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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Frank Edward NAIRN

Born 1845 in Perth, Western Australia [15]
Son of James NAIRN and Sarah PETTIT [15]
Believed to have settled with his parents in the 1860s on pastoral land his father turned into Noolooloo Station [148]
When his father left and shifted to Dongara he took over the management of Noolooloo Station [148]
Manager of his father's Noolooloo Station in what became the Carnamah-Winchester district [P3]
During the same period also farmed and spent time at Claremont Farm in Dongara [P3]
His nearest neighbours when at Noolooloo were the LONG and MACPHERSON families at Coorow and Carnamah stations [P3]
In 1875 he gave his occupation as "Sheep Farmer" and his address at Noolooloo was listed as "further back off Perth Road" [84]
"Lizzie" Elizabeth LONG of Coorow Station gave birth to his son in 1873 and in 1877 he married Lizzie's sister [15]
Married Harriett Emma LONG on 18 December 1877 at the Parish Church in Greenough [40]
One of the witnesses to their marriage was his brother "Joe" Charles Joseph NAIRN [40]
His son born in 1873, which was his wife's stepson and nephew, was raised by he and his wife [P3]
Along with his wife and children resided on Noolooloo Station and sometimes at Claremont Farm in Dongara, with houses at both [P3]
The pastoral leases for Noolooloo Station totalled 33,764 acres and had been taken out of by his father James NAIRN [111]
His father had purchased freehold land surrounding Billeroo and Noolooroo springs near Carnamah in 1877 and 1888 [8: pages 5-7]
He captured wild horses on and near Noolooloo and surrounding areas and after breaking them in took them to Dongara to be sold [P3]
Most of the horses were exported to South Africa and to India for use by the Indian Army [P3]
On 22 March 1884 he wrote on behalf of his father to Bishop Rosendo SALVADO of New Norcia offering a horse for sale for £60 [68]
The horse offered for sale was a ten year old dark bay cart stallion and a sure foal getter, which had been in their herd long enough [68]
Passed through Dongara in February 1890 "with a good batch of useful horses, on his way to Greenough and Geraldton" [383: 15-Feb-1890]
He and Donald MACPHERSON passed through Mingenew herding a mob of horses to Geraldton during January 1894 [383: 26-Jan-1894]
After his wife left him their daughters resided at Claremont in Dongara where they were cared for by four of his unmarried sisters [P3]
Sold ten "splendid" carriage and hack horses" through James HASELDEN in Geraldton on 7 December 1898 [323: 5-Dec-1898]
In June 1898 he donated 10 shillings to the Home of the Good Shepherd through Mrs Eliza M. MOORE of Dongara [39: 23-Jun-1898]
His primary residence was still Noolooloo Station until at least 1901, but by 1905 it had changed to Dongara [120: 6-Jul-1901, 17-Jun-1905]
After his son Ned returned from the Boer War his Noolooloo Station was run by his elder sons Ned and Harold [P3]
He then resided on Claremont Farm in Dongara [81: 17-Jun-1905]
Along with four other men he ran for one of three positions on the Irwin Road Board in 1909 but was unsuccessful [86: 20-Mar-1909]
He wrote his will on 26 July 1910 leaving three fifths of his estate to his eldest two sons Ned and Harold [225: 18-Nov-1910]
Another one fifth of his estate was left to his son James and the final one fifth was to be split between his daughters [225: 18-Nov-1910]
Father of four sons - "Ned" Edward Frank William, "Harold" Charles Harold, James William and Frederick [15] [P221]
Father of five daughters - "Meg" Margaret, Amy, Edith Harriet, Janet Elsie and Bessie Clementina [15]
Died 1 October 1910 at Claremont in Dongara; buried at the Dongara Cemetery in Dongara, Western Australia [40]
At the time of his death he owned a half-share in the firm Nairn Bros which was valued for probate at £9,516/18/7 [225: 18-Nov-1910]

From The Geraldton Guardian newspaper, Tuesday 2 August 1910:
Dongara (From Our Own Correspondent)
"Aug 1. I regret to record the death of an another very old and respected resident of the Irwin district in the person of Mr. Frank Nairn, who passed away at 10.30 o'clock this morning at Claremont House, after a somewhat long illness. The funeral is timed to leave the home at 1 o'clock on Wednesday next."

From The Geraldton Guardian newspaper, Tuesday 9 August 1910:
Dongara (From Our Own Correspondent)
"The funeral of the late Mr. Frank Nairn took place here on Wednesday last, and was largely attended. The chief mourners were Messrs. E. Nairn, Harold Nairn and Alick Nairn (sons), Mr. R. Nairn (brother), Miss C. Nairn, Miss E. Nairn, Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Wheeler (sisters), Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. J. Shepherd, and Miss J. Nairn (daughters), Messrs. C. Francisco and A. T. Thurkle (nephews), and Mr. J. Shepherd (brother-in-law), and Mrs. R. Nairn (sister-in-law). The Rev. E. Gill conducted the services in the Anglican Church and at the grave. The pall-bearers were:- Mr. I. S. Moore, J.P.; Mr. W. E. Clarkson, J.P.; Mr. F. Waldeck, and Mr. G. Downes. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs J. Delmage and Co. Much sympathy is felt for the bereaved relatives throughout the district, they being very old residents of the district."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Frank Edward Nairn' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 14 April 2024 from [reference list]

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