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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Charlie" Charles Godfrey TURNER

Born 18 August 1921 in East Perth, Western Australia [39: 25-Aug-1921]
Son of Charles William John TURNER and Clara Rose COX [14]
Resided with his parents on Karragee Farm in Carnamah 1921-1932 [P96]
Student at the Carnamah State School 1927-1932 [P96]
One of his school friends was Jim TAYLOR, the two of them having much in common both being the sons of farmers [P27]
He ahe Carnamah Children's Fancy Dress Ball at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 15 October 1927 dressed as "Folly" [9: 21-Oct-1927]
In 1931 and 1932 he and his younger brother Bert travelled to the Carnamah State School by horse and cart [P96]
Member of the Carnamah Boy Scouts in 1932 [4: 20-Aug-1932]
One day at school his friend Jim TAYLOR noticed he couldn't talk and said "What's the matter Charlie?" [P27]
He opened his mouth and his throat appeared to be red raw; Jim notified the teacher who removed him from school [P27]
He was admitted to the Carnamah Private Hospital at 14 Boojerabba Street, where he was cared for by Dr Cecil P. ROSENTHAL [P96]
Contracted pneumonia, which his mother claimed was after playing around in mud near the family home on Karragee Farm [P96]
At such time there was no medication to treat pneumonia except for steam [P96]
He passed away from heart failure at Dr Cecil P. ROSENTHAL's Private Hospital at 14 Boojerabba Street, Carnamah [1] [4: 20-Aug-1932]
Died 12 August 1932; buried at the Winchester Cemetery in Carnamah (Row B, Plot 4) [1]
Officiating minister at his funeral was Rev. A. W. CURTIS of Coorow, and the undertaker was Henry Parkin & Son of Carnamah [1]

From The West Australian newspaper, Thursday 25 August 1921:
"TURNER - On August 18, at Nurse Skene's Claisebrook-road, East Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Turner, of Carnamah - a son (Charles Godfrey)."

From The Carnamah-Three Springs Times & Arrino Advertiser newspaper, Friday 19 August 1932:
Death of Charles Turner
"Sincere sympathy is felt throughout the Carnamah district for Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Turner, of Carnamah, whose 11 year old son, Charles Godfrey Turner, died at Carnamah on August 12th, after a brief illness. The funeral took place on August 13th. Before the burial took place at Winchester, a short service was conducted at Carnamah by the Rev. A. W. Curtis, Anglican Rector of Coorow. Twenty three carloads of relatives and friends followed the deceased lad to his last resting place. Wreaths were received from the following: Loving Sisters Emily and May, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Watson and family, Ross and Max [Sheridan], Mr. and Mrs. A. Hollingsworth and family, Hospital Staff, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cowderoy, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Dunning and family, School Mate Billy Lynch, Mr. and Mrs. Z. Green, Mr. and Mrs. F. Badrick, Mr. and Mrs. Booth and family, Mr. and Mrs. Kroschel, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Hidden, Ruby Clark, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Reynolds and family, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rowland and family, Mrs. Sharp, Agnes and Charles [Sharp], Mr. and Mrs. T. Berrigan and family, The Scouts and Cubs of Carnamah and Inering, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Tucker and Mr. and Mrs. Somers, Teachers and Children of Carnamah School, Isabel and Alan Forrester, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clark and family, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Zuegg, Mr. and Mrs. George Ferguson and family and Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Ferguson and child, Mr. and Mrs. H. Parkin and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bierman, Mr. R. Wylie and family, The Lang Family, Mrs. Brewer and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. Armstrong and family, Mervyn Bowra, Mr. and Mrs. E. Wells, Mr. and Mrs. C. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Rooke and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hellewell and family, Mr. and Mrs. T. Paterson."

From The Carnamah-Three Springs Times & Arrino Advertiser newspaper, Friday 19 August 1932:
Bereavement Notice
"Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Turner and family of Carnamah, desires to thank all kind friends and relatives for telegrams, cards, letters, floral tributes and person expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Especially do they wish to thank Doctor and Mrs. Rosenthal and Sister of the Carnamah Hospital. As tributes are too numerous to answer personally, will kind friends accept this as the only intimation of sincere thanks."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 20 August 1932:
Boy Scout's Funeral - Service at Carnamah - Many Expressions of Sympathy
"The sympathy felt for the parents of Charlie Turner, who died at the Carnamah Hospital on Friday of last week, of pneumonia, at the age of eleven years, was abundantly shown by the attendance at the funeral, which took place in the Anglican portion of the Winchester Cemetery the following day. Prior to leaving for the cemetery, a service was held at the Carnamah Church Hall, the Rev. A. W. Curtis officiating. The hymns "Safe in the arms of Jesus," and "Abide with Me" were sung, Mr. G. K. Ryder presiding at the organ. The coffin stood in a semi-circle of floral tributes, and was flanked on its right side by a troop of Scouts and schoolfellows of the deceased, under Scoutmaster Rev. J. Barnes and Mr. G. Smith. At the conclusion of the service the long cortege slowly wended its way to the cemetery where the final portion of the burial service was read.  The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Turner, father and mother; two brothers and a sister of the deceased. The pall-bearers were Messrs A. J. Hollingsworth, J. S. Rooke, C. Robertson, J. H. Rowland. Others present at the graveside included Messrs G. K. Ryder, N. M. Graham, A. C. Bierman, W. H. G. Howard, J. Bowman. W. White, J. W. Dixon, M. McSwain, I. Johnson, Rev. J. Barnes, and Mrs. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. S. Broad, G. Smith, W. Newman, M. Clune, W. Sheridan, A. J. Hollingsworth, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hollingsworth, Messrs J. K. Forrester, P. Teede, A. D. Walker, W. C. Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lang, sen., Mr. J. Lang, jun., Messrs R. Forrester, A. V. Clarke, Mrs. J. S. Rooke, Mr. P. Rooke, Mr. and Mrs. Kroschel, Dr. C. P. Rosenthal, Messrs N. W. Reynolds, G. F. Brown, Mrs. Hidden, Messrs R. Rowland, H. Dunning, A. P. Tucker, F. Badrick, Mrs. Sheridan, Mrs. Wells, Messrs D. S. O'Grady, A. Watson, Miss Watson, Messrs H. Zuegg, J. Burns, E. Andrews, E. K. Wells, R. W. Clark, A. J. Rowland, T. J. Berrigan, Mrs. J. H. Rowland, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Rowland, Messrs S. G. Bentley, J. E. Iles, sen., J. E. Iles, jun., Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Green, Messrs B. M. Clark, L. Rowland, W. Clark, J. Tully, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Parkin, Messrs S. Blay, F. Booth."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Charles Godfrey Turner' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 1 July 2022 from [reference list]

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