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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs



Born 1913 in Perth, Western Australia [15]
Daughter of Alexander David LIZARS and Ellen Maude BELLINGHAM [15] [266]
In 1922 her mother gave birth to her brother in the tent they were living in at Pithara, and then died [266]
Her horse Sylvera come 2nd in the Walk, Trot & Gallop at the Moora Trotting Club's Gymkhana in Moora in 1933 [39: 30-Dec-1933]
In 1934 her sister Patricia married A. George H. STEPHENS formerly of Carnamah [66]
She worked on farms and while doing so met Ted BLACKWELL who was working on the same farm [266]
Married (1) "Ted" Edward Thomas BLACKWELL in 1935 [66]
She borrowed two bags of flour from her stepmother and some bakehouse tins, and she and her husband shifted to Calingiri [266]
They reopened the closed bakehouse in Calingiri but couldn't make a living from it so shifted to Coorow [266]
Resided in Coorow 1936-1949, where her husband was the local baker [5: 6-Nov-1936] [6] [19]
For 13 years she had the mail run to deliver mail from Coorow out to Waddy Forest, and delivered bread at the same time [265]
She used a horse and cart to deliver the mail and bread every Tuesday and Friday, and had a big dog she took with her [P84]
Her aunt Mrs LIZARS of Perth arrived in Coorow to spent a holiday with her on Wednesday evening 14 April 1937 [5: 16-Apr-1937]
Their bakery was the meeting place of Coorow and Carnamah Virgilians on 23 March 1940 [120: 14-Mar-1940]
Exhibited in various sections of the 9th annual Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show on 5 September 1946 [5:11-Oct-1946] [39: 10-Oct-1946]
     Won 1st and 2nd for Preserved Fruit and 2nds for Plate of Yeast Buns, Man's Sleeveless Pullover and Lady's Hack (horse) [5]
At the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show on 4 September 1947 she once more exhibited across a variety of sections [5: 12-Sep-1947]
     Awarded 1st prizes for Devon Loaf and Yeast Buns in the Baker's section and a 2nd for Embroidered Apron in Needlework [5]
     Won 1st prize for Dressed Fowl and 2nd for Pound of Butter in Farm Produce and 2nd for Muscovy Drake in the Poultry section [5]
Won the Ladies Bending Race and came 2nd in the Ladies Flag Race in the Ring Events at the 1948 Carnamah Show [5: 16-Sep-1948]
Best Lady Rider in the Ring Events at the 11th annual Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show on 15 September 1948 [5: 23-Sep-1948]
    The trophy she won for being the show's Best Lady Rider was one that she had donated! [5: 23-Sep-1948]
They left Coorow after 13 years and shifted to a small farm in Mount Helena but it didn't pay so they moved to Perth [266]
She withdrew from sale by all agents her property at Mount Helena in October 1950 [39: 14-Oct-1950]
After getting leukaemia her husband didn't live very long, and died at the age of 48 years on 13 February 1956 [2] [266]
After the death of her husband she wrote to George LATHAM who she had met in Coorow and he travelled to Perth to see her [266]
Returned with George to Callytharra Station in the Gascoyne in January 1957 [265]
Partner of (2) George LATHAM [265]
They resided on Callytharra Station in the Gascoyne from 1957 until 1988[265]
George had about 80 head of cattle and seven horses and she went everywhere with him on the station, and they built it up and up [266]
Initially they lived on the station in an old Spinifex shed that they added some iron to, and could live off the bush and goats [266]
In 1958 George purchased a house for £60 from the closed down Big Bell Mine and had it erected on Callytharra Station [265]
They left Callytharra Station in 1988 and shifted to 100 acres on Bookera East Road in Dongara [265]
Resided in Dongara from 1988 until her death in 1994 [265]
Died 27 September 1994; buried Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Wesleyan, IC, 474) [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Lorna Robina Lizars / Blackwell' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 21 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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