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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Harry" Henry George TOWNSEND

Born C.1892 [2]
Married Ethel Cumden BURGE in Perth in 1920 [66]
In 1925 he and his wife were living at 373 Beaufort Street in Perth and he was working as a Clerk [50]
Worked at Harris Scarfe and Sandover Ltd in Perth until 1929 when he purchased E. DAVEY's General Store in Arrino [4: 14-Sep-1929]
He took over the General Store in Arrino on Monday 16 September 1929 [4: 14-Sep-1929]
General Storekeeper and Commission Agent of the Arrino Stores in Arrino 1929-1933 [4] [19] [120: 5-Oct-1933]
     He was a Grocer and Provision Merchant also selling drapery and hardware [120: 5-Oct-1933]
     Also the local agent for machinery dealers H. V. McKay-Massey Harris Pty Ltd and Goldsbrough Mort & Co, [120]
     wheat buyers John Darling and Sons, Western Insurance Co, and depot for Vacuum, Shell and Neptune oil company products [120]
     Distributor of The West Australian and The Western Mail newspapers, Gordon and Gotch publications and Kodak supplies [120]
In January 1930 purchased a new Chevrolet light delivery car from Carnamah dealer Scott WYLIE [4: 11-Jan-1930]
Placed a notice in The Irwin Index newspaper in mid January 1930 thanking those who helped them extinguish a fire [4: 18-Jan-1930]
Represented the Arrino Football Club at meetings of the North Midlands Football Association in 1930 [4: 31-May-1930]
Member of the Arrino Race Club in 1932 [4: 26-Nov-1932]
In August 1932 he and his wife hosted a party to help raise funds for the new Arrino branch of the C.W.A. [5: 19-Aug-1932]
Member of the Arrino Tennis Club - was President in 1932-33, 1933-34 and 1934-35[5: 23-Sep-1932, 27-Oct-1933, 28-Jun-1935]
Starter of the sports at the R.S.L. Sports Day at the Arrino Recreation Ground on Thursday 5 November 1932 [5: 11-Nov-1932]
Pallbearer at the funeral of Arrino farmer Hugh A. F. MCNEILL at the Three Springs Cemetery on 23 November 1932 [5: 9-Dec-1932]
President of the North Midlands Football Association in 1932 and 1933 [5: 7-Oct-1932, 7-Jul-1933]
Justice of the Peace and Magistrate on the Three Springs Police Court in 1933[5: 9-Jun-1933]
He was an agent and seller of The North Midland Times newspaper in 1933 [5: 7-Jul-1933]
Member for Arrino on the Committee of the Midland Districts Racing Association in 1933 [5: 21-Jul-1933]
Arrived back in Arrino on Saturday 22 July 1933 after a trip to Perth [5: 28-Jul-1933]
Won the Euchre Tournament held at the home of Mrs Ellen TURNER in Arrino on Tuesday 22 August 1933 [5: 1-Sep-1933]
Convened a meeting on Saturday 8 November 1933 to organise the northern portion of the Three Springs Fire Brigade [5: 3-Nov-1933]
Appointed a Vice President of the Carnamah Race Club at their Annual Meeting on 21 November 1933 [5: 24-Nov-1933]
Member of the Arrino Hall Committee in 1934 [5: 8-Jun-1934]
In May 1934 there was a local rumour that they were selling their store to Cyril L. AYLMORE and purchasing the Dongara Hotel [144]
Spoke on behalf of those present at Philip M. McCAGH's 21st Birthday Dance at the Arrino Hall on Friday 1 June 1934 [5: 8-Jun-1934]
In mid 1934 purchased a new Dodge Roadster car [5: 22-Jun-1934]
Admitted to the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs suffering from quinsy in mid October 1934 [5: 19-Oct-1934]
In January 1935 sold through Goldsbrough Mort & Co nine bales of wool for 11½d. and 13 bales for 10½d. per pound [5: 1-Feb-1935]
Travelled with Randolph BARNHART, Alfred HUNTER and Cecil MALEY to the Murchison on 3 February 1935 [5: 8-Feb-1935]
Drove from Arrino to Perth on Sunday 24 February 1935, and left on his return to Arrino on Tuesday 5 March 1935 [5: 1-Mar-1935]
     On his way home against the setting sun on the Walebing-Moora Road his car hit a white post and capsized [5: 8-Mar-1935]
     His car was extensively damaged however fortunately he was uninjured and was able to return home the same evening [5]
Spoke at the Miscellaneous and Gift Evening tendered to Annie MCNEILL in Arrino on Tuesday 9 April 1935 [5: 19-Apr-1935]
In late May 1935 it was reported that he had sold his general store and business in Arrino [5: 31-May-1935]
He and his wife were bid a largely attended public farewell at the Arrino Hall on Friday 14 June 1935 [5: 21-Jun-1935]
At their farewell people spoke of their sterling qualities and presented them with a case of cutlery and an inscribed foundation pen [5]
On Tuesday 18  June 1935 at the home of Arthur and Edyna POTTS their closest friends wished them all the best for their future [5]
Left Arrino by car on Thursday 20 June 1935 and shifted to Perth [5: 21-Jun-1935]
Departed Perth for the Eastern States on 28 June 1935 to visit his mother in New South Wales, Australia [5: 21-Jun-1935, 16-Aug-1935]
     Despite having been reported to have left the district, after his vacation in Sydney he returned to Arrino in mid August 1935 [5]
During the fourth week of September 1935 he paid a visit to the Perth metropolis[5: 27-Sep-1935]
He and his wife Ethel were among those from Arrino who attended the Royal Show in Perth in 1935 [5: 11-Oct-1935]
Member of the Three Springs Road Board, until tendering his resignation on 7 December 1935 [5: 13-Dec-1935]
In November 1935 sold nine bales of wool through Goldsbrough Mort & Co - 5 at 15¼d., and 4 at 15d. per pound [5: 29-Nov-1935]
By April 1936, when he visited Arrino, he was living in the Perth suburb of Fremantle [5: 23-Apr-1937]
     After a few days in Arrino he returned to Perth on 23 April 1937 accompanied by Mrs Edyna POTTS of Three Springs [5: 30-Apr-1937]
Believed to have later ran a hotel in Fremantle [P2]
Resided of late in Fremantle [2]
Died 21 May 1970; cremated at the Fremantle Cemetery, Fremantle WA [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Henry George Townsend' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 26 May 2022 from [reference list]

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