 [3] which they named Yarra Vale [P26]
     The 1,671 acres, previously owned by Robert MACKIE, consisted of Victoria Locations 3319, 6019 and 7075 [5: 2-Feb-1934] [P26]
     In 1947 they purchased a 1,672 acre farm in Carnamah from Cornelius SHEAHAN [3] and named it Delta [P26]
     The 1,672 acres consisted of Victoria Locations 6920 and 7461 and was also part of the Yarra Yarra Estate [3]
     In 1954 purchased Anstruther P. TUCKER's 1,030 acre farm on the Yarra Yarra Estate in Carnamah [3] and named it Henley [P26]
     The 1,030 acres consisted of Victoria Locations 6925 and 9777 (9777 was previously Portion of Victoria Location 6923) [3]
     Farmed all three properties Yarra Vale, Delta and Henley and their father's Kirkar Vale in partnership with his brother Clyde [P26]
Became a member of the Carnamah Masonic Lodge No.150 WAC on 11 January 1935 - was Worshipful Master in 1952 [96] [153]
     Remained a Freemason and a member of the Carnamah Masonic Lodge for the remaining 71 years of his life [45]
Attended the funeral of Carnamah agent William B. SHERIDAN at the Winchester Cemetery on 27 January 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
Played in the Carnamah Masonic Lodge's Inaugural Annual Golf Meeting in Carnamah on Saturday 1 August 1936 [5: 7-Aug-1936]
Member of the Coorow Football Club in 1936 and 1937 [5: 28-Aug-1936, 18-Jun-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Cricket Club in 1937-38 - played for Carnamah Reds [5: 24-Dec-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Football Club in 1939 [0: image 02837]
Member of the No. 2 Troop of the "C" Squadron of the motorised 25th Light Horse Machine Gun Regiment in 1939 [P15]
     The No. 2 Troop was a local militia unit made of people from the North Midlands and trained in Carnamah once a fortnight [P15]
Resided in Carnamah until enlisting in the Australian Army on 30 October 1940 [16]
     Craftsman WX9267 in the Australian Army's 2/34 Australian General Transport during the Second World War [16]
     Discharged from the Australian Army on 31 October 1945 [16]
     He returned to Carnamah and resumed farming during the first week of November 1945 [5: 9-Nov-1945]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1945 [0: image 04374]
Financial Member 1946-1971 and Committee Member 1952-1969 of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society [13] [58]
Member of the Carnamah Sub-Branch of the Returned Soldier League - was Secretary in 1947 [0: image 04467]
Married "Lynne" Evelyn Maud WATKINS in Perth in 1950 [P26]
Casket bearer at the funeral of Carnamah farmer John BOWMAN at the Winchester Cemetery on 28 July 1952 [4]
Farmed Kirkar Vale Farm in Winchester and Yarra Vale, Delta and Henley Farms in Carnamah with his brother Clyde [P26]
     Following the dissolution of their partnership "Haig Bros" he farmed Kirkar Vale in Winchester and Henley in Carnamah [P26]
     During the partnership had resided on Yarra Vale Farm however after the partnership was dissolved resided on Henley Farm [P26]
He was telephone number Carnamah-36D from 1941 to 1955 and number Carnamah-28 from 1956 to 1958 [60]
     In 1959 his telephone number changed from Carnamah-28 to Carnamah-28D [60]
     From 1960 to 1966 was telephone number Carnamah-6U and in 1969 was telephone number Carnamah-547 [60]
Member of the Carnamah Golf Club in 1958 [4: 11-Jul-1958]
Served on the Carnamah Shire Council representing the Yarra Ward 1967-1975 [7: page 112]
Member of the Carnamah Bush Fire Brigade [P26]
Member of the Carnamah Bowling Club [P26]
Member of the Carnamah Bush Fire Brigade - was Captain in 1973 and 1974 [100]
Attended the "Day of Pioneers" luncheon held at the Shire Council Chambers in Carnamah on 13 October 1982 [253]
He had P.O. Box 48 at the Carnamah Post Office [84]
Left Carnamah in 1994 and shifted to Geraldton [P26] and later resided in the Perth suburb of Wembley Downs [45]
Father of Lorraine, Yvonne, Sandra, David and Ross [45]
Died 15 December 2006; cremated at the Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA [45]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Edward Haig' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 9 August 2022 from [reference list]

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