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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Lionel Oliver FERGUSON

Born 5 October 1898 in Toodyay, Western Australia [16]
Son of Samuel Thomas FERGUSON and Eleanor COOK [15]
Teamster in Carnamah in 1923 [19]
Shearer and Bulk Wheat Handler in Carnamah in the 1920s and 1930s [P173]
Married "Maud" Beatrice Maud PARKIN on 25 August 1925 at the Carnamah Town Hall[9: 11-Sep-1925]
     His best man was "Tom" Thomas H. PARKIN and his groomsman Robert W. GRANT [9: 11-Sep-1925]
     Their wedding reception was held in the Town Hall later that nights where toasts, supper and dancing was indulged in [9: 11-Sep-1925]
     Following their marriage they left Carnamah however had returned by June 1927 [9: 11-Sep-1925, 19-Jun-1927]
Contractor in Carnamah 1929-1945 [6]
Operator of the grain elevator at the first bulk handling wheat bin in Carnamah in 1936 [5: 4-Dec-1936]
In mid 1937 he purchased Robert PALFREYMAN's carrying business in Carnamah [5: 2-Jul-1937]
     General Carrier and Contractor in Carnamah [13]
     Contracted by the Carnamah Post Office to deliver mail to farms throughout Carnamah three times a week [7: page 144]
     Delivered both mail and supplies to farms in various parts of the Carnamah district [P9]
Advertised his carrier business in the Schedule of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Shows in 1938 and 1939: [13]
     "L. O. Ferguson, General Carrier and Mail Contractor, Carnamah - All Classes of Carrying - All Trains Met [13]
     "Goods Delivered with Service and Promptitude. Firewood Supplied in Any Quantity" [13]
Also worked as a water carrier in the 1930s, delivering water with a 200 gallon galvanised tank from a bore outside of town [P247]
Himself and his wife initially resided at 9 Caron Street, Carnamah (Lot 36 of Victoria Location 1936) [3]
     In November 1935 the Carnamah District Road Board approved his plans for a new house to be built in Caron Street [5: 22-Nov-1935]
     Resided at Parvalson, 29 Caron Street, Carnamah (Lot 22 of Victoria Location 1936) from 1937 until his death in 1971 [3] [90] [276]
     They presumably named their house using parts of his wife's maiden surname, their daughter's first name and his surname [--]
     During the 1936-37 financial year he appears to have sold his house at 9 Caron Street to his brother-in-law Thomas H. PARKIN [3]
Member of the Carnamah Football Club 1923-1929 [9: 29-Jun-1923, 19-Jun-1925] [4: 11-Jun-1927, 6-Jul-1929]
Along with George BOOTH won the V.C. Horse Race at the Annual Show & Sports Carnival in Carnamah in 1923 [86: 4-Oct-1923]
Attended the Grand Plain & Fancy Dress Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on Thursday 6 August 1925 [9: 21-Aug-1925]
In 1927 purchased a Lister shearing plant and was said to have contracted to shear most of Carnamah's sheep [4: 18-Jun-1927]
Had an account with Carnamah blacksmith, wheelwright and motor mechanics Henry Parkin & Son in 1928, 1929 and 1930 [53]
In August 1929 himself and Paddy RYAN were shearing in Winchester [4: 17-Aug-1929]
Commenced shearing for the 1929 season at the shed on Petan Farm, Winchester on 5 August 1929 [4: 17-Aug-1929]
Killed a large brown snake at his home in Carnamah on Saturday 9 February 1929 [4: 16-Feb-1929]
On Saturday 11 May 1929 attended the surprise party tendered to Mrs Ida B. CROSSING at Ida's home in Carnamah [4: 25-May-1929]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Opening Season Ball held at the Carnamah Town Hall on 18 May 1929 [4: 25-May-1929]
He was among those who attended the Centenary Ball held at the Carnamah Hall on 26 July 1929 [86: 3-Aug-1929]
     The ball was to celebrate 100 years since the founding of Perth and the establishment of the Swan River Colony [86]
Won 1st prize for a non-Jersey cow in the Cattle section of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Show in 1929 [4: 28-Sep-1929]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Smoke Social held in the lounge of the Carnamah Hotel on 9 September 1930 [4: 13-Sep-1930]
He was one of the Carnamah Football Club's three coaches and trainers in 1931[4: 25-Apr-1931]
Attended the funeral of "Father of Carnamah" Donald MACPHERSON at the Winchester Cemetery on 14 August 1931 [4: 22-Aug-1931]
In 1932 was the owner of a Pontiac car with license plate CA-96 [4: 12-Nov-1932]
He was working in Carnamah as a Wheat Lumper in December 1932 [5: 23-Dec-1932]
Played in a cricket match between the "Lumpers" and the Carnamah Cricket Club on Sunday 11 December 1932 [5: 23-Dec-1932]
Played for the Benedicts in a 'Benedicts verses Bachelors' cricket match in Carnamah on Sunday 18 December 1932 [5: 23-Dec-1932]
Attended the House Party at Tom and Marjorie PARKIN's home in Carnamah on Friday 13 October 1933 [5: 20-Oct-1933]
Member of Carnamah's Parkinson Tennis Club 1932-33 to 1936-37, and a Committee Member in 1936-37 [5: 10-Mar-1933, 23-Aug-1935] [56]
The local newspaper revealed on 9 February 1934 that there was a parcel for him at the railway goods shed in Carnamah [5: 9-Feb-1934]
The local newspaper revealed on 15 June 1934 that a parcel had arrived for him at the Carnamah Railway Station [5: 15-Jun-1934]
Member of the Carnamah Golf Club 1934-1937, and a Committee Member in 1936 [5: 22-Jun-1934, 27-Mar-1936] [4: 7-Aug-1937]
Won the Carnamah Golf Club's President's Cup in 1934 and the Club Plate in 1938[5: 10-May-1935] [7: page 208]
Attended the Official Opening of the Coorow Golf Club's golf course in Coorow on Sunday 23 June 1935 [5: 28-Jun-1935]
Won the Relay Race and came 2nd in Musical Chairs in the Rings Events of the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1935 [5: 20-Sep-1935]
Sold one cow for £2/17/6 through Westralian Farmers Ltd at the Midland Market on Wednesday 30 October 1935 [5: 1-Nov-1935]
Member of the Carnamah Cricket Club in 1935-36 - played for "Carnamah Reds" [5: 11-Oct-1935]
Sent a floral tribute for the grave of Miss "May" Mary L. LANG at the Winchester Cemetery on 26 November 1935 [5: 29-Nov-1935]
Became a member of the Carnamah Masonic Lodge No.150 WAC on 13 December 1935[96]
Selection Committee Member of Carnamah's Parkinson Tennis Club in 1935-36 [5: 23-Aug-1935]
Attended the funeral of Carnamah agent William B. SHERIDAN at the Winchester Cemetery on 27 January 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
Played for the combined Carnamah-Parkinson tennis team against Winchester-Waddy-Coorow on Sunday 5 April 1936 [5: 3-Apr-1936]
Attended the Carnamah Golf Club's 1936 season Opening Day at Centenary Park in Carnamah on Sunday 26 April 1936 [5: 1-May-1936]
     Himself and Carnamah labourer Cyril J. T. MARTYN won the Men's Foursomes conducted during the Opening Day [5]
Attended the Surprise 21st Birthday for Miss Eileen R. PERRY in Carnamah on Saturday evening 18 July 1936 [5: 24-Jul-1936]
Played in the Carnamah Masonic Lodge's Inaugural Annual Golf Meeting in Carnamah on Saturday 1 August 1936 [5: 7-Aug-1936]
His hand was lacerated while attending the engine of the grain elevator at the wheat bin in Carnamah on Friday 27 November 1936 [5]
     His left hand had got caught on a bolt protruding from the fly-wheel, and required stiches from Dr C. P. ROSENTHAL [5: 4-Dec-1936]
Competitor in the Parkinson Tennis Club's Tennis Tournament held in Carnamah on New Year's Day 1 January 1937 [5: 8-Jan-1937]
Played for "The Rest" of non cricketers who defeated the Carnamah Cricket Club's B team on Sunday 14 February 1937 [5: 19-Feb-1937]
Competed in the Carnamah Tennis Club's Easter Tennis Tournament at Centenary Park in Carnamah in March 1937 [5: 2-Apr-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Social Club in 1937 [5: 9-Apr-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Coronation Celebrations Committee in 1937 [5: 30-Apr-1937]
     The festivities celebrated the coronation of King George VI of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth [5]
The Carnamah District Road Board granted permission for the erection of a garage at his home in Carnamah in July 1937 [5: 16-Jul-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1937-38 [5: 13-Aug-1937]
On 26 November 1937 and a number of times in 1938 he carted 200 gallons of water to the Carnamah Police Station for 6/- [88]
Pallbearer at the funeral of Mrs Eileen Elizabeth WITHNELL on 5 January 1938 at the Winchester Cemetery [0]
Financial Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society in 1939 and 1941-1958 [13]
Committee Member of the Carnamah District War and Patriotic Fund in 1941 [0: image 04014]
Obtained the telephone at his home in 1941 - was telephone number Carnamah-21[60]
Member of the Carnamah Air Observation Crops in 1942 [0: image 02974]
Private in the local Volunteer Defence Corps during the Second World War [16]
Transported the furniture from the closed down Inering State School to the railway station in Coorow for £3 in July 1944 [276]
Pallbearer at the funeral of Carnamah farmer William Henry WATSON on 13 September 1948 at the Winchester Cemetery [0]
Received electricity at his home from local firm Henry Parkin & Son; in 1952 paid a flat monthly rate of 10/6 [53]
Resided at 29 Caron Street in Carnamah until his death in 1971 [1] [90]
Passed away at the age of 72 years at Home of Peace in the Perth suburb of Subiaco [90]
Father of Valda [14]
Died 29 December 1971; buried Winchester Cemetery, Carnamah (Row S, Plot 6) [1]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Lionel Oliver Ferguson' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 18 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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