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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs



Born 20 April 1911 in Geraldton, Western Australia [P140]
Daughter of John STEELE and Elizabeth RUSSELL [P140]
Educated at the Geraldton State School and Stella Maris College [64]
On the completion of her schooling she worked in Geraldton, Yuna and in Yallingup [64]
Whilst holidaying in Carnamah visiting her sister Mrs Edna ROWLAND she met her sister's brother-in-law Harry ROWLAND [64]
Resided in Yuna in 1933 [19]
Attended the Carnamah Basketball Club's Dance at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 29 July 1933 [5: 4-Aug-1933]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Monster Ball on Saturday 2 September 1933 in a dress of apricot organdie [5: 8-Sep-1933]
Member of the Winchester Tennis Club in 1933-34 [5: 1-Dec-1933, 15-Dec-1933]
Attended the Dance in aid of the Institute for the Blind held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday evening 18 August 1934 [5: 24-Aug-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Premiership Ball on Saturday 20 October 1934 in a dress of floral taffeta [5: 26-Oct-1934]
Travelled from Geraldton to Carnamah by train on Thursday 25 July 1935 [5: 26-Jul-1935]
Resided in Carnamah prior to her marriage in 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1935-36 [5: 3, 10 & 31-Jan-1936]
Herself and her husband-to-be travelled from Carnamah to Perth on Thursday 30 January 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
Married Harry Mark Godfrey ROWLAND in Perth in 1936 [66]
Initially resided with her husband on HOLLINGSWORTH Bros' farm near the Inering Estate in Carnamah [64]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1935-36 and 1936-37 [5: 6-Mar-1936, 12-Mar-1937]
After a few years moved into Carnamah town and resided at 14 Robertson Street (previously the Carnamah Private Hospital) [P140]
They rented the house at 14 Robertson Street from Thomas J. BERRIGAN until it was sold in late 1946 [3]
Resided at 10 Robertson Street, Carnamah 1947-1998 [P140]
     Rented the house at 10 Robertson Street from Charles J. DALLIMORE before she purchased it from him on 1 November 1949 [3]
     The house at 10 Robertson Street had been moved by Charles J. DALLIMORE from 11 Macpherson Street, Carnamah [P92]
     She was the third person to own the block 10 Robertson Street, Carnamah (Lot 74 of Victoria Location 1936) [3] [27]
Member of the Carnamah Air Observation Corps during WW2 - filled the first daylight shift on 10 February 1942 [0: image 04066]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1945 [0: image 04374]
Committee Member of the Carnamah Golf Club in 1951 [0: image 04616]
Along with Marion CLUNE and Elsie PARKIN ran the Juvenile Badminton Club in Carnamah in the 1950s [0: images 04676 & 04782]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1953 - played for Carnamah Blue [0: image 04722]
Committee Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1955 [0: image 04787]
Member of the Carnamah Red Cross - Secretary 1966-1968, Vice President 1981-1984, 20 year Long Service Medal in 1979 [141]
Attended the "Day of Pioneers" luncheon held at the Shire Council Chambers in Carnamah on 13 October 1982 [253]
Adopted a kangaroo named Lena which lived in the yard of their home in Robertson Street, Carnamah [P140]
Mother of Darryl and Haydn [14]
Died 9 October 1998; buried Winchester Cemetery, Carnamah (Row T, Plot 6) [1]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Eunice Maud Steele / Rowland' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 20 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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