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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs



Born 1903 in Flemington, Victoria, Australia [54]
Daughter of William Henry PRITCHARD and Edith Jane WESTGARTH [54]
Married "Jim" James Leslie ADAMS in September 1928 in Victoria, Australia [P212]
Resided with her husband on Lot M1220 of his farm at Winchester in Carnamah, Western Australia in 1928 and 1929 [P212]
In 1930 they shifted to Ivan JOHNSON's Avalon Farm in Winchester, which her husband had leased, and resided there until 1947 [P212]
Member of the Carnamah Presbyterian Ladies Guild in 1929 [105]
She and her husband attended the Euchre Party held at Billeroo, East Winchester on Saturday 2 July 1932 [5: 15-Jul-1932]
Attended the Carnamah Grand Ball at the Carnamah Town Hall on Thursday 28 July 1932 in a gown of mauve satin [5: 5-Aug-1932]
Attended the Show Ball following the Carnamah Agricultural Show on the evening of Thursday 15 September 1932 [5: 23-Sep-1932]
Attended the Carnamah Football Club's Monster Ball on 2 September 1933 in green flora silk voile with white georgette [5: 8-Sep-1933]
Member of the Winchester Tennis Club from 1933-34 to 1940-41 [5: 17-Mar-1933, 19-Apr-1935] [4: 29-Mar-1941]
     Committee Member of the Winchester Tennis Club in 1937-38 [5: 20-Aug-1937]
Attended the Dance conducted by the Carnamah Toc H at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 24 February 1934 [5: 2-Mar-1934]
On the evening of Thursday 15 March 1934 attended the Carnamah Race Club's Annual Dance at the Carnamah Hall [5: 16-Mar-1934]
Attended the Carnamah Golf Club's Opening Season Dance at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 21 April 1934 [5: 27-Apr-1934]
Attended the Party at the home of William & Susan PETHICK on Petan Farm in Winchester on Saturday 14 July 1934 [5: 20-Jul-1934]
Travelled from Winchester to Perth for a week's holiday as a passenger in William J. PETHICK's car on 29 July 1934 [5: 3-Aug-1934]
Sent a wreath for the grave of Christina B. D. FORRESTER of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 31 August 1934 [4: 8-Sep-1934]
Along with her husband departed Winchester on Wednesday 13 February 1935 for a holiday in Dongara and Geraldton [5: 15-Feb-1935]
Won 2nd prize for White Hens at the 1935 Carnamah Show, and wore marina blue uncrushable satin to the Show Ball [5: 20-Sep-1935]
She and her sons travelled by train to Perth on 17 February 1936, and the next day caught the train to Victoria [5: 21-Feb-1936]
     After 14 weeks holiday with relatives in Victoria they arrived back in Winchester on Saturday 23 May 1936 [5: 29-May-1936]
Attended the Farewell Social for George & Ester MULLIGAN at Marathon Farm in Winchester on Thursday 25 June 1936 [5: 3-Jul-1936]
Attended the Carnamah Anglican Church's Mid-Winter Ball at the Carnamah Hall on 11 July 1936 dressed in electric satin [5: 17-Jul-1936]
Attended the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show Ball in Coorow on 3 September 1936 in midnight blue crinkled crepe [5: 11-Sep-1936]
Attended the Ball after the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 10 September 1936 dressed in midnight blue windswept crepe [5: 18-Sep-1936]
During January 1937 she, her husband and their two sons holidayed in Perth [5: 29-Jan-1937]
Along with her husband won the Handicap Mixed Doubles of the Winchester Tennis Club's Annual Tournament in 1937 [5: 7-May-1937]
After spending a few days in Perth she returned to Winchester on Saturday 8 May 1937 [5: 14-May-1937]
Attended the Coronation Ball at the Carnamah Hall on 12 May 1937 in "oxidised silver satin with Peter Pan collar" [5: 14-May-1937]
     The ball and its festivities celebrated the coronation of King George VI of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth [5]
Ladies Committee Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society in 1937 [5: 7-May-1937]
She and Mrs Vera G. McCOOKE organised a ladies' afternoon for Alice M. PETHICK which was held on 29 June 1937 [5: 2-Jul-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Repertory Club in 1939 [489]
Foundation Committee Member of Carnamah's branch of the Red Cross Society in 1939 [0: image 03834]
Entrant in the Carnamah District War and Patriotic Fund's Queen Competition in 1940 [0: image 03904]
     She entered the competition as the representative, or Queen, of Winchester-Billeroo [39: 8-Oct-1940]
     Her escort at the concluding function of the competition was her husband James L. ADAMS [0: image 03912]
     Through her candidature in the competition raised £103/14/2 for the war effort [0: image 03904]
In February 1941, along with her husband and children spent a fortnights holiday at Seattle Lodge in Cottesloe [4: 1-Mar-1941]
Steward of the Cookery section at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Shows in 1940 and 1941 [13]
Member of the Carnamah Ladies' Miniature Rifle Club in 1941 and 1942 [0: images 03995 & 04116]
Member of Winchester's branch of the Red Cross in 1942 [0: image 02972]
She and her husband had former Winchester resident Mrs WOODHOUSE as a guest at their home in August 1945 [5: 17-Aug-1945]
Steward of the Cookery section at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Victory Show on 13 September 1945 [13]
     She also exhibited in the show, winning 2nd prize for a Dozen Brown Hen Eggs in the Farm Produce section [5: 21-Sep-1945]
     In the Knitting section she won 1st prize for Baby's Matinee Jacket and 2nd for Baby's Bonnet [5: 21-Sep-1945]
She and her husband attended their son Bobby's Speech Day at Scotch College in Perth on 13 December 1945 [5: 21-Dec-1945]
Member of Winchester Tennis Club in 1945-46 [5: 4-Jan-1946, 18-Apr-1946]
During mid January 1946 she was an inmate of the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs [5: 18-Jan-1946]
She was one of three costume judges at the Fancy Dress Ball held in Carnamah by the C.W.A. on 9 March 1946 [5:15-Mar-1946]
Competed in the Easter Tennis Tournament held in Carnamah across the Easter weekend in 1946 [5: 3-May-1946]
     She and Mrs Winnie ROBERTSON of Carnamah were runners-up in the Ladies' Doubles Handicap [5: 3-May-1946]
Exhibited in the Farm Produce, Knitting and Fancy Work sections of the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1946 [5: 20-Sep-1946]
     She won 1st prizes for Butter, Dozen White Hen Eggs, Knitted Baby's 3-Piece Set and for Three Crochet Doyleys [5]
Judged the Wool Work and Junior Classes at the 9th Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show in Coorow on 5 September 1946 [5]
     Also exhibited in the Farm Produce section, receiving 2nd prizes for Butter and White Hen Eggs [5: 11-Oct-1946]
She made a cash donation to the Winchester Sunday School  in 1946 [5: 22-Nov-1946]
Member of the Carnamah branch of the Country Women's Association (C.W.A.) in 1946 [5: 29-Nov-1946]
     She proposed toast to "The Visitors" the branch's 15th Birthday, which was celebrated on 21 November 1946 [5]
In 1947 she, along with her husband and sons, left Avalon Farm in Winchester and shifted to a farm in Waddy Forest [P212]
Committee Member of the Coorow-Waddy Forest District Agricultural Society 1947-1951 [4: 7-Apr-1951] [150]
     Won the 100 Yards Stepping Race at the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Society's Sports Day on 22 March 1947 [5: 28-Mar-1947]
     Steward of the Flower section at the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society's Tenth Annual Show in 1947 [150]
Member of the Waddy Forest Tennis Club in 1948-49, 1949-50 and 1950-51 [4: 9-Dec-1950, 7-Apr-1951] [5: 18-Nov-1948, 21-Nov-1949]
     Won with Mrs Norma C. JONES the club's Ladies Handicap Doubles in 1949 [5: 21-Apr-1949]
Awarded prizes across four sections of the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show held on 4 September 1947 [5: 12-Sep-1947]
     In the Wool Work section she won 1st prize for Lady's Bed Jacket and 2nd for Pair of Men's Socks [5]
     Received 1st prize for Hen Eggs (other than white) and 2nd for White Hen Eggs in the Farm Produce section [5]
     Won 2nd prize for Turnips in the Vegetable section and another 2nd for Crochet Doyleys in the Needlework section [5]
Exhibited in the Knitting and Flower sections of the Carnamah Agricultural Show held on 11 September 1947 [5: 19-Sep-1947]
     Won two 1st prizes for Knitted Socks and Knitted Bed Jacket and in the Flower section received 2nd prize for Stocks [5]
Her White Hen Eggs received 2nd prize in the Farm Produce section at the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1948 [5: 16-Sep-1948]
Won 1st for Man’s Sleeveless Pullover in the Wool Work section of the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show in 1948 [5: 23-Sep-1948]
Member of the Coorow-Waddy Forest branch of the Country Women's Association (C.W.A.) in 1948 [5: 28-Oct-1948]
     She was Secretary in 1949, Secretary and Treasurer 1950-1951, Secretary in 1952 and President 1953-1955 [173]
     An executive from Associated Countrywomen of the World stayed with her during October 1948 [5: 28-Oct-1948]
Member of the Coorow Golf Club in 1952 [0: image 04668]
Judged the Flower section at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Show in 1956 [4: 14-Sep-1956]
Later resided in the Perth suburb of Doubleview [2]
Mother of Bob and Ron [P212]
Died 9 May 1982; ashes interred at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth (Lawn 5C in Sir T. Meagher Gardens, AJ, 2) [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Edith Bronwyn Pritchard / Adams' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 24 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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