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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Frank" / "Hagie" Francis Charles HAGAN

Born 10 September 1876 in Dunolly, Victoria, Australia [30]
Son of James HAGAN and Eliza Anna JEFFERY [P327]
Shifted from Victoria to Fremantle, Western Australia with his parents and siblings in 1891 [P327]
Railway Official in Kalamunda in 1903 [50]
Married "Nellie" Ellen Teresa HAYDEN in Fremantle in 1904 [15]
Railway Night Officer in Three Springs in 1914 and 1916 [10: 30-Jun-1914, 16-May-1916]
Relieving Employee of the Midland Railway Company in 1915, much of which time he spent based in Arrino [10: 20-Aug-1915]
He and Thomas J. BERRIGAN were agents for the firm Messrs Louis Dreyfus & Company in 1915 [9: 17-Mar-1916]
     They purchased wheat from local farmers on behalf of the Company, which was then stacked in bags at the railway siding [9]
It was remarked that in 1914 all his time at work was taken up in telling locals how late the train was running [10: 30-Jun-1914]
Gave a humorous sketch and sang at the Methodist Church Fund Social held in Three Springs on Thursday 30 July 1914 [10: 21-Aug-1914]
Challenged Charles C. COLE to a tree ringing match on 20 inch salmon gums to settle an argument in September 1914 [10: 15-Sep-1914]
He was said to have been the "recognised humorist" at social gatherings held in Three Springs [10: 22-Oct-1915]
Gave a two comedic items at the concert held in Three Springs in aid of Red Cross funds on Friday 15 January 1915 [10: 22-Jan-1915]
Sang "The Sunday School Bells" at a Concert held at the Agricultural Hall in Three Springs on Friday 26 February 1915 [10: 5-Mar-1915]
Scoutmaster of the Three Springs Boy Scouts in 1915 [10: 26-Mar-1915]
Secretary of a committee that conducted the Saint Patrick's Day Sports Meeting in Three Springs on 17 March 1915 [10: 26-Mar-1915]
     The Saint Patrick's Day event raised £30, which went towards reducing the building debt on the local Roman Catholic Church [10]
     Competed in the competition to step exactly or as near to 100 yards, however he walked more than a mile and was disqualified [10]
Relieving Railway Stationmaster in Three Springs in July 1915, while Charles E. WRIGHT was on annual leave [10: 2-Jul-1915]
     It was remarked that as Stationmaster he would have to shoo away Jim WHITELAW's cow and Tom BERRIGAN's pony [10]
     The two animals were known for following trains into the station yard to rub themselves on the back buffer of the train [10]
     He was again the Relieving Stationmaster in Three Springs in late August and September 1915 [10: 27-Aug-1915] [390: 18-Sep-1915]
Sang or gave a recitation at the Westralia Red Cross Day Basket Social & Dance held in Three Springs on 30 July 1915 [10: 6-Aug-1915]
After an ongoing argument with Billy DEAN it was decided they would come to a resolution by racing each other [10: 13-Aug-1915]
     The running race was put off a number of times due to wet weather before a date was fixed, regardless of what the weather be [10]
     They raced each other on a wet and muddy day in early August 1915, and both passed the finish line in an almost dead heat [10]
     Being covered in mud and unrecognisable the judge announced the winner was the one with a big lump of clay stuck to him [10]
     Their trainers and the judge rushed to see which of them had a lump of clay stuck to them, however they had already showered [10]
Secretary of the Three Springs Roman Catholic Church's Building Committee in 1915 [10: 12-Oct-1915]
     Organised and attended a Euchre Party & Dance in Three Springs on 8 October 1915, the proceeds going to the Building Fund [10]
At a Dance held in Three Springs on Friday 15 October 1915 he "arose" and proposed the formation of a local rifle club [10: 22-Oct-1915]
     He was unanimously elected Foundation Secretary of the Three Springs Rifle Club on Saturday 23 October 1915 [10: 29-Oct-1915]
He and Ebner FRANKLIN won the Most Amusing Turnout item at the Sports Day in Three Springs on 18/02/1916 [10: 25-Feb-1916]
It was reported in May 1916 that he would be leaving Three Springs after being transferred to Watheroo [10: 16-May-1916]
Railway Night Officer in Watheroo for a few months, after which he was transferred to Midland Junction [10: 22-Sep-1916]
In September 1916 he was transferred to Moora, where he also held the position of Night Officer [10: 22-Sep-1916]
Wrote a letter to The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper, which was published on 16 February 1917 [10]
     In his letter he reputed remarks he was reported in the previous issue to have said on "Recruiting Matters" [10: 16-Feb-1917]
     He had been quoted "Whilst I recognise my duty to my wife and five children I consider I owe a higher duty to my country" [10]
     In his letter he explained that what he actually said was "I recognise as my highest duty on earth to protect my wife and family" [10]
     He went on that the most effective way of protecting them was to prevent the enemy from invading, and therefore to enlist [10]
     He stated he would enlist despite having a family - as a means of helping defeat the enemy and therefore keep his family safe [10]
Resided in Moora until being transferred to Arrino in June 1917, where he held the position of Stationmaster [10: 15-Jun-1917]
Railway Stationmaster in Arrino for the second half of 1917 and for some of 1918 [6] [10: 15-Jun-1917]
Signed the petition and financial guarantee in 1917 for the Midland Railway Company to provide a resident doctor at Three Springs [34]
He was also an agent for the Sun Insurance Office of London in nearby Mingenew in 1917 [6]
By mid 1918 he was working as an Accountant and living at 24 Dyer Street in West Perth [30]
Enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force (A.I.F.) on 8 August 1918 at Blackboy Hill [30: item 4266343]
     On enlistment he was 5 feet 5¼ inches tall, weighed 128 pounds and had grey-blue eyes, dark brown hair and a fair complexion [30]
     Worked as a Clerk for the Australian Imperial Force from his enlistment until his discharge [30]
     He had been appointed a Private in the regimental unit "Clerks for Egypt" however the war ended before he was to embark [30]
     Following the cessation of hostilities he was discharged from the Australian Imperial Force on 24 December 1918 [30]
For part of 1918 lived at 210 Aberdeen Street, Perth; and in 1919 and 1920 resided at Railway Parade, West Perth [6]
Farmer in Meenaar near Northam 1921-1933 [6]
Later resided in the Perth suburb of Leederville [2]
Father of Phil, Frank, Doll, Tony, Matt, Betty, Sheila, Ursula and Brian [P327]
Died 18 September 1951; buried Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Roman Catholic, ZA, 157) [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Francis Charles Hagan' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 June 2024 from [reference list]

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