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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Maisie" Mary Lochhead MCGILP / HIRST

Born 24 February 1923 in Perth, Western Australia [P12]
Daughter of "Mac" Angus Archibald Nicol MCGILP and "Jenny" Janet McDougall LANG [P12]
She was baptised in Perth on 19 March 1923 [P12]
Resided with her parents and brothers on Polaris Farm in Waddy Forest [P12]
Bridesmaid at the wedding of her aunt Winifred M. LANG and Charles ROBERTSON in Carnamah on 27 March 1928 [4: 31-Mar-1928]
     She wore a little frock of pink georgette with a silver gauze hat trimmed with pink roses and carried a small basket of pink rose [4]
Student at the Waddy Well State School in Waddy Forest [5: 12-Jul-1935]
Won a 1st prize for Needlework and a 2nd prize for a Crayon Drawing at the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1930 [4: 27-Sep-1930]
Attended the Children's Fancy Dress Ball held in Coorow in July 1933 as a "Japanese Girl" [4: 29-Jul-1933]
Received 2nd prize for Needlework in the Educational section of the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show in 1933 [5: 15-Sep-1933]
At the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show in 1934 won 1st prize for Plain Scones (made by a girl under 15 years) [5: 7-Sep-1934]
Attended the Children's Fancy Dress Ball in Coorow on Saturday 6 July 1935 dressed as a "Quaker Girl" [5: 12-Jul-1935]
Won 2nd prize for Darned Woollen Socks in the Fancy Work section of the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show in 1935 [5: 13-Sep-1935]
     In the Educational section, winning 1st prizes for Pencil Drawing, Crayon Drawing and Needlwork, and a 2nd for Writing [5]
Won 2nd prize for Needlework in the Educational section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 12 September 1935 [5: 20-Sep-1935]
Returned to Waddy Forest in late August 1936 to spend the school holidays with her parents [5: 28-Aug-1936]
Exhibited in the junior classes of the Confectionary section at the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show in 1936 [5: 11-Sep-1936]
     Received 2nd prize for Plain Scones by girl under 18 years, and the Special Prize for Plain Scones by girl under 15 years [5]
Journeyed to Perth with her parents and elder brother to return to college on Monday 8 February 1937 [5: 12-Feb-1937]
In 1937 spent the Easter, May and September school holidays with her parents in Waddy Forest [5: 25-Mar-1937, 4-Jun-1937, 3-Sep-1937]
Won 2nd prize for Plain Scones by Girl Under 15 Years at the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show on 2 September 1937 [5: 10-Sep-1937]
Committee Member of the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society 1946-1948 [150]
Steward of the Cookery section at the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society's Tenth Annual Show in 1947 [150]
Married Arnold Gerald Creswell HIRST on 12 July 1952 at Saint Andrews's Church in Perth [0: image 04640]
     Her matron of honour was her cousin Mrs Betty J. REYNOLDS and her bridesmaid Miss Beryl JONES [0: image 04640]
     Her husband had employed the services of E. Clive HUNTER [P320] to build a house next to his garage in Coorow [P12]
     When they returned after their wedding the house wasn't quite ready so they had to stay at the Coorow Hotel for a week [P12]
     Resided with her husband and later children on Bristol Street in the Coorow townsite [P12]
Member of the Coorow Bowling Club [P8]
Resided on Poynton Parade in the Coorow townsite until shifting with her husband and children to Winchester C.1964 [P12]
From C.1964 to the early 1970s her husband share-farmed and they resided on J. P. STRATTON's farm in Winchester [P12]
In the early 1970s they shifted to a farm in Perenjori where her husband continued farming [P12]
Member of the Perenjori Bowling Club [P12]
Later resided at 15 Russell Street in the Perenjori townsite [90]
In 2003 provided details on the LANG family of Carnamah and MCGILP family of Coorow to the Carnamah Historical Society [P1]
After a suspected mini stroke she left Perenjori in 2007 and shifted to a granny flat at her son's home in Perth [P8]
Mother of Nicol, Andrew, Christopher and Jeffery [45]
Died in December 2015; buried at the Winchester Cemetery in Carnamah, Western Australia [45]
A funeral service was held at All Saints Church in Coorow [45]

From The West Australian newspaper, Tuesday 6 March 1923:
"McGILP – On February 24, at Miss Harvey's Hospital, Charles-street, the wife of A. A. McGilp, Waddy Waddy, Coorow – a daughter."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Mary Lochhead McGilp / Hirst' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 1 July 2022 from [reference list]

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