WA Livestock Brands 1912-1962

Surname Name Property Brand Year
O'Brien & Sweeny-Block 677/96, Peak HillT0B1912
O'ByrneH. J.Ridgeway 91, 437, 315, 1447, Quindalup, via Busselton0BE and 11C, 21E1962
O'ByrneT. L.Loc. 4207, Quindalup0BV and 102C, 36E1962
O'CainA. G.Loc. 957, WaroonaAG0 and 39D, 10E1962
O'CainM.Govt. Saleyards of the State, Alexander Road, FremantleO0C1924
O'CallaghanE.Marble Bar9CE1912
O'CallaghanE.Marble Bar9CE1924
O'CallaghanH. J. & P. E.Avondale, East PingellyTC4 and 5D, 12E1962
O'CallaghanJ. F. & E. M.Pt. 2 Loc. 2858, Loc. 2860 and 2484, Nelson, Harvey6OC and 102B, 27A1962
O'CallaghanJas. T.Avondale, NarroginTC41912
O'CallaghanJas. T.Avondale, NarroginTC41924
O'CarrollMichaelLocs. 5601-2, etc. Kwobrup, East Katanning4OK1924
O'ConnellD.Ferndale, LudlowV2O1924
O'ConnellDanielRiverview, DarkanDO71924
O'ConnellJ.Lot 206, JandakotO4K1924
O'ConnellJ. P. S.Weeloo, DuranillinJ0C and 19C, 26A1962
O'ConnellJ. T.Waitamata, Wandering1OC1912
O'ConnellJ. T.Waitamata, Wandering1OC1924
O'ConnellJohnDesmond, Arthur River0CB1924
O'ConnellJohn ShanleyWeeloo, DuranillinJ0G1926
O'Connell (Jnr.)DanielKapeca, Duranillin9YQ1926
O'Connell Brothers-Desinond, Arthur River0CB1912
O'ConnorA. M.CunderdinM8C1912
O'ConnorA. M.CunderdinM8C1924
O'ConnorE. F.Swan Loc. 1230 Lot 26, West BullsbrookT9C and 45C, 119E1962
O'ConnorE. J. T.York Gum Valley, KonnongorringE0O and 32C, 80E1962
O'ConnorF. P.Quilanning, NarroginT9C1912
O'ConnorF. P.Quilanning, NarroginT9C1924
O'ConnorFrances D.Clarevale, NarroginF0C1912
O'ConnorFrancis D.Clarevale, NarroginF0C1924
O'ConnorJ.Commonage, Goomalling6OC1912
O'ConnorJ.Commonage, Goomalling6OC1924
O'ConnorJ.7, Marybrook, via BusseltonM1L and 19A, 37C1962
O'ConnorJ.Canning Locs. Lots 200-1-2, WAttle GroveOC1 and 5A, 44C1962
O'ConnorJ. F.Commonage, MingenewYF41924
O'ConnorJ. J.Commonage, Yalgoo6GJ1926
O'ConnorJ. J.Ustowol, Dardenup0CJ and 67B, 26A1962
O'ConnorJas.Springs Dairy, MaylandsO4N1924
O'ConnorM.Paddy's Paddock, FitzroyM8O1924
O'ConnorMary AgnesCommonage, Mingenew6CJ1924
O'ConnorMathew20 Mile, WyndhamM0C1912
O'ConnorMatthew20 Mile, WyndhamM0C1924
O'ConnorMichaelLeases 191/98, 237/98, West Kimberley, Derby7MG1912
O'ConnorMichaelCommon, Meekatharra2PM1924
O'ConnorMichaelFitzroy Crossing, Fitzroy4AT1924
O'ConnorMichaelFitzroy Downs, FitzroyOV31924
O'ConnorR. E. Y.Annean Station, MeekatharraOC5 and 117E, 45B1962
O'ConnorR. J. & B. V.Lot 16, ArmadaleO8P and 18B, 16A1962
O'ConnorRobt.Bullingara Station, YowergabbieX3R1924