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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Lizzie Carlyle Scott BRYDONE / LAWSON

Born 27 January 1893 in Moffat, Dumfries, Scotland [28]
Daughter of Charles BRYDONE and Lizzie Carlyle SCOTT [28]
Obtained her M.A. degree in Scotland and then attended Teacher's Training College for three years [P133]
In 1911 her intended husband John LAWSON left Scotland for Western Australia and she never heard from him until 1914 [7: page 54]
Corresponded with John LAWSON by regular letters from 1914 to 1921, when he returned to Scotland to marry her [7: page 54]
Prior to her marriage she had worked as a School Teacher in Scotland for six years [7: page 77]
Married "Jack" John LAWSON on 3 August 1921 in Moffat, Dumfries, Scotland [7: pages 56-57]
Came out to Western Australia and Mayfield Farm in Winchester with her husband C.1922 [P133]
Resided with her husband and later children on Mayfield Farm and then Liberton Farm in Winchester [P133]
Officially opened the Billeroo State School at Billeroo, East Winchester on 14 April 1930 and was the school's first teacher [7: page 78]
School Teacher of the Billeroo State School in 1930 [7: page 77]
Attended the funeral of Mrs Christina B. D. FORRESTER of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 31 August 1934 [4: 8-Sep-1934]
Member of the Billeroo School Hall Committee in 1940 [0: image 03958]
Member of Carnamah's branch of the Red Cross Society [141]
Following her husband's death in 1954 she continued to reside on Liberton Farm in Winchester until 1968 [60] [P133]
Her telephone number on the farm was Carnamah East 237 [60]
Inherited her late husband's Mayfield and Liberton Farms in Winchester [3]
The farmland totalled approximately 1850 acres and was Lots M921, M922, M1059 and M1076 of Victoria Location 1937 [3]
     Herself and her son extended the farm by four acres with the purchase of Lot M1054 of Victoria Location 1937 [34]
     Purchased the four acres from the Midland Railway Company for £10 (50/- per acre), for which they paid cash [27]
     The four acres contained an old dam that originally served adjoining farms during the Company's Improved Farms Scheme [34]
Her son Charles ran Mayfield and Liberton until his death in 1960[P133] and she then had them share-farmed [60]
Resided at 64 Macpherson Street in Carnamah town 1969 onwards [60]
Her house in Carnamah was telephone number Carnamah-43 [60]
Mother of Betty, Charles and John [P133]
Died 24 February 1971 in Three Springs; ashes interred Winchester Cemetery, Carnamah (Row A, Plot 1) [14]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Lizzie Carlyle Scott Brydone / Lawson' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 26 May 2022 from [reference list]

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