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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


George Hudson DAVIES

Born 1899 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England [20] [21]
Son of John Hudson DAVIES and Martha Louisa Jane PARRY [20] [21]
In 1901 was living with his parents and two brothers Frank and Denis at Bicton Heath in Bicton, Shropshire, England [20]
Departed London, England with his parents and brother Frank on the Otway on 25 May 1911 for Fremantle, Western Australia [203]
His brother Denis had died at the age of three in 1904, and his elder brother Frank was Killed in Action at Gallipoli in 1915 [21] [30]
Resided with his parents in Perth 1912-1913, the Perth suburb of Maylands 1914-1915, and in Mogumber 1916-1922 [6] [30: item 1897700]
Donated 2/- to the appeal for William B. HAMMOND and family of Wannamal who lost their house in a fire in 1919 [9: 23-May-1919]
Hotel Assistant in Mogumber in 1921 [50]
Motor Expert and Hotel Assistant in Dongara 1922-1924 [19] [50]
    Resided with his parents at the Dongara Hotel and Refreshment Rooms "The Hotel" in Dongara 1922-1924 [6] [19] [50]
Resided at "Hotel Carnamah" at 22 Macpherson Street in Carnamah in 1924-1928 [9]
     His mother, in partnership with Robert MACKIE and Mrs Lillian E. MCNAMARA, had the hotel built in 1923 [81: 15-Jan-1928]
     Initially his mother was the proprietress and one of the joint freehold owners of "Hotel Carnamah" [19] [61]
Licensee of "Hotel Carnamah" at 22 Macpherson Street in Carnamah in 1926 and 1927 [4:7-Aug-1926] [9: 5-Aug-1927, 28-Oct-1927]
     During his time as licensee the hotel was claimed to be the "Most Modern Hotel in the Country" [9: 5-Aug-1927]
     In 1927 the hotel boasted hot and cold water baths as well as an up-to-date lock-up motor garage [9: 5-Aug-1927]
     Manager of the hotel while he was licensee was "Harry" Henry E. MCNAMARA [4: 7-Aug-1926] [6] [9: 21-Aug-1925, 28-Oct-1927]
     In 1927 his mother and Mrs Lillian E. MCNAMARA purchased Robert MACKIE's share in the hotel [81: 15-Jan-1928]
     Following his mother's death later in 1927 he is said to have inherited her interest in the hotel [81: 15-Jan-1928]
     He and the MCNAMARA family traded as the "Carnamah Hotel Company" [39: 14-Jan-1928, 8-Apr-1929]
     They conducted the "Publican's Booth" at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Show in 1927 [9: 21-Oct-1927]
     They donated a ten gallon keg of ale to the Carnamah R.S.L. for their January 1928 smoke social [4: 14-Jan-1928]
     The hotel was lighted by an on-site Delco electric light plant [81: 7-Aug-1927]
In August 1925 successfully applied with the Land Board to take up the 998 acre Victoria Location 3775 in Winchester [39: 18-Aug-1925]
     In 1926 and 1927 was listed in Legislative Council electoral rolls as a Farmer and the freehold owner of Victoria Location 3775 [61]
     His 998 acre block along with the 1,140 acre Victoria Location 6828 constituted Lakeside Farm in Winchester [P263]
     It was reported in December 1926 that he had sold his farm to the Carnamah Hotel Company [9: 24-Dec-1926]
     Within a few years 150 acres of the farm were cleared and it contained a small four-roomed house with a front verandah [P263]
     The only fence on the property was one that went through the middle of it to help keep out wild horses [P263]
     It was reported in 1928 that the farm previously owned by the Carnamah Hotel Company had been sold [4: 28-Jul-1928]
     The farm ended up being forfeited, so the sale may not have proceeded, and the Land Board offered it for re-selection [81: 13-Jan-1929]
     In February 1929 their former Lakeside Farm in Winchester was taken up by James ARMSTRONG of Winchester [81: 24-Feb-1929]
Foundation Committee Member of the Carnamah Rifle Club in 1925 [9: 10-Jul-1925]
Vice President of the Picnic Race Meeting held in Three Springs on Saint Patrick's Day Tuesday 17 March 1925 [124]
In July 1925 donated a trophy to the recently formed Carnamah Rifle Club for the first shoot [9: 10-Jul-1925]
Helped collect donations for the improvement of the road over the sandplain between Carnamah and Watheroo in 1925 [9: 17-Apr-1925]
     In April 1925 wrote to the Carnamah District Road Board requesting their assistance in improving the sandplain road [9: 1-May-1925]
     The Road Board were unable to assist as their priorities were taken up with improving roads over which farmers delivered wheat [9]
Member of the Carnamah Race Club - was Vice President in 1927 [9: 8-Apr-1927]
On behalf of the Carnamah Hotel Company he put Hotel Carnamah up for sale with a Perth hotel and business broker [39: 27-Dec-1927]
     In late December 1927 the hotel was withdrawn from sale as it had been sold to Charles J. L. BREWER for £20,000 [39: 14 & 21-Jan-1928]
     At the time the sale price was record-breaking for a country hotel, although Carnamah was "a very prosperous district" [81: 15-Jan-1928]
     The price was reputedly justified as shred financiers saw "hotels in wheat centres as very sound investments" [81: 15-Jan-1928]
     An application to transfer the hotel license from his name to Charles J. L. BREWER was made on 20 January 1928 [39: 21-Jan-1928]
     The freehold and license of the hotel probably changed over when BREWER arrived in Carnamah in February 1928 [4: 16-Jul-1932]
Married Mary Gwenllian PRICE in Perth in 1928 [66]
Licensee and Owner of the Dumbleyung Hotel in Dumbleyung for twelve months over 1928 and 1929 [6] [81: 26-Aug-1928, 7-Jul-1929]
     He'd purchased the freehold of the two-storey stone Dumbleyung Hotel from Mrs TUNNEY of Perth in August 1928 [81]
     Conducted the hotel until selling it for between £18,000 and £19,000 to Mrs S. MISKAVIZY in July 1929 [39: 6-Jul-1929] [81: 7-Jul-1929]
     The hotel may have returned to him as in 1933 "G. H. Davies" was listed as having the Dumbleyung Hotel [6]
Resided at 36 Prowse Avenue in the Perth suburb of Nedlands and worked as a Dealer [50] 1930-1932 [6]
     Along with his wife and Richard S. SAMPSON visited Carnamah during the second week of September 1932 [5: 16-Sep-1932]
     In October 1932 sold a shop and land belonging to him at 13 Macpherson Street in Carnamah [3] [5: 28-Oct-1932]
          The shop had been occupied by Carnamah newsagent and hairdresser Frank BADRICK 1927-1932 [3] [4: 13-Aug-1927] [5]
          Sold the shop and land, which was a portion of Lot 69 of Victoria Location 1936, to Richard S. SAMPSON[3] [5]
          Its new owner altered and added to the shop for it to accommodate The Carnamah-Three Springs Times newspaper [5: 28-Oct-1932]
     Visited Moora and then Carnamah on 14 November 1932 [5: 25-Nov-1932]
Resided at 36 Dalkeith Road in the Perth suburb of Nedlands 1932-1936 [6] [81: 25-Dec-1932]
     In December 1932 he purchased a Buick car with registration 24094 from a J. G. ARMSTRONG [81: 25-Dec-1932]
     Visited Carnamah during the second week of January 1933, travelling in his new Buick sedan car [5: 13-Jan-1933]
     In December 1933 he had two blocks of land for sale on the corner of Tyrell Street and Stirling Highway in Nedlands [39: 2-Dec-1933]
     At a cost of £900 he had a five-roomed house built on Stanley Street in the Perth suburb of Nedlands in 1935 [39: 6-Apr-1935]
Licensee of the Woodley Distilleries at Manford's Buildings on Bazaar Terrace in Perth in 1937 [39: 31-Aug-1937]
    Pending licensing approval he applied to transfer the license for the distillery to Herbert K. HASLETT in August 1937 [39]
Resided at 19 Rene Road then in the Perth suburb of Nedlands and later in the Perth suburb of Dalkeith 1939-1949 [6]
     In 1941 he was working as a Business Manager on Beaufort Street in Perth [39: 20-Aug-1941]
He was working as a Manager and living at 12 Ellen Street in the Perth suburb of Subiaco in 1949 [50]
In 1954 he was working as a Manager and living at 15 Colin Street in the Perth suburb of West Perth [50]
Resided of late in West Perth [2]
Died 21 April 1955; ashes scattered over the rose garden at the Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'George Hudson Davies' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 July 2024 from [reference list]

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