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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Ted" Edward James DUFFY

Born 1874 in Pleasant Creek, Victoria, Australia [54]
Son of Michael DUFFY and Mary KENNY [39: 30-Jul-1908] [54]
By 1906 he had shifted to Western Australia and was living in Meckering [50: 5-Feb-1906]
Married Elessia REAU on 24 June 1908 at Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Highgate Hill, Perth [39: 30-Jul-1908]
Licensee of Wallace's Hotel in Walkaway 1908-1912 [9: 11-Dec-1908] [86: 7-Dec-1909, 8-Mar-1910, 9-Mar-1912]
     In addition to holding the Wayside License for Wallace's Hotel he also held a Billiard Table License [9: 11-Dec-1908]
     Inaugural Treasurer of the Walkaway Wanderers Football Club in 1910 and 1911 [31: 4-May-1910, 24-May-1911]
     He purchased Lot 81 of the Mullewa townsite for £14 on 2 December 1910, probably as a speculative investment [86: 3-Dec-1910]
     By 1912 he was also the licensee of the Railway Refreshment Rooms at the Railway Station in Walkaway [86: 9-Mar-1912]
     He sold his business and three licenses in Walkaway to William F. GLOVER of Geraldton on 1 March 1912 [86: 9-Mar-1912]
     Along with his wife and son, he left Walkaway during mid March 1912 with plans to take over a hotel at Pinjarra [31: 27-Mar-1912]
Licensee of the Westbrook Hotel at Kulyaling near Pingelly in 1912 and 1913 [391: 12-Jul-1913] [392: 1-Apr-1912]
     He took over the license and hotel at Kulyaling from Albert F. HERBERLE on 1 April 1912 [392: 1-Apr-1912]
     He transferred the license to Anderson E. COULTER on 7 July 1913 and shifted to 137 Glendower Street in Perth [391: 12-Jul-1913]
     It appears that COULTER may have gone broke leaving him unpaid for the hotel license [392: 30-Jun-1912]
     On 27 September 1913 the license for the Westbrook Hotel in Kulyaling was transferred back into his name [392: 29-Sep-1913]
     He briefly ran the hotel again himself before it was taken over by Gordon OLIVER [392: 21-Oct-1910, 10-Nov-1913, 23-Dec-1910]
     Transferred the license to the Westbrook Hotel to Henry B. DANCOCKS in April 1914 [391: 18-Apr-1914, 2-May-1914]
Along with his wife and son Edward he settled in Three Springs in 1914 [5: 7-Jun-1935]
     Hairdresser and Greengrocer in Three Springs [6] [44]
     Their business and home were both located at Lot 56 Railway Road in Three Springs, which belonged to his wife [44]
     Resided in Three Springs from 1914 until his death in 1935 [5: 7-Jun-1935] [24]
     It was reported in 1916 that he cared not when it rained as his crops (hair) grew without it! [9: 7-Jul-1916]
Over November 1915 he fenced in a quarter-acre block he owned in Three Springs [10: 19-Nov-1915]
Member of the Three Springs Cricket Club in 1915-16 [10: 19-Nov-1915]
Donated 5/- to the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee in 1919 [124]
The committee of the Three Springs Quadrille Club held a meeting at his store on 3 August 1915 [9: 6-Aug-1915]
He and his wife attended May BERRIGAN's 21st Birthday at the Three Springs Hall on 12 September 1919 [9: 19-Sep-1919]
Member of the Three Springs Progress Association [4: 1-Jun-1935]
On 25 May 1920 purchased from the Midland Railway Company the vacant quarter-acre block at 2 Yarra Street in Carnamah for £20 [27]
     On the same day his wife purchased the adjacent quarter-ace block at 3 Yarra Street in Carnamah [27]
     They successfully paid all installments on the two blocks, and sold both to other people during the early 1920s [27] [44]
Donated oranges for half time of the football match between Three Springs and Mingenew on 13 August 1920 [10: 20-Aug-1920]
Won the Stepping 100 Yards competition at the Three Springs Day held on Thursday 23 September 1920 [10: 15-Oct-1920]
Attended the wedding of Robert A. CALDOW and May I. BYRNE at the Hall in Three Springs on 5 October 1921 [9: 21-Oct-1921]
By 1923 he was the owner of a Ford car, which was licensed with the Mingenew Road Board and contained number plate MI-26 [325]
     His car was later registered with the Carnamah District Road Board and then contained number plate CA-26 [325]
Gave a subscription of £5 towards the proposed construction of a road between Watheroo and Winchester in 1923 [9: 16-Mar-1923]
By 1927 he had the telephone connected to his home and/or store - was telephone number Three Springs-13 [60]
Member of the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee in 1928, and donated £1/1/- to Committee in 1928 [124] [124]
He applied to have a billiard license in Three Springs when the Licensing Board met at Coorow on 3 May 1929 [9: 31-May-1929]
     His application was unsuccessful as the police opposed there being an additional billiard table in Three Springs [9: 31-May-1929]
Provided goods at cost price for the Centenary Celebrations held in Three Springs on Friday 13 September 1929 [4: 21-Sep-1929]
Member of the Three Springs Football Club - was Secretary in 1933 [120: 5-Oct-1933]
Exhibited a display of fretwork at the Sixth Annual Three Springs Agricultural Show on Thursday 21 September 1933 [5: 29-Sep-1933]
Represented the Three Springs Football Club at meetings of the North Midlands Football Association in 1933 [5: 7-Jul-1933]
Took a number of photos of the Three Springs town when in flooded during the winter of 1933 [5: 21-Jul-1933, 27-Oct-1933]
     A photo of floodwaters opposite Jordan's store was blown up and hung in the Three Springs Road Board's boardroom [5]
Represented the Three Springs Cricket Club at meetings of the North Midlands Cricket Association in 1935-36 [5: 11-Oct-1935]
Father of Edward [5: 7-Jun-1935]
Died 30 May 1935 in Three Springs; buried at the Three Springs General Cemetery (Roman Catholic, Row 1, Plot 17) [24]

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 1 June 1935:
Late Mr. E. J. Duffy - Death at Three Springs - A Valuable Citizen
"After a long illness Mr. Edward James Duffy passed peacefully away at his home in Railway Parade, Three Springs, on Thursday morning at the age of 61 years. The deceased, who with his wife and son (Edward) came to Three Springs and commenced business in 1914, has been closely associated with the many activities in connection with the district's progress. He took a keen and prominent part in sporting and social life. For his work for the old Progress Association and his aims and achievements, and also his work for the Three Springs Football Club Mr. Duffy will ever be remembered as a valuable citizen. The deceased was born in Stawell, Victoria, but lived in Western Australia the greater portion of his life. A severe attack of pleurisy necessitated Mr. Duffy's removal to hospital several weeks ago and although he showed some improvement  when discharged little hope was held for his recovery owing to severe pulmonary troubles, this being the third time Mr. Duffy had been seized with an attack of pleurisy. His sister, Miss E. Duffy, of Stawell, who was in Kalgoorlie at the time, was sent for. Throughout Wednesday night Mr. Duffy gradually became weaker and passed peacefully away in the presence of his wife, son and sister at about 9 o'clock on Thursday morning. Requiem Mass will be held at the Roman Catholic Church at 9 a.m. this Saturday morning, and the funeral is expected to leave the church this morning at 10 o'clock for the Roman Catholic portion of the cemetery where the Rev. Father M. Lynch will perform the last rites."

From The North Midland Times newspaper, Friday 7 June 1935:
Obituary - Death of Three Springs Resident
"The death occurred at Three Springs on Thursday morning, May 30, when Mr James Duffy, an old and respected resident passed away at his residence in Railway Parade. Deceased, with her wife and son (Edward) arrived in Three Springs in 1914, and commenced business there, since then he has been actively associated with all sporting and social life and has taken a keen interest in the progress of the district. The deceased was born in Stawell, Victoria, but lived in Western Australia the greater portion of his life. Mr Duffy suffered an attack of pleurisy recently from which he never fully recovered. He leaves a widow and son (Edward). The remains were interred in the Catholic portion of the Three Springs Cemetery on Saturday last, Rev. Father M. Lynch officiating at the graveside."

From The Irwin Index newspaper, Saturday 8 June 1935:
Obituary - The Late Mr. E. J. Duffy - Funeral at Three Springs
"Nearly 30 motor cars followed the late Mr. Duffy's remains to the cemetery, the chief mourners being Mrs. Duffy (widow), Miss Duffy (sister) and Mr. Edward Duffy (son). The pall bearers were Messrs. E. Hunt, C. F. Coffey, G. H. Bickford, E. Burge, A. S. Mortimer, E. Humphrey, W. A. Rogers, R. Black, H. Thomas and G. Campbell."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Edward James Duffy' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 June 2024 from [reference list]

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