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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs



"Sam" Samuel John Morris GREEN and Jasper William GREEN [44]
The Land Board gave approval for them to take up Victoria Locations 6430 and 6431 in Carnamah on 26 November 1911 [39: 27-Nov-1911]
Farmers and Graziers in Carnamah [P297]
During their long partnership Sam resided on and worked their land in Carnamah, while Jasper lived and worked in Perth [P297]
According to electoral rolls Sam appears to have farmed their land in Carnamah under the name of Fernlea Farm [19]
Initially they owned two farms - one just north and another just south of where the Carnamah townsite was later gazetted [P297]
     Their farm just north of Carnamah was 231 acres in size and consisted of Victoria Locations 6430 and 6431 [44]
     Their other farm, south of Carnamah, was 964 acres in size and consisted of Victoria Locations 3353, 3430, 3431 and 3436 [44]
     They appear to have acquired the 964 acres from Henry BROOKING and William J. DOGGETT in the 1914-15 financial year [44]
     In addition to the two farms they also leased and farmed a 3,180 acre farm in Carnamah belonging to Charles J. A. HORROCKS [61]
     Sam resided in a small house on the 231 acres, however later shifted to the house on Charles J. A. HORROCKS' farm [P297]
They also undertook large amounts of contract work in Carnamah for the Midland Railway Company [34] [P297]
     In 1914 ploughed and seeded 118 acres of crop on Lot M945 in Carnamah for the Company for 16/- per acre; [34]
     ploughed and seeded 112 acres of Lot M944 in Carnamah for 16/- per acre; and seeded 17 acres on Lot M939 for 6/- per acre [34]
     Seeded 50 acres of M940 and 16 acres on M941 in Carnamah, both at 6/- per acre [34]
     In 1914 contract carted building materials and moved and cleaned a tractor for the Company for £49/6/6 [34]
     In May 1915 undertook 1,494 acres of contract seeding on the Midland Railway Company's farms in Carnamah [34]
     The 1,494 acres of seeding was variously on Lots M932-937, M942, M943, M946, M950, M951 and M954 [34]
     During part of 1915 they leased the Midland Railway Company's Steam Traction Engine tractor for £5 per week [34]
     The tractor was a Garrett 8-horsepower Compound General Purpose Traction Engine made by Richard Garrett & Sons [39: 10-Aug-1918]
     In May 1915 used the Midland Railway Company's steam tractor to pull a disc, two spring tooth cultivators and three drills [34]
     The combination of two spring tooth cultivators and three drills enabled them to cover 27 foot of ground per round [34]
     Cut and bagged seven tons of chaff on Lot M944 in Carnamah, for which they were paid £3/10/- [34]
     In May 1916 cut canary grass hay for the Company on Lot M944 in Carnamah [34]
Agisted some of their horses on land in Carnamah belonging to the Midland Railway Company at a fee of £6/6/- in 1916 [34]
In 1917 grew 400 acres of wheat crop on their farmland in Carnamah [10: 19-Jun-1917]
In January and March 1917 agisted sheep on the Midland Railway Company's M943 and M946 in Carnamah for 10/- per week [34]
They sold 140 wethers through Elder Shenton & Co in August 1917 for prices ranging from 25/4 to 23/4 per head [10: 28-Aug-1917]
In 1917 they considerably reduced their farming operations in Carnamah and made arrangements to hold a Surplus Sale [10]
     Their Surplus Sale was held on their property in Carnamah at 12 noon on Tuesday 4 September 1917 [10: 10, 17 & 24-Aug-1917]
     Livestock sold at the sale included 750 merino ewes in the wool, 500 merino eyes with lambs and 300 merino wethers [10]
     Machinery at the sale included a Massey Harris reaper-thresher, 13-disc Purser drill, 30-tyne Spring Tooth cultivator, [10]
     12-disc cultivator, Massey Harris mowing machine, Albion chaffcutter, and a 5-furrow light Mallee Mackay disc plough [10]
Purchased some of their general supplies from general store "The Supply Stores" in Yarra Street, Carnamah in 1917 and 1918 [92]
During the 1918-19 financial year extended their farm just south of Carnamah by 500 acres to a total of 1,464 acres [44]
     The 500 acres was Victoria Location 3328 and was purchased from William F. H. JAQUES of Mingenew [44]
Agisted two of their horses on the Midland Railway Company's Lot M944 at a charge of 12/- in 1918 or early 1919 [34]
From 1918 to 1922 they had in addition to their own land a 1,200 acre grazing lease in Carnamah in Grazing Lease 2617/93 [44]
Wrote to the Upper Irwin Road Board in February 1919 applying for a new road to be formed near Carnamah [9: 21-Feb-1919]
     The road was to go through the property of Donald MACPHERSON however it didn't go ahead as Donald objected [9: 28-Mar-1919]
In the 1921-22 financial year they purchased Charles J. A. HORROCKS' 3,180 farm in Carnamah which they'd been leasing [P297]
     The 3,180 acres consisted of Victoria Locations 2958, 2959, 3314, 3315, 3316 and 3516 three miles north of Carnamah [44] [P297]
During the 1923-24 financial year sold their 1,464 acre farm just south of Carnamah to Cecil F. TAYLOR [44]
     The 1,464 acres they sold consisted of Victoria Location 3328, 3353, 3430, 3431 and 3436 [44]
Proprietors of the "Carnamah Butchering Co" at 16 Railway Avenue in Carnamah in 1924 and 1925 [60]
     Their butcher's shop was the first in the Carnamah district[P297], and was telephone number Carnamah-2 in 1924 and 1925 [60]
     At 16 Railway Avenue was a wooden butcher's shop and a white stone house which was the butcher's residence [P297]
     Their butcher's shop was described as having three walls and the fourth wall just fly-wire [P67]
     In 1929 they rented their former butcher's shop to Stanley F. G. SWAN, who lived in it with his wife and their two children [P67]
During the 1920s himself and his brother extended their farm holdings in Carnamah to a total of 4,650 adjoining acres [3]
     They acquired a further 1,240 acres in addition to their original 231 acres and the 3,179 acres purchased from HORROCKS [3]
     The 1,240 acres consisted of Victoria Locations 3053, 7422 and 7423 [3]
     They appear to have purchased Victoria Location 3053 from Albert R. STRUTTON of Three Springs [44] [62]
They purchased a Ford car from Grave & Dwyer Motor Company Ltd in Perth in December 1923 [81: 20-Jan-1924]
In the 1920s they had an account with Carnamah blacksmith, wheelwright and motor mechanics Henry Parkin & Son [53]
On 12 February 1927 they purchased Alexander MORGAN's 820 acre farm in Billeroo, East Winchester [27]
     MORGAN had purchased the property as virgin bush from the Midland Railway Company in 1921 for 14/6 an acre [27]
     They held onto the 820 acres, which was Lot M1220 of Victoria Location 1937, for only 18 months [4: 10-Nov-1928] [27]
     The land still had instalments owing to the Midland Railway Company, however they paid them all off within the 18 months [27]
     In October 1928 they sold the 820 acres for £4 per acre to James L. ADAMS of Katunga, Victoria, Australia [4: 10-Nov-1928]
     Years later the 820 acres was owned by Miss Elizabeth S. LAWSON, who in 1953 become Jasper's daughter-in-law [3]
They competed in the nationwide Bateman Centenary Wheat Growers' Competition in 1929 [4: 17-May-1930]
In November 1929 they leased their holding in Carnamah of 4,650 acres to F. W. ROBERTS of Waddy Forest [4: 23-Nov-1929, 7-Dec-1929]
     Their 4,650 acres in Carnamah were Victoria Locations 2958, 2959, 3053, 3314, 3315, 3316, 3516, 6430, 6431, 7422 and 7423 [3]
     Later in 1929 they dissolved partnership, and Jasper became the sole owner of their 4,650 acres of farmland in Carnamah [P297]
     Jasper also became the sole owner of their former butcher's shop and house at 16 Railway Avenue in the Carnamah townsite [3]
At 12 noon on Friday 13 December 1929 they held a clearing sale on their property in Carnamah [4: 7-Dec-1929]
     At the sale sold 1,500 sheep, 16 horses, two dairy cows, farm plant, machinery, sundries, and household furniture and effects [4]
     Their 1,500 sheep consisted of 200 1½ and 2½ year old Crosbred ewes, 200 1½ and 2½ year old Merino ewes, [4]
     500 mixed aged Merino ewes, 300 Crosbred weaners, four Romney Marsh rams, two Shropshire rams, and a Dorset Horn ram [4]
     Farm plant and machinery included a Cletrac K model tractor; portable 7-horsepower Sunshine engine; 24-tyne cultivator; [4]
     portable State Imperial chaffcutter and single bagger with screw-press; 3-horsepower Sunshine engine; 8-foot harvester; [4]
     two of Smith's patent dam scoop and ploughs; 33-tyne Massey Harris drill combine; 8-foot stripper, 6-foot stripper; spring cart; [4]
     10-disc Sundercut; 4-foot McKay disc plough; 22-disc cultivator; 17-disc Purser drill; 6-foot Massey Harris binder; bag loader, [4]
     6-ton wagon; blacksmith forge, bellows and tools; two 200-gallon square tanks; harness, collars, chains and swings for 16 horses [4]
Following the dissolution of their partnership Sam left Carnamah and shifted to land in Wannamal [P297]
Jasper continued to reside in Perth however oversaw the farm in Carnamah, which during his time was named Bushy Park Farm [P297]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Green Bros' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 22 July 2024 from [reference list]

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