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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Heinie" Heinrich Wilhelm BOTHE

Born 13 April 1862 in Hope Valley, South Australia [55]
Son of Heinrich Wilhelm BOTHE and Lucia BUSSENSCHUTT [55]
Grew up in South Australia with both of his parents originally coming from what is now Germany [P15]
     His father was the proprietor of the Bremen Hotel in Hope Valley, South Australia 1864-1876 [418: 15-Mar-1864,18-Mar-1876]
     At the end of 1877 his father took over the Walker's Arms Hotel in Walkerville, South Australia [418: 14-Dec-1877]
     When his father died in 1884 he was at the Hampstead Hotel in Upper Walkerville, South Australia [418: 16-Jan-1884]
Married "Mina" Eliza Wilhelmina NEWMAN on 26 February 1885 at Saint Andrew's Church in Walkerville, South Australia [55]
In 1885 he himself applied for the licence for the Hamstead Hotel in 1885 [418: 11-Mar-1885]
     Proprietor of the Hampstead Hotel in Hampstead 1885-1893 [418: 11-Mar-1885, 15-Sep-1887, 11-Dec-1893]
     In February 1888 he sought a reduction of publican’s licence fees for wayside inns [399: 18-Feb-1888]
     Treasurer of the newly formed Hampstead Heath Lodge No. 54 of Druids in 1892 [235: 29-Mar-1892]
     Their eldest son "Hiney" Heinrich died at their Hamstead Hotel at the age of seven years on 5 October 1893 [235: 6-Oct-1893]
     Later in 1893 they shifted and took over the Palmer Hotel at Palmer in the Adelaide Hills [418: 11-Dec-1893] [223: 15-Dec-1893]
Around 1895, along with his wife and four surviving children, shifted to Perth, Western Australia [P15] [15] [55]
Proprietor of the Kensington Hotel on Lord and Wellington streets in Perth 1896-1899 [39: 5-Dec-1899] [225: 3-Jun-1896]
     He was running the hotel by May 1896 and officially obtained its licence on 2 June 1896 [39: 30-May-1896, 225: 3-Jun-1896]
     Their youngest son Frederick died during an epidemic [P15] on 22 June 1896 and was buried in the old East Perth Cemetery [231]
     He ran a billiard tournament at his Kensington Hotel in August 1906 - with total prizes of £30 [39: 8-Aug-1896]
     Charges against him of illegal Sunday trading were dismissed in December 1896 and March 1899 [39: 11-Mar-1899] [160: 4-Dec-1896]
     In April 1897 he brought back from the Eastern Colonies two black swans to put on a pond in East Perth Park [225: 10-Apr-1897]
     Committee Member of the Western Australian Gun Club in 1897 [160: 28-May 1897]
     In August 1898, after winning prizes at the Dog & Poultry Show, seven of his fowls were stolen from his hotel [160: 2-Sep-1898]
     He was fined 40 shillings on 27 October 1898 for supplying liquor through his barman to boy under 16 years [225: 27-Oct-1898]
     The licence for the Kensignton Hotel was transferred from him to Albert BEARD on 4 December 1899 [39: 5-Dec-1899]
Proprietor of the Spring Park Hotel in the Perth suburb of Midland Junction in 1904 [81: 14-Feb-1904, 13-Mar-1904]
He was again ran the Kensington Hotel at 182 Wellington Street in Perth in 1905 and 1906 [6] [39: 31-Jan-1906] [225: 25-May-1905]
     In April 1906 he advertised that he wanted to buy "a good boat" [39: 4-Apr-1906]
     He requested the payment of accounts in April 1906 following his departure from the Kensington Hotel [39: 30-Apr-1906]
Poultry Farmer on Guildford Road in the Perth suburb of Belmont in 1906 and in 1907 [6] [50]
     Exhibited in 2nd Belmont Agricultural, Horticultural & Poultry Society's Show held on 12 September 1906 [120: 15-Sep-1906]
     He was awarded 1st prize for Orpington Buff Hen, 2nd for Orpington Buff Rooster, 2nd for Heaviest Fowl on Show, [120]
     2nd for Yorkshire Canaries and 3rd prize for for Any Other Variety of Canaries [120]
Farmer of Brooklyn Farm in Wagerup in 1909 [6] [19] [50]
     He'd established himself in Wagerup as a horticulturalist of fruit and flowers after retiring from the hotel-keeping business [P15]
     His sons. who were also on the farm, held as "Bothe Bros" the horse and cattle firebrand of 0WB [80: 28-Oct-1925]
     His wife held an auction on their farm, which was a five minute walk from the Wagerup train station, on 11 November 1909 [39]
     Offered at the auction was their desirable dairy farm of 100 acres, which included ten acres of fruit-bearing orchard, [39]
     Also auctioned was plant and machinery, 21 head of cattle, a sulky pony and an almost new Lipp system piano [39: 10-Nov-1909]
He and his sons applied for and were successful in taking up land at Coorow in November 1909 [31: 19-Nov-1909]
     He took up the 160 acre Victoria Location 3957 while his sons selected Locations 3956 and 3960, which were also 160 acres [31]
     They were successful against much competition, with seven to eight people making applications for each block [31: 18-Oct-1909]
     All three blocks were priced at 10 shillings per acre and had opened for selection the previous month [9: 22-Oct-1909]
     Said to have shifted to Coorow, Western Australia with his wife, daughter May and sons Charles and Baxter in 1910 [110]
Farmer with his sons Charles and Baxter of Inglewood Farm in Coorow from 1910 [P15]
     From 1910 to 1920 was the owner of the 246 acre Victoria Location 3957 in Coorow while further land was owned by his sons [44]
     In 1911 he and his sons acquired the first Massey header to be operated in the Coorow district [110]
     Foundation Committee Member of the Coorow Farmers' Progress Association in 1911 [39: 4-Aug-1911]
     Came 3rd in the Old Buffers' Race at the Coorow Farmers' Progress Association's Picnic & Sports on 7 October 1911 [39: 12-Oct-1911]
     He gave a donation at the Coorow Football Club's Annual Sports Day held on 30 September 1913 [9: 10-Oct-1913]
     By 1921 his 246 acres of farmland, Victoria Location 3957, was owned by his sons Charles and Baxter [44]
     From 1921 he owned 160 acres of farmland in Coorow being Victoria Location 5648 (later owned by his son Baxter) [3] [44]
     Had a general store, house for he and his wife, and a small boarding house built in the Coorow townsite [110]
Proprietor of a General Store in Coorow 1914-1942 [9: 14-Aug-1914] [110]
     His store was operating by September of 1914, when he began selling The Midlands Advertiser newspaper [9: 18-Sep-1914]
     In 1926 he was an agent for a wheat buyer and handled 61,000 of the 87,000 bags of wheat delivered in Coorow [81: 4-Sep-1927]
     He had new store premises erected in Coorow in 1927 - said to have been on the site of his former premises [81: 4-Sep-1927] [110]
     In 1927 was the Coorow Agent for Harris Scarfe & Sandovers, Atkins & Co and the Royal Insurance Co [4: 25-Jun-1927]
     Provided a room in Coorow for the Bank of New South Wales to operate from twice weekly in 1927 [4: 7-May-1927]
     His store in Coorow was telephone number Coorow-12 [5: 18-Dec-1936]
     In 1929 his store had been taken over by Malcolm F. LAURIE, however he retained an officer for his agencies [4: 24-Aug-1929]
     He was the Coorow agent for Shearer implements, Caterpillar tractors and H. J. Wigmore & Co Ltd in 1930 [4: 28-Jun-1930]
     Presumably he reoccupied his store premises in 1932 when LAURIE's lease expired and LAURIE moved out [5: 18-Nov-1932]
     Began weekly advertisements for his business in The North Midland Times on Friday 18 December 1936 [5: 18-Dec-1936, 17-Sep-1937]
     In 1936 and 1937 he was an agent for H. J. Wigmore & Co (through which he sold Shearer farm implements and diesel tractors), [5]
     Bankers & Traders Insurance Co, Grain Pool of WA, Southern Cross Windmills and a sub-agent for Elder Smith & Co Ltd [5]
Resided with his wife Mina in a house adjacent to the shop in the Coorow townsite 1917-1942 [P15]
     Their boarding house was used by travellers going between Perth and Geraldton and became known as the "Halfway House" [P15]
     He had a new dining room and an extra bedroom for their boarding house constructed in 1927 [4: 7-May-1927]
     In 1929 his boarding house had capacity for eight people with an average occupancy of four each night [10: 29-May-1929]
     Owned Lots 40 and 42 of the Coorow townsite which respectively contained a residence and a garage [3]
     His wife was the owner of Lots 1, 2, 41 and 43 being the shop and their residence, a vacant block and another residence [3]
In December 1912 made a request to the Upper Irwin Road Board to clear roads in the Coorow townsite [9: 20-Dec-1912]
Signed the petition and financial guarantee in 1917 for the Midland Railway Company to provide a resident doctor at Three Springs [34]
Vice President of the Picnic Race Meeting held in Three Springs on Saint Patrick's Day Tuesday 17 March 1925 [124]
He had a grey parrot from Africa which became very well-known or all who lived in and visited Coorow [10: 1-Apr-1926]
     The "Coorow Parrot" was a fluent conversationalist said to have been witty but never used any bad language [10]
     When his parrot died in 1926 an obituary appeared in The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper [10]
He won 1st and his wife 2nd for Cabbages in the Vegetable section at the 19th Moora Agricultural Show in Moora in 1926 [39: 12-Oct-1926]
During September 1927 he purchased a new truck - a Rugby six-cylinder Fleetruck [81: 2-Oct-1927]
He was one of 98 people from the Coorow district who signed a petition in 1929 for a local hotel license to be granted [39: 6-Feb-1929]
     He and Alexander B. GLOSTER collected most of the signatures, possibly both hoping to get the potential hotel license [39]
     Gave evidence about the hotel license for Coorow when the Licensing Board met in Coorow on 3 May 1929 [10: 29-May-1929]
     A license was granted and was secured by GLOSTER with a tender of £1,750 on 17 September 1929 [4: 21-Sep-1929]
Won 1st prizes for Cauliflower and Late Variety of Cabbage in the Vegetable section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1929 [4]
Judge of the Poultry section at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Shows in 1929 and 1930 [4: 28-Sep-1929, 27-Sep-1930]
Purchased a new Ford sports roadster car from Carnamah dealer Rupert LAFFAN in December 1929 [4: 14-Dec-1929]
In 1930 his garden was described as containing all sorts of vegetables and a great variety of flowers grown to perfection [4: 23-Aug-1930]
Member of the Carnamah Race Club - was Vice President in 1930 and 1934 [4: 21-Dec-1929] [5: 24-Nov-1933]
Attended the funeral of "Father of Carnamah" Donald MACPHERSON at the Winchester Cemetery on 14 August 1931 [4: 22-Aug-1931]
Financial Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society in 1932 [13]
Member of the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society - was [4: 9-Apr-1932, 1-Jun-1935] [5: 23-Dec-1932, 10-Nov-1933, 13-Mar-1936]
     Inaugural Vice President in 1932, Committee Member 1933-1937, Vice Patron 1933-1939 and Treasurer in 1934 [5: 20-Nov-1936] [150]
Won 1st prizes for Cauliflower and Best Collection of Vegetables at the first Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show in 1932 [5: 16-Sep-1932]
Won 1st prize for Pansies and Geraniums and 2nd for Onions and Peas at the Three Springs Agricultural Show in 1932 [5: 30-Sep-1932]
Attended a large meeting in Three Springs to form a North Midlands Chamber of Commerce on 18 November 1932 [4: 26-Nov-1932]
Member for Coorow on the Board of the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs in 1933-34 [5: 14-Jul-1933]
Judged the Poultry section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show at Centenary Park, Carnamah on 14 September 1933 [5: 22-Sep-1933]
In December 1933 received recognition of his beautiful garden in The Irwin Index newspaper [4: 9-Dec-1933]
Foundation President of the Coorow Rifle Club in 1934 and 1935 [5: 5-Jan-1934, 1-Nov-1935]
In February 1934 found an abandoned dog with a note attached reading "My name is D'Arcy, please be kind to me" [5: 23-Feb-1934]
Member of the Coorow-Waddy Forest Progress Association in 1934 [5: 8-Jun-1934]
Attended the funeral of Mrs Christina B. D. FORRESTER of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 31 August 1934 [4: 8-Sep-1934]
Won the Trophy for the most points gained in the Vegetable section at the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1934 [5: 14-Sep-1934]
     Won 1st prize for a Collection of Vegetables and both 1st and 2nd prizes for Cabbage, Lettuce and Pods of Peas [5]
     Also exhibited in the Flower section, winning 1st prizes for Pansies and 2nd for Geraniums and Vase of Flowers [5]
Excavated a well on his property in Coorow town and found water at a depth of six feet in December 1934 [4: 22-Dec-1934]
     Erected a Southern Cross windmill to supply water for his garden and to demonstrate the windmill to buyers [4: 22-Dec-1934]
Along with his wife celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with friends at the Coorow Hotel on 26 February 1935 [5: 1-Mar-1935]
Won 1st prizes for Cabbage and Brown Hen Eggs at the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show on 5 September 1935 [5: 13-Sep-1935]
Exhibited in the Vegetable and Flower sections of the Carnamah Agricultural Show on Thursday 12 September 1935 [5]
     Won 1st and 2nd prizes for Broad Beans; 1st prizes for Collection of Vegetables, Pansies, Snapdragons, and Carnations; [5]
     and 2nd prizes for Cauliflower, Garden Flowers, and Vase of Flowers [5: 20-Sep-1935]
Won 1st prizes for Geraniums and Pansies at the Three Springs Agricultural Show on Thursday 19 September 1935 [5: 27-Sep-1935]
Donated the President's Cup to the Coorow Rifle Club in 1935, which was won by Edgar W. FOWLER [5: 1-Nov-1935]
Attended the Coorow Rifle Club's Grand Ball held at the Coorow Hall on Saturday 26 October 1935 [5: 1-Nov-1935]
Attended the entertainment for the Commonwealth Grants Commission at the Coorow Hotel on 21 November 1935 [5: 29-Nov-1935]
Attended the funeral of Miss "May" Mary L. LANG of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 26 November 1935 [5: 29-Nov-1935]
Attended the 21st birthday of his grand-daughter Olive W. KAU at Meadow Dale Farm in Coorow on 18 January 1936 [5: 24-Jan-1936]
Attended the funeral of Carnamah agent William B. SHERIDAN at the Winchester Cemetery on 27 January 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
Judged the Pig section at the Coorow-Waddy Forest Districts Agricultural Society's Annual Show in 1936 [5: 12-Jun-1936, 11-Sep-1936]
     Exhibited in the Poultry section of the show where he gained "considerable success" with five 1st and three 2nd prizes [5: 4-Sep-1936]
     Won 1st prizes for male Black Orpington, female Black Orpington, Muscovy Drake, Muscovy Duck, and 2nd for Table Bird [5]
     The Judge remarked that his male Black Orpington, which also won 1st for Best Male Bird in Show, was "outstanding" [5]
Attended Roy M. PATTON's birthday at the dam on Longforest Farm in Waddy Forest on Sunday 8 November 1936 [5: 13-Nov-1936]
Attended the Ratepayers Meeting of the Carnamah District Road Board in Coorow on Wednesday 25 November 1936 [5: 27-Nov-1936]
His family took him completely by surprise with a party for his 75th birthday in Coorow on Tuesday evening 13 April 1937 [5]
     Among those at his birthday were his children and children-in-law Baxter & Blanche BOTHE, Charles & Margaret BOTHE, [5]
     and Olive & Fred KAU; and grandchildren Harry and Olive KAU and Thelma, Bill, Ronny, Vonny and Lloyd BOTHE [5]
     His grandson Richard was unable to attend due to being at Christian Brothers College in Perth [5: 16-Apr-1937]
In June 1937 it was reported that he was again getting about after being indisposed [5: 25-Jun-1937]
He again judged the Pig section at the Coorow-Waddy Agricultural Show at Maley Park in Coorow on 2 September 1937 [5: 10-Sep-1937]
     In Poultry won 1st for male and female Black Orpingtons, Muscovy drake and Best Table Bird; and 2nd in for Muscovy duck [5]
Judge of the Pig section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show at Centenary Park in Carnamah on 9 September 1937 [5: 17-Sep-1937]
Passed away at the age of 80 years at the North Midlands District Hospital in Three Springs [5: 23-Oct-1942]
Father of Heinrich Wilhelm Carl, May Minnie Annie, Charles Cleaver, Baxter Diedrich and Frederick William [55]
Died 17 October 1942 in Three Springs; buried Winchester Cemetery, Carnamah (Row C, Plot 11) [1] [14]
Rev. F. W. GUNNING officiated at his funeral, which was undertaken by Henry Parkin & Son (for £34/3/6 inc. transportation) [1] [53]
Following his and his wife's deaths their shop and adjoining house in Coorow was sold to "Pat" Aeneas and Eva V. CASEY [110]

From The South Australian Advertiser newspaper, Saturday 7 March 1885:
"BOTHE-NEWMAN. – On the 26 February, at St. Andrew’s Church, Walkerville, by the Rev. Archdeacon Dove, Heinrich Wilhelm, eldest son of the late Heinrich Wilhelm Bothe, of Hampstead, to Eliza Wilhelmina, eldest daughter of Charles Frederick Newman, of Model Nursery, Water Gully, near Houghton."

From The West Australian newspaper, Monday 1 November 1897:
"THE KENSINGTON HOTEL, Corner Lord and Wellington Sts, East Perth. H.W. BOTHE, Proprietor (Late of Adelaide). Visitors from the Eastern Colonies and Goldfields would do well to give this well known Family Hotel a trial. The cuisine, under the personal supervision of Mrs Bothe, is equal to any in the Colony. Special terms, with every comfort and attention, offered to Permanent Boarders, from 30 s. weekly. One of the best ventilated Billiard Rooms in the City, lit with electric light. A trial solicited. Telephone No. 382."

From The inquirer and Commercial News newspaper, Friday 2 September 1898:
Robbery of Prize Fowls from a City Hotel
"The detective police are engaged in investigating the mysterious robbery of a number of prize fowls from the Kensington Hotel, Wellington Street, Perth. Mr Bothe, the landlord of this hotel, was an exhibitor at the recent dog and poultry show. He had brought in from his farm these particular fowls, which were very valuable, and took several prizes. Soon after the conclusion of the show the birds were removed temporarily to the premises at the rear of the hotel, the intention being to return them to the farm, but on the following morning it was found that entrance had been effected during the night, and no fewer than seven of the birds were gone. The head of one was found in the yard, and also a quantity of feathers. The robbery had been effected with great daring, because the premises are not easy of access, and the birds had been left in a place which was thought secure. Immediately after the robbery the police and a black tracker were called in, and the robbers were tracked a considerable distance."

From The Geraldton Guardian and Express newspaper, Saturday 23 August 1930:
Coorow-Waddy Notes
"To all appearances the soil on which the greater part of Coorow township is established is of a poor sandy nature, but a glimpse over the garden of Mr and Mrs H. W. Bothe will prove the possibilities of such soil. All sorts of vegetables and a great variety of flowers grow to perfection, and are a tribute to the painstaking care and knowledge of these cheerful pioneers."

From The West Australian newspaper, Wednesday 21 October 1942:
"BOTHE. – On October 17, at Three Springs Hospital, Heinrich Wilhelm, dearly beloved husband of the late Eliza Wilhelmina, of Coorow, W.A., loving father of Charles, May (Mrs F.J. Kau) and Baxter; father-in-law of Margaret (Mrs Charles Bothe), Blanche (Mrs Baxter Bothe) and Frederick J. Kau; grandfather of Thelma (Mrs J. Bingham), Albert, Ron, Yvonne, Olive, Harry, Dick and Lloyd; grandfather-in-law of Loreeta (Mrs H. Kau) and J. Bingham. Loved by all."

From The North Midland Times newspaper, Friday 23 October 1942
Obituary - Late Mr. H. W. Bothe
"The death occurred at the North Midlands District Hospital on Saturday last of Mr. Heinrich Wilhelm Bothe, an old and respected resident of the Coorow district. The late Mr. Bothe had not enjoyed the best of health for some considerable time past, nevertheless the news of his death came as a severe shock to his many friends throughout the North Midlands. The late Mr. Bothe and his wife, who predeceased him by two months, were amongst the first settlers of the Coorow district. They were both highly respected personages, who worked hard for the advancement of the Coorow-Waddy Forest district in the early days, and their passing will be mourned by a wide circle of old established friends. Their three children, Charles, May (Mrs. Fred Kau), and Baxter have all settled on farming properties in the Coorow district, and to them is extended out condolences. The deceased gentleman was one of the first storekeepers at Coorow and, despite failing health and advancing years, he continued to conduct an agency business at that centre until a few years ago. When the story is told of the part the early pioneers played in the development of the Midlands the name of 'Heinie' Bothe will not be the least of them. The funeral took place in the Anglican portion of the Winchester cemetery on Monday afternoon and was largely attended. The service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev. F. W. Gunning, of Mt. Hawthorn, who was an old friend of the family."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Heinrich Wilhelm Bothe' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 June 2024 from [reference list]

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