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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


Russell Joseph BENTLEY

Born 26 December 1928 in Perth, Western Australia [14] [15]
Son of "Tony" Edgar Henry BENTLEY and "Bea" Beatrice May WILLSHER [P175]
Initially resided with his parents in Carnamah on a farm belonging to FRANCIS Bros and then on a farm on the Inering Estate [P139]
Resided with his parents on his mother's Maitland Farm in Carnamah 1933 onwards [P139]
Came 3rd in the 7-8 years Boys Race at the R.S.L. Easter Sports Meeting in Carnamah on Monday 13 April 1936 [5: 17-Apr-1936]
Student at the Winchester State School from 23 June 1936 to 24 July 1936 [25]
Student at the Carnamah State School from 1936 until at least 1942 [5: 9-Oct-1936] [97]
Came 2nd in the 7-9 years Boys Running Race the Reunion of South Australians in Carnamah on 26 September 1936 [5: 2-Oct-1936]
Won the 7 Years Boys Running Race at the Inter-School Sports at Centenary Park in Carnamah on Friday 2 October 1936 [5: 9-Oct-1936]
Travelled from Carnamah to South Australia by truck with his parents and other Carnamah residents in December 1936 [5: 18-Dec-1936]
     On their return himself and the rest of the group arrived back in Carnamah on the truck on Monday 15 February 1937 [5: 19-Feb-1937]
Attended and received a coronation medal at the Coronation Celebrations at Centenary Park in Carnamah on 12 May 1937 [5]
     During the children's sports came 2nd in both the 9 Years Boys Running Race and the 6 to 8 Years Boys Alarm Race [5]
     The festivities celebrated the coronation of King George VI of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth [5: 14-May-1937]
Junior Member of the Carnamah Cycle Club in 1937 [5: 23-Jul-1937]
Best dressed boy under twelve years at the Carnamah Children's Fancy Dress Ball in 1939 [0: image 03023]
Farmer in Winchester from 1950 until his death in 1981 [3] [19]
Farmer of Yarrawonga Farm in Winchester [P139]
     His farm was 2,795 acres in Winchester being Victoria Locations 8124 and 8300 situated on the south side of Bentley Road [3] [62]
     The farm was originally jointly in his name and his father's however was transferred solely into his name on 2 March 1950 [3]
Member of the Winchester Tennis Club from 1950-51 to 1957-58 [4: 9-Dec-1950, 21-Mar-1958]
Took up the 4,799 acre Victoria Location 10687 of virgin bush west of Coorow, for which he paid rates from 12 October 1965 [49]
Obtained the telephone connected in 1967 - was telephone number Carnamah-523[60]
His postal address was "Winchester" until 1968 but then changed to P.O. Box 8 at the Carnamah Post Office from 1969 [3]
Farmer of Wylam Farm in Winchester [3] [90]
     Purchased the 1,968 acre Wylam Farm in Winchester from the Estate of the Late John P. STRATTON on 8 June 1973 [3]
     The farm consisted of Lots M917, M920, M1058 and M1309 of Victoria Locations 1936, 1937 and 2023 [3]
     Along with his wife and children relocated to take up residence on Wylam Farm [3] [19] [90]
Served on the Carnamah Shire Council representing the Yarra Ward 1975-1981 [7: page 112]
During the 1976-77 financial year purchased another 1,738 acres of farmland in Winchester from E. Wesley LUTZE [3]
     The 1,738 acres consisted of Lots M1077 and M1215 of Victoria Location 1937 and was in his, his wife's and their son's names [3]
Passed away aged 52 at the Halls Creek District Hospital in Halls Creek [1] while on a holiday in northern Western Australia [P192]
Husband of Marjorie [14]
Father of Danny, Kathaleen, Christeen and Janeen [14]
Died 25 October 1981 in Halls Creek; buried Winchester Cemetery, Carnamah (Row S, Plot 17) [1]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Russell Joseph Bentley' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 23 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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