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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Mac" Murray McErlain WILSON

Born 1901 in Perth, Western Australia [15]
Son of Henry Hugh WILSON and Adelaide Rose TAYLOR [15]
Pastoralist of Koondie Station near Yalgoo in 1926 and 1927 [61]
Farmer of Neereno Farm in Three Springs 1928-1958 [4] [19] [61]
Married "Dot" Dorothy Rose GENGE in Perth in 1929 [66]
He was among the 400 people who attended the Matrons and Benedicts Ball held in Three Springs on 31 August 1928 [4: 8-Sep-1928]
Attended the Three Springs Agricultural Society's First Annual Show and Show Ball on Thursday 20 September 1928 [4: 29-Sep-1928]
Travelled to Perth in mid February 1929 to take part in Country Week Cricket[4: 16-Feb-1929]
Attended the Anglican Church's Fancy Dress Ball in Three Springs on Thursday 27 June 1929 as a "Call Boy" [4: 6-Jul-1929]
Member of the Three Springs Football Club in 1929, and Vice President 1935-1937[4: 13-Jul-1929] [5: 10-May-1935, 8-May-1936, 16-Apr-1937]
Following their marriage he and his wife were the guests of honour at a Social in Three Springs on Friday 1 November 1929 [4]
      During the evening, which was tendered by the Three Springs Football Club, they were presented with a chime clock [4: 9-Nov-1929]
Member of the Three Springs Cricket Club from 1930-31 to 1936-37 [4: 22-Nov-1930] [5: 12-Apr-1935, 6-Nov-1936]
     Represented the Three Springs Cricket Club at meetings of the North Midlands Cricket Association in 1930-31 [4: 22-Nov-1930]
     Vice President of the Three Springs Cricket Club in 1936-37[5: 16-Oct-1936]
     Played for the North Midlands Cricket Association in their victory against the Morawa Association on 10 January 1937 [5: 15-Jan-1937]
Attended the Commemoration Dinner held at the Commercial Hotel in Three Springs on Friday 26 August 1932 [5: 9-Sep-1932]
     The dinner was to commemorate Three Springs having the highest average yield for wheat in the State for the 1931-32 season [5]
Inaugural East Lieutenant of the Three Springs Road Board District Bush Fire Brigade in 1933-34 and 1934-35 [5: 27-Oct-1933, 9-Nov-1934]
Travelled from Three Springs to Perth on 28 February 1933 to join his wife and children for a fortnight's holiday [4: 4-Mar-1933]
Returned to Three Springs on Tuesday 22 August 1933 after a holiday in Perth[5: 25-Aug-1933]
A fire broke out on his farm and destroyed 200 acres of his crop and 35 bags of wheat on Friday 29 December 1933 [5: 5-Jan-1934]
     All available men including the new Fire Brigade assisted in beating out the fire, which had started when his tractor backfired [5]
Served on the Board on the Board of the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs 1933-1940 [5: 14-Jul-1933] [109]
Lent his truck and services to help cart gravel for the new driveway of the Three Springs Hospital on 21 August 1935 [5: 23-Aug-1935]
Attended the meeting of Three Springs ratepayers held on Saturday 11 January 1936 to discuss the local water crisis [5: 17-Jan-1936]
     He said that he was quite sure the time had come for the Government or Road Board to do something about the water shortage [5]
Sold 63 shorn wethers, 47 ewes and 30 shorn ewes through Elder Smith & Co Ltd at Midland Market in January 1936 [5: 17-Jan-1936]
     Received 14/10 per head for the 63 shorn wethers, 11/4 for 19 of the ewes, 8/1 for 28 of the ewes and 11/7 for the shorn ewes [5]
Sent a floral tribute for the grave of William B. SHERIDAN of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 27 January 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
He and his family were among those from Three Springs who travelled to Perth in October 1936 for the Royal Show [5: 9-Oct-1936]
Attended the meeting at Daylesford Farm on 22 February 1937 about extending telephonic facilities to East Three Springs [5: 5-Mar-1937]
     At the meeting he was appointed to interview Senator Patrick J. LYNCH and the Deputy Postmaster General about the matter [5]
Attended the meeting in Three Springs about extending telephonic facilities to East Three Springs on 9 March 1937 [5: 12-Mar-1937]
Committee Member of the Three Springs Golf Club in 1937 [5: 9-Apr-1937]
Helped cart 80 trucks loads of sand, gravel and stones for the nursing quarters in Three Springs on 14 and 24 April 1937 [5: 30-Apr-1937]
Part of the male ballet in pink skirts who performed at the Novelty Dance Evening in Three Springs on 15 July 1937 [5: 23-Jul-1937]
The amusing ballet also performed to the crowd of over 300 at the Community Concert in Carnamah on 11 August 1937 [5: 13-Aug-1937]
Sent his apologies for being unable to attend the opening of the Nurse's Quarters in Three Springs on 27 August 1937 [5: 3-Sep-1937]
Attended the Farewell Social & Dance held for Vincent & May TIPPETT in Three Springs on Monday 28 July 1941 [4: 2-Aug-1941]
Speaker at the Farewell Dance for Christopher & Mildred THOMAS at the Three Springs Hall on 11 September 1944 [4: 16-Sep-1944]
Speaker at the Farewell Social for Alex & Claire BROWN at the Agricultural Hall in Three Springs on 3 August 1946 [4: 10-Aug-1946]
Farmed and resided in Three Springs until about 1958 [19]
Upon retirement he and his wife left Three Springs and shifted to the Perth suburb of Nedlands [P152]
They had a house built at 4 Davies Road in Nedlands, which was at one time featured in The West Australian newspaper [P152]
Resided in the Perth suburb of Nedlands until his death at the age of 67 [2]
Father of John and Douglas [P2]
Died 14 October 1969; buried Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Wesleyan, HC, 108)[2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Murray McErlain Wilson' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 22 July 2019 from  [ sources ]

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