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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Dan" Daniel Philip FARLEY

Born 24 September 1889 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England [30: item 3548005]
Son of Philip FARLEY and Eva Harriett BROWN [30: item 3548005]
Initially resided with his parents at 13 Lowther Street in Liverpool, Lancashire, England [169]
He was baptised on 20 October 1889 at Saint Saviour's Church in Liverpool [169]
Presumably he grew up in India, where his father was a Master Mariner and where his elder sister and younger siblings were born [272]
In young adulthood he became a Marine Engineer after undertaking a five year apprenticeship with Deny & Company in Scotland [30]
Farmer with his father of Dartmouth Farm in Coorow, Western Australia 1912-1917 [19] [215]
     Member of the Coorow branch of the Farmers & Settlers' Association - was Secretary in 1912 [215]
Resided in Coorow until enlisting in the Australia Imperial Force in Perth on 1 January 1918 [30: item 3548005]
     At enlistment he was 5 feet 8½ inches tall, weighed 144 pounds with brown eyes, light brown hair and a medium complexion [30]
     On 2 January 1918 at Laverton he was appointed to the Australian Imperial Force's Australian Flying Corps [30]
     Embarked from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia for active service abroad on the R.M.S. Osterley 8 May 1918 [18]
     2nd Class Air Mechanic 3231 in the Australian Imperial Force's Australian Flying Corps during the First World War [30]
     Granted leave with pay to attend McGibbons School of Marine Engineering in Scotland from 21 February 1919 to 17 July 1919 [30]
     He was an excellent student, and successfully passed the 2nd Class Board of Trade's Examination of Marine Engineering [30]
     Embarked from England on the steamship Aeneas and disembarked in Fremantle, Western Australia on 1 January 1920 [30]
     Discharged from the Australian Imperial Force on 25 January 1920; received the British War Medal and the Victory Medal [30]
Married Mrs Daisy Laura SINFIELD in Perth in 1920 [66]
Farmer of Dartmouth Farm in Coorow 1920-1928 [6] [19]
     Returned to Coorow in August 1920 [215]
     By 1920 was farming in Coorow in partnership with his father and brother James as "Philip Farley & Sons" [44]
     Repayments to the Midland Railway Company for his father's initial 630 acres in Lots M947 and M961 were completed in 1920 [34]
          On completion of the repayments the land became freehold and was transferred into his name on 24 April 1920 [34]
     Wrote to the Education Department on 12 March 1921 requesting a teacher to consistently run the Coorow State School [215]
          Despite expenses his stepdaughter Pearl hadn't received five weeks running of education since she had been in Coorow [215]
     Signatory to a letter sent to the Director of Education by Mrs Annie M. BATTERSBY of Coorow on 14 March 1921 [215]
          The letter complained about the sporadic nature, including too many closed days, in which the Coorow State School was run [215]
     His wife purchased the 701 acre Lot M1121 of Victoria Location 2023 in Coorow from Alexander GRANT on 12 June 1925 [27]
          Lot M1121 still had instalments owing to the Midland Railway Company, which they completed paying [27]
     4DY was his registered horse and cattle firebrand in 1924 [80: 28-Oct-1925]
     He and his wife may have also farmed another property in Coorow, as his address at one point was Glenhurst Farm [80: 28-Oct-1925]
In late 1927 sold his and his wife's 1,331 acres of farmland to Mrs Daisy H. WIGGIN and T. Reginald SIZER [39: 8-Nov-1927, 31-Jan-1928]
Elder Smith & Co Ltd conducted a clearing sale for him on his farm 1½ miles from Coorow on Friday 20 January 1928 [39: 6-Jan-1928]
     Plant and machinery sold included an almost band new 2-ton Holt tractor that had only been used for 600 acres of fallowing, [39]
     12-disc Shearer plough, 10-foot Sunshine harvester, 21-disc Mitchell drill, 30-tyne MacKay spring type cultivator, [39]
     6-foot Sunshine binder, 6-foot Sunshine harvester, 13-disc Farmer's Favourite drill, chaff cutter and engine, [39]
     5-furrow mouldboard plough, 8-disc Shearer plough, Robinson grader, wheat grinder, sulky and harness, dray and harness, [39]
     spring cart and harness, separator, two cream cans, two coils of barb wire, 8-foot by 10-foot tent, quantity of oil drums, [39]
     bellows and anvil, quantity of tools, Lowdour pump, quantity of jam strainer posts, piping, plough chains, three Cyclone beds, [39]
     cooler, sewing machine, dozen plough shears and a host of sundries; plus nine medium draught horses and two milking cows [39]
Resided at 35 Martin Avenue in the Perth suburb of Nedlands 1929-1946 [6]
Presumably the sale of his wife's 1,331 acres in Coorow defaulted, as by June 1932 he was again paying its rates [3]
     The 1,331 acres in Coorow consisted of Lots M947 and M961 and M1121 of Victoria Location 2023 [3]
     Leased his 1,331 acre farm in Coorow to neighbouring farmer Charles C. BOTHE of Glenfield Farm [P147]
     He wrote to the Carnamah District Road Board in August 1935 requesting they reduce the money he owed them [5: 23-Aug-1935]
     The Carnamah District Road Board resolved that they "could not sanction" such a reduction [5: 23-Aug-1935]
     Hume pipes were installed over the crossing to his property in Coorow by the Main Road Board in October 1936 [5: 6-Nov-1936]
     By the end of the 1938-39 financial year he had sold his 1,331 acre farm in Coorow to Charles C. BOTHE [3]
Resided at 35 Martin Avenue in the Perth suburb of Nedlands until his death in 1946 [2]
Died 17 December 1946; ashes interred at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth (Crematorium Rose Gardens, Niche Wall, W1, 105) [2]
He was registered at birth with the name of Philip Daniel FARLEY [21]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Daniel Philip Farley' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 18 August 2022 from [reference list]

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