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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Percy" Percival Lascelles MILLARD

Born 13 July 1906 in Beulah, Victoria, Australia [16]
Son of Thomas Coomes MILLARD and Elizabeth Matilda OEHM [54]
Received his middle name of Lascelles after the locality of Lascelles in Victoria, Australia [P312]
In about 1910 shifted with his parents from Victoria to Hillside Farm in Kulpara, South Australia [P312]
Attended the local school in Kulpara until leaving at the age of eleven to assist his brother Clarence run their late father's farm [P312]
His brother Clarence and himself ran Hillside Farm in Kulpara following their father's untimely death due to a horse accident [P312]
Later worked growing hay to cut and sell as chaff in the Victorian Mallee region of Victoria, Australia [P312]
Travelled to Western Australia to inspect land and was shown around by Three Springs farmer Conrad A. E. BUSSENSCHUTT [P312]
Shifted to Three Springs, Western Australia in 1929 [P312]
In February 1929 he advertised he wanted to share-farm 500 acres of good land in Carnamah or Three Springs [4: 23-Feb-1929]
At the time of placing the advertisement his address was care of Conrad A. E. BUSSENSCHUTT (his future his brother-in-law) [4]
Farmer of Gimlet Park Farm in Three Springs [P312]
His farm was Lot M1559 and after purchase had a house built on the property for an all up price of £400 [P312]
The farm was situated on the Three Springs-Perenjori Road 14 miles from Three Springs and 16 miles from Carnamah [5: 21-Feb-1936]
Share-farmed on Woopenatty Station in Arrino [P312]
In 1939 extended his farm with the purchase from his brother Clarence of Lot M1557 of Victoria Location 2021 [P312]
Purchased Mrs EVANS farm in Three Springs in 1947, which consisted of Lots 1 and 2 of Victoria Location 2021 [P312]
During the early years on his farm he conducted his business in both Carnamah and Three Springs [5] [P9]
He received his mail and supplies twice weekly via the Carnamah mailmen and carrier [103: page 72]
Had an account with Carnamah blacksmith, wheelwright and motor mechanics Henry Parkin & Son in 1929 and 1930 [53]
Married Lola BUSSENSCHUTT on 19 June 1930 in Paskeville, South Australia [55]
Financial Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society in 1932 and 1946[13]
Paid £1/10/- Vermin Bonus by the Carnamah District Road Board on 6 July 1933 for helping control vermin by killing three foxes [300]
Attended the Inering School Dance held at the Carnamah Hall to raise money for books on Saturday 21 July 1934 [5: 27-Jul-1934]
Advertised in October 1934 that he wanted a capable man to employ and also prices for the reaping of 220 acres of wheat [5: 12-Oct-1934]
Had sheep yards built on his farm out of first grade sawn timber during August of 1935 [5: 30-Aug-1935]
Advertised in September and October 1935 for a boy to employ to do odd jobs about the house etc [5: 27-Sep-1935, 4-Oct-1935]
Travelled from Carnamah to Perth during October 1935 to attend the Perth Royal Show [5: 18-Oct-1935]
Purchased a new Sunshine harvester from Three Springs-Carnamah agent Oswald S. SOWERBY in November 1935 [5: 15-Nov-1935]
Delivered the first load of wheat in Three Springs for the 1935 season on Friday 1 November 1935 [5: 8-Nov-1935]
     The wheat, which was of Carrabin variety, was received by William G. JORDAN, the local agent for Louis Dreyfus & Co [5]
Days later, on Monday 4 November 1935, he delivered the first load of wheat in Carnamah for the 1935 season [5: 8-Nov-1935]
      This wheat was of Merredin variety and was received by Andrew SMART, agent for Messrs. Bunge (Aust.) Ltd. [5]
Sold one bale of wool at 15d. per pound through Westralian Farmers Ltd at a wool sale in Perth on 25 November 1935 [5: 29-Nov-1935]
After spending five weeks in South Australia himself, his wife and their children returned to WA by ship in January 1935 [5: 17-Jan-1936]
     They arrived in Fremantle on the Orama on Monday 13 January 1935, and on 16 January returned to their home via Carnamah [5]
Local agent Oswald S. SOWERBY conducted a demonstration of the Sunduke Scarifier on his farm on 22 February 1936 [5: 21-Feb-1936]
Travelled to Perth by car, accompanied by Oswald and Mary SOWERBY, on Monday 9 March 1936 [5: 13-Mar-1936]
Attended the Surprise 21st Birthday for Miss Eileen R. PERRY in Carnamah on Saturday evening 18 July 1936 [5: 24-Jul-1936]
Placed a notice in The North Midland Times in early September 1936 that he had lost his sheep dog named Bluey [5: 4-Sep-1936]
Attended the Reunion of South Australians in the North Midlands at Centenary Park in Carnamah on 26 September 1936 [5: 2-Oct-1936]
Attended the meeting in Three Springs about extending telephonic facilities to East Three Springs on 9 March 1937 [5: 12-Mar-1937]
Attended the meeting at Five Gums on 10 March 1937 to discuss the establishment of a state school at Five Gums, Carnamah [278]
Member of the Inering State School's Parents & Citizens Association [P312]
Financial Member of the Three Springs Agricultural Society 1938-1947 [262]
On 14 October 1939 hosted a Barn Dance to raise money for the Carnamah Girls Club and the Inering State School [0: image 03864]
Member of the Five Gums Tennis Club 1940-41 and 1941-42 [89]
In mid 1941 hosted a Barn Dance on his farm in aid of the Commercial Baby in Carnamah's Popular Baby Competition [0: image 03997]
Served on the Board of the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs 1941-1978 and was Chairman 1943-1945 [109]
Private W71861 in Three Springs' local Volunteer Defence Corps during the Second World War [16]
Speaker at the Smoke Social tendered to departing resident Keith S. GLYDE in Three Springs on 16 February 1943 [4: 20-Feb-1943]
Speaker at the Farewell Social & Dance for Matron Jean R. CLEMESHA at the Three Springs Hall on 24 March 1944 [4: 1-Apr-1944]
C.1944 appears to have purchased what had been John FRAME's 898 acre farm in Carnamah (Lot 10 of the Inering Estate) [3]
His nephew Edgar T. STEVENS worked for him as a farmhand and then share-farming some of his farm 1944-1960 [P296]
In 1945 had 6700 sheep and two good shearing sheds (both with new 3-stand plants) [0: image 04335]
On occasion Church of England services for Inering were held at his home [0: image 04112]
Speaker at the Farewell Social for Bill & Alba JORDAN held at the Agricultural Hall in Three Springs on 30 March 1946 [4: 6-Apr-1946]
Sold his 898 acre Lot 10 of the Inering Estate in Carnamah to Frank LUCAS of Carnamah in 1948 [3]
Pallbearer at the funeral of Mrs Eliza A. AUNGER of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 25 August 1949 [5: 1-Sep-1949]
Speaker at the Valedictory Social for stationmaster Herbert E. REYNOLDS in Three Springs during November 1949 [4: 19-Nov-1949]
Member for Three Springs on the Dr Mayrhofer Memorial Trust Fund committee in 1950 [4: 16-Dec-1950]
Patron of the Three Springs Tennis Club in 1955-56 [4: 1-Oct-1955]
Flew out for a holiday to the Eastern States of Australia on Tuesday 4 October 1955 [0: image 04783]
In 1956 was made a Justice of the Peace for the Victoria Magisterial District of Western Australia [4: 13-Jul-1956]
As a Justice of the Peace presided as Magistrate over two cases that went before the Carnamah Police Court in 1959 [22]
Vice Chairman and Member of the Three Springs Road Board in 1960 [4: 26-Feb-1960]
Served as a Member and Chairman of the Three Springs Shire Council for a number of years [P312]
Actively supported the Liberal Party of Australia [P312]
In about 1966 he and his wife shifted from Gimlet Park Farm to a house in the Three Springs townsite [P312]
Resident of Three Springs until his death in 1978 [2]
Father of June and Geoff [P312]
Died 18 July 1978; ashes interred Three Springs General Cemetery, Three Springs WA [2] [95]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Percival Lascelles Millard' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 26 May 2019 from  [ sources ]

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