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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Jack" John ROCCHI

Born 21 December 1904 in Boulder, Western Australia [16]
Son of Luca ROCCHI and Petronilla ROSTOVICH [15]
Before his time in Carnamah had played football for South Fremantle and was a Sandover Medallist [4: 3-May-1930] [5: 29-Sep-1939]
Farmer in Carnamah 1928-1943 [3] [19] [27]
     Farmer in Carnamah in partnership with his brother "Andy" Anthony ROCCHI as "Rocchi Bros" 1928-1933 [3] [5: 5-Jan-1934] [6]
     His brother had taken out a contract to purchase virgin land in Carnamah in partnership with Oliver W. WILSON in 1926 [27]
     In July 1928 the contract to buy the farm was changed from his brother and WILSON to himself, his brother and their mother [27]
     The farm was bounded on the north by Waters Road, on the south by Carnamah-Bunjil Road and on the east by Pope Road [62]
     In January 1928 "Rocchi Bros" purchased a new Fordson tractor from Three Springs dealer Charles W. F. PEARN [4: 14-Jan-1928]
     Including an extra £241/0/6 in interest they completed paying the instalments for their farm and became its freehold owners [27] [61]
     After his brother left Carnamah he farmed their farm by himself 1934-1943 [3] [5: 5-Jan-1934] [19] [27]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club from 1929-30 to 1936-37 [4: 8-Mar-1930, 22-Dec-1934] [5: 18-Oct-1935, 16-Oct-1936]
Attended the Ball in Carnamah in aid of the local Roman Catholic Church's building fund on Thursday 24 May 1930 [4: 31-May-1930]
Umpired local football matches in Carnamah and throughout the North Midlands Football Association [5: 23-Jun-1933, 14-Aug-1936]
     In 1930 his umpiring "gave an excellent interpretation of the new rules" [4: 3-May-1930]
     He was regularly praised for his excellent and impartial umpiring skills [4: 29-Sep-1934, 3-Nov-1934]
     "Umpire Rocchi was good and all that could be desired... and the game was always under control" [5: 30-Aug-1935]
     Paid 30/- per match as Central Umpire for the North Midlands Football Association in 1936 [5: 8 & 22-May-1936, 21-Aug-1936]
     He was credited with raising the standard of football in the North Midlands as Central Umpire in 1936 [5: 2-Oct-1936]
     After retiring as Central Umpire at the end of 1936 he continued to provide his umpiring services for benefit matches [5: 2-Oct-1936]
     Despite retiring he was the Central Umpire at the Preliminary Final of the North Midlands Football Association in 1937 [5: 17-Sep-1937]
Attended the Carnamah Church of England's New Year Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 30 December 1933 [5: 5-Jan-1934]
The local newspaper revealed on 22 June 1934 that a parcel had arrived for him at the Carnamah Railway Station [5: 22-Jun-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Premiership Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on  Saturday 20 October 1934 [5: 26-Oct-1934]
Special mention and thanks for his umpiring was made at the Carnamah Football Club's Presentation Ball in 1934 [4: 3-Nov-1934]
Competitor in the Parkinson Tennis Club's Open Championship Tournament in Carnamah on Tuesday 1 January 1935 [5: 21-Dec-1934]
Attended his sister May ROCCHI's 21st birthday at his farm in Carnamah on Thursday evening 15 August 1935 [5: 23-Aug-1935]
Attended the Three Springs Football Club's Victory Ball held in Three Springs on Tuesday 24 September 1935 [5: 27-Sep-1935]
     During the Ball he was thanked for his umpiring during the season, and reference was made to his ability as "the umpire" [5]
Concluded a visit to Perth and returned to Carnamah by train with his mother on Wednesday 30 October 1935 [5: 1-Nov-1935]
Costume Judge at the Children's Fancy Dress Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 2 November 1935 [5: 8-Nov-1935]
Sold an unstated number of baconers for £2/8/6 per head through Dalgety & Co Ltd on Wednesday 20 November 1935 [5: 22-Nov-1935]
Competed in the Parkinson Tennis Club's New Year Tennis Tournament in Carnamah on Wednesday 1 January 1936 [5: 3-Jan-1936]
Travelled from Carnamah to Perth by train on Saturday 15 February 1936 [5: 21-Feb-1936]
Attended the Carnamah Repertory Club's Social Evening & Play Presentation at the Carnamah Hall on 17 June 1936 [5: 19-Jun-1936]
Umpired the Carnamah Football Club's Scratch Match in aid of their Injured Players Fund in Carnamah on 28 June 1936 [5: 3-Jul-1936]
Advertised in July 1936 that he was wanting to buy up to twelve bags of second grade wheat for poultry [5: 17-Jul-1936]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Presentation Ball at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 26 September 1936 [5: 2-Oct-1936]
     At the Ball he was presented with a cheque in recognition of his umpiring services given for benefit matches during the year [5]
     He was also presented with a gold wristlet watch from the North Midlands Football Association for being their Central Umpire [5]
     The watch was inscribed: "Presented to J. Rocchi, Esq., by the N.M.F.A. for services rendered as Central Umpire, 29/9/'36" [5]
Costume Judge at the Carnamah Girls Club's Children's Fancy Dress Ball at the Carnamah Hall on 14 November 1936 [5: 20-Nov-1936]
Had an account with Carnamah blacksmith, wheelwright and motor mechanics Henry Parkin & Son in 1937 [53]
He holidayed in Perth during February 1937 [5: 12-Feb-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Adult Education Circle in 1937 [5: 19-Feb-1937, 9-Jul-1937]
Competed in the Carnamah Tennis Club's Easter Tennis Tournament at Centenary Park in Carnamah in March 1937 [5: 2-Apr-1937]
In June 1937 he was appointed Additional Umpire of the North Midlands Football Association [5: 11-Jun-1937]
     It was reported that "despite the keenness of the game Umpire Rocchi always had the play under complete control" [5: 25-Jun-1937]
     He was Central Umpire for the final three matches of the North Midlands Football Association in 1937 [5: 27-Aug-1937]
Motored to Perth with Harold and Vivian POPE in August 1937 during the Perth Carnival interstate football matches [5: 20-Aug-1937]
His nephew George IVICEVICH of of Mount Lawley in Perth holidayed with him in Carnamah in September 1937 [5: 10-Sep-1937]
Obtained the telephone in 1939 - was telephone number Carnamah-11G [60]
Coach of the Carnamah Football Club's team in 1939 [0: image 03818]
On 23 November 1940 was cutting chaff using his tractor with neighbouring farmer Thomas H. PERRY on Tom's farm [0: image 03957]
     The tractor started a fire which resulted in the loss of the tractor and heavy losses for his neighbour Tom [0: image 03957]
In 1943 his and his brother's farm in Carnamah was share-farmed by or leased to Cyril J. T. MARTYN [453]
Resided in Croydon, South Australia prior to enlisting for service in the Royal Australian Air Force on 25 March 1943 [16]
     Leading Aircraftman 122734 in the Royal Australian Air Force's 3 Airfield Construction Squadron in the Second World War [16]
     Discharged from the Royal Australian Air Force on 24 January 1946 [16]
In 1946 was living with his wife and three sons in South Perth [0: image 04387]
He and his brother sold their 1,674 acre farm in Carnamah to Allen J. PERRY during the 1948-49 financial year [3]
Resided of late in the Perth suburb of Mount Lawley [2]
Husband of Constance [2] [16]
Died 25 November 1979; ashes interred Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (EC Section, Garden of Remembrance, 25, 33) [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'John Rocchi' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 May 2022 from [reference list]

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