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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Frank Faulkner WEAVER

Born 29 April 1879 in Edwardstown, South Australia [55]
Son of Alfred Francis WEAVER and Fanny CHAMBERS [55]
Farmer in Bagots Well, South Australia [P332]
Married Ruby Isabella SMITH on 18 January 1909 at the Stow Church in Adelaide, South Australia [55]
Travelling from South Australia he arrived at Woopenatty Station in Arrino, Western Australia on Thursday 24 February 1927 [144]
     He was accompanied by his wife and A. Lancelot SHANNON who shortly afterwards purchased a farm near Carnamah [144]
     On 1 April 1927 he purchased Woopenatty Station in Arrino, Western Australia from Mrs Elizabeth J. HEARN [144]
     Purchased the station in partnership with a Mr AFFORD[144] (who might be his wife's brother-in-law Herbert C. AFFORD) [55]
Station in Arrino had previously been managed by his brother-in-law Howard Brydon SMITH [P2]
     From April 1927 to February 1928 employed Herbert B. FAWCETT as manager of his Woopenatty Station in Arrino [144]
     2,000 acres of Woopenatty Station in Arrino were cropped by sharecroppers in 1927 [4: 28-May-1927]
Arrived in Arrino on a visit to his Woopenatty Station in Arrino on Monday 10 October 1927 [144]
     On his visit he was most delighted with the quality of the sheep and with the 95 bales of wool they produced [144]
     He and his party stayed in Arrino for at least a month and during that time partook in numerous social outings [144]
     They attended dances in Arrino, Yandanooka, Carnamah, and at William D. S. SMITH's home in Dudawa, East Arrino [144]
     Played tennis at Robert W. CONNOLLY's in Dudawa; attended a social evening at Norman M. NOBLE's in Yandanooka [144]
     Returned to Norman W. NOBLE's for a tennis afternoon; travelled 50 miles to A. Lancelot SHANNON's farm in Carnamah [144]
     Motored to Dongara and after dinner and tea at the hotel drove back to Arrino; and later attended the pictures in Three Springs [144]
     Herbert B. FAWCETT remarked "goodness knows I think I have shown them over jolly near every foot of the place" [144]
In February 1928 his brother-in-law "Neil" James Neilson SMITH took over the management of his Woopenatty Station [144]
Inaugural Vice President of the Three Springs Agricultural Society in 1928 [4: 29-Sep-1928]
He and his partner Mr AFFORD were both on a visit to Woopenatty Station in mid December 1930 [144]
In March 1933 he again travelled from South Australia to visit his WoopenattyStation in Arrino [4: 4-Mar-1933]
During his visit he stayed with his brother-in-law William D. S. SMITH in Dudawa, East Arrino [4: 4-Mar-1933]
Through the strain of the depression he and his partner were unable to keep up with the repayments on Woopenatty Station [144]
They lost possession and Woopenatty Station reverted to Mrs Elizabeth J. SMITH (formerly HEARN) and her daughter [144]
Father of Isabella Fanny, Anthea Joan, Ruth Neilson and Alfred Francis Graham[55]

From The Western Mail newspaper, Thursday 27 December 1928:
Country Towns and Districts - Three Springs - A Fertile Wheat District
Lynch and Arrino - Woopenatty
"An important holding in the district is that of the Woopenatty and Arrino Pastoral Co. exceeding 10,000 acres, and owned by South Australians, who purchased it from the estate of the late Mr. John Hearn. A large amount of clearing has been done, and the property is being developed expeditiously. It lies near the northern boundary of the new [Three Springs] Road Board district. The estate was owned originally by Charles Campbell, who sold it to Michael Brown. Mr. John Hearn was the next to secure it, and ran it until his accidental death in Perth. His widow continued the work. During the occupancy of the Hearns a good deal of cropping was done, partly by share farmers, though the place is largely a grazing proposition. About two years ago Mrs. Hearn sold the property to Mr. Weaver, of South Australia, and this led to the present form of ownership. Lately a good deal of the land has been cleared, and much share farming is being done, the crops being wheat. There is also a large flock of merinos. The property is plentifully watered by dams and wells."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Frank Faulkner Weaver' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 4 July 2022 from [reference list]

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