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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs



Born C.1847 [2]
Married (1) Lily [19]
Ganger for the Midland Railway Company at the 162 Mile Siding in Winchester in 1911-1913 [19] [50]
Line Repairer / Fettler for the Midland Railway Company in Carnamah 1913-1918[6] [39: 13 & 14-Aug-1913] [44]
     His workmate Henry McCLYMANS ate a sandwich laced with strychnine when they stopped for lunch on 9 July 1913 [39: 13-Aug-1913]
     He gave evidence at the hearing into poisoning by Mrs Mary J. McLYMANS in Moora on 13 August 1913 [39: 14-Aug-1913]
Purchased from the Midland Railway Company for £40 two vacant blocks in the Carnamah townsite on 24 September 1914 [27]
     The two blocks were 7 Yarra Street (Lot 11 of Victoria Location 1936) and 8 Yarra Street (Lot 12 of Victoria Location 1936) [27]
     Later purchased 9 Yarra Street (Lot 13 of Victoria Location 1936) and 10 Yarra Street (Lot 14 of Victoria Location 1936) [27]
     Purchased the then vacant 9 Yarra Street, Carnamah from the Midland Railway Company for £20 on 24 August 1916 [27]
     Purchased the also then vacant 10 Yarra Street, Carnamah from the Midland Railway Company for £20 on 15 May 1918 [27]
     He completed paying for all four townsite blocks, which each came payable by instalments over two years [27]
Sang a song at the "Carnamah Concert" held in the railway goods shed in Carnamah on Friday 19 February 1915 [10: 26-Feb-1915]
His wife Lily passed away at the age of 57 years on 15 September 1917 and was buried at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth [2]
Married (2) Mrs Mary ATTWOOD in 1919 [66]
Fettler / Ganger for the Midland Railway Company in Coorow 1919-1921 [6] [50] [215]
     His stepson Paul ATTWOOD was a student at the Coorow State School during their time in Coorow [215]
     The school was conducted from two rooms of Coorow House until later 1920 when it became unavailable and the school closed [215]
     He built a makeshift room of about 25 feet long and 12 feet wife with hessian sides, an iron roof, fireplace and two windows [215]
     The Coorow State School was then conducted from his room which he rented to the Education Department for £1 per month [215]
     The first teacher to use the room found it "of very rough description" with its open gable ends and the floor being of sleepers [215]
     Nonetheless his building resulted in the continuation of the school, which otherwise would have closed due to having no home [215]
     His room was used for the Coorow State School from February 1921 to May 1922 when an official school building was erected [215]
Railway Ganger for the Midland Railway Company in Gunyidi 1921-1924 [44] [215]
By 1925 he was living in retirement at 45 Tuam Street in the Perth suburb of Victoria Park [50]
During the 1920s sold his 7 Yarra Street, Carnamah to A. Leslie TROTTER who built a house, shop and bakery on the block [3]
     Sold his 8 Yarra Street, Carnamah to the North Midland Farmer's Co-operative Company who built a shop on the block [3]
     He remained the owner of his other two blocks in Carnamah, 9 Yarra Street and 10 Yarra Street, until his death in 1929 [3]
Resided in the Perth suburb of Victoria Park until his death in 1929 [2]
Died 24 April 1929; buried Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Anglican, UC, 176)[2]
Rate notices for his 9 and 10 Yarra Street were sent to his wife Mary until her death and then to his stepson Paul ATTWOOD [3]
     In 1952 the Carnamah District Road Board sold by auction the two blocks to recover £5/2/6 owing in unpaid rates [4: 2-Aug-1952]
     9 Yarra Street was sold to David I. M. BOWMAN and 10 Yarra Street was to Mrs Stella M. REYNOLDS, both of Carnamah [3]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'John Simpton' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 20 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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