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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Nellie" Esme Nellie HELLEWELL / JOHNSTON

Born 3 January 1920 in Moora, Western Australia [P24]
Daughter of "Ted" Edward HELLEWELL and Emily Louisa PROBERT [P24]
Resided with her parents in Moora from 1920 until 1925 [P24] [9: 22-May-1925]
Left Moora with her mother, sister and young brother and shifted to the Perth suburb of Victoria Park on 16 May 1925 [9: 22-May-1925]
They resided at 27 State Street in the Perth suburb of Victoria Park [50]
Took up residence with her parents in Carnamah in 1927 [P4]
Student at the Carnamah State School 1927-1933 [5: 16-Feb-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Children's Fancy Dress Ball as a "Lucky Black Cat" on Saturday 15 October 1927 [9: 21-Oct-1927]
Won a 1st prize for Writing in the educational section at the Carnamah Show and Sports Carnival on 4 October 1928 [4: 13-Oct-1928]
Attended the Children's Fancy Dress Ball held in Carnamah in 1929, dressed as a "Chinaman" [4: 13-Jul-1929]
In 1929 organised a dance in Carnamah to help raise funds for the North Midlands District Hospital at Three Springs [4: 27-Jul-1929]
Won a 2nd prize for Girls Handwork in the Educational section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1930 [4: 27-Sep-1930]
Came 3rd in the 8-10 years Running Race at the Sports Day & Picnic at Centenary Park, Carnamah on 9 October 1930 [4: 18-Oct-1930]
Attended the Children's Fancy Dress Ball held in Carnamah on 18 August 1932 dressed as a "Garden Pea" [5: 26-Aug-1932]
Attended the Three Springs Fancy Dress Ball held on 21 December 1933 dressed as a "Departed Spirit" [4: 23-Dec-1933]
Member of the Carnamah Basketball Club in 1933 - played for the Rovers [5: 28-Jul-1933, 18-Aug-1933]
Performed in the children's Elocution Concert held in Carnamah on Thursday 27 July 1933 [5: 4-Aug-1933]
Helped run the Miscellaneous stall at the Anglican Church Bazaar held in Carnamah on Saturday 12 August 1933 [5: 18-Aug-1933]
Attended the Children's Fancy Dress Ball at the Carnamah Hall on 23 November 1933, dressed as a "Departed Spirit" [5: 24-Nov-1933]
In 1934 attended the Carnamah Children's Fancy Dress Ball with Phillys BREWER dressed as an "Elderly Couple" [4: 3-Nov-1934]
On the evening of Thursday 15 March 1934 attended the Carnamah Race Club's Annual Dance at the Carnamah Hall [5: 16-Mar-1934]
Attended Emily H. TURNER's 21st Birthday at Karragee Farm in Carnamah on Tuesday 8 May 1934 [5: 11-May-1934]
Member of the Carnamah Badminton Club in 1934, and a Committee Member in 1936[5: 24-Aug-1934, 15-May-1936]
Attended the Dance held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 30 June 1934 to raise funds for Church organ repairs [5: 6-Jul-1934]
On Saturday 21 July 1934 attended the Carnamah Hall the Inering School Dance, held to raise money for books [5: 27-Jul-1934]
Attended the Badminton Club Party at John and Doris MCLEAN's home in Carnamah on Monday 23 July 1934 [5: 27-Jul-1934]
Attended the Dance in aid of the Institute for the Blind held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday evening 18 August 1934 [5: 24-Aug-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Premiership Ball on Saturday 20 October 1934 in a dress of floral voile [5: 26-Oct-1934]
Member of Carnamah's Parkinson Tennis Club in 1934-35, 1935-36 and 1936-37 [5: 22-Dec-1934, 25-Oct-1935, 16-Oct-1936]
She was the Ladies B Grade Champion of the Parkinson Tennis Club for the 1934-35 season [4: 5-Jul-1935]
Attended the surprise 19th birthday party given to Miss Nan DAVISON in Carnamah on 10 February 1935 [5: 15-Feb-1935]
Member of the Carnamah Golf Club 1935-1937 [5: 24-May-1935, 10-May-1936, 28-May-1937]
Attended the Ball after the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1935 wearing a gown of pink marocain with puffed sleeves [5: 20-Sep-1935]
Attended the Wedding Social & Dance for Stuart and May FORD at Koolabba Farm in Carnamah on 25 January 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
Attended the Mad Hatter's Leap Year Ball in Carnamah on 29 February 1936 wearing white metal striped marocain [5: 6-Mar-1936]
Played for the combined Carnamah-Parkinson tennis team against Winchester-Waddy-Coorow on Sunday 5 April 1936 [5: 3-Apr-1936]
Attended the Carnamah Golf Club's 1936 season Opening Day at Centenary Park in Carnamah on Sunday 26 April 1936 [5: 1-May-1936]
Travelled by train from Carnamah to Perth for her annual holidays on Thursday 4 June 1936 [5: 5-Jun-1936]
Attended the Carnamah Anglican Church's Mid-Winter Ball on Saturday 11 July 1936 dressed in powder blue georgette [5: 17-Jul-1936]
Attended the Surprise 21st Birthday for Miss Eileen R. PERRY in Carnamah on Saturday evening 18 July 1936 [5: 24-Jul-1936]
Travelled to Perth during in late July to sit for the telephonist's examination, and returned to Carnamah on 3 August 1936 [5: 7-Aug-1936]
Played for the victorious Carnamah Badminton Club in their match against the Carnamah Social Club on 5 August 1936 [5: 7-Aug-1936]
Attended the Show Ball after the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 10 September 1936 dressed in scarlet crepe de chine [5: 18-Sep-1936]
Attended the Back to Childhood Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday evening 17 October 1936 [5: 23-Oct-1936]
At the Back to Childhood Ball herself and M. Veronica SIMPSON were the Best Dressed Couple as "Two Little Girls in Blue" [5]
With ticket number 250 she won a cane lounge in raffle conducted by the Carnamah C.W.A. in November 1936 [5: 20-Nov-1936]
Best Poster with her sister Ethel as "Tip & Top" at the Masquerade Ball in Carnamah in Saturday 5 December 1936 [5: 11-Dec-1936]
Competitor in the Parkinson Tennis Club's Tennis Tournament held in Carnamah on New Year's Day 1 January 1937 [5: 8-Jan-1937]
Attended the largely attended Carnamah Tennis Dance at the Carnamah Hall on 17 April 1937 in geranium crepe de chine [5: 23-Apr-1937]
With Andrew S. CUMMING won the Mixed Foursomes Handicap at the Carnamah Golf Club's Season Opening in 1937 [5: 7-May-1937]
Attended the Coronation Ball at the Carnamah Hall on Wednesday evening 12 May 1937 in "lemon floral georgette" [5: 14-May-1937]
     The ball and its festivities celebrated the coronation of King George VI of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth [5]
Attended the hugely successful Annual Catholic Ball in Three Springs on 3 June 1937 dressed in floral georgette [5: 11-Jun-1937]
Dressed as "Wales" partook in the Empire Parade at the Anglican Church's Annual Ball in Three Springs on 17 June 1937 [5: 25-Jun-1937]
Left Carnamah on 2 February 1938 to take up employment in Geraldton [0: image 03315]
Shifted to Perth in 1939 [P24]
Spent a holiday with her parents in Carnamah in November 1940 [0: image 03941]
Married Herbert Alfred JOHNSTON on 21 December 1940 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [P24]
Resided of late in the Perth suburb of Bentley [2]
Died 12 December 1987; ashes interred Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (EC Section, Garden of Remembrance, 4, 105) [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Esme Nellie Hellewell / Johnston' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 June 2018 from  [ sources ]

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