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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Harry" Henry MCCLYMANS

Born 1871 in York, Western Australia [15]
Son of James McCLYMANS and Johanna DRISCOLL [15]
Married Mary Jane MCVEE in Dandaragan in 1903 [15]
Resided with his wife and children in Muchea prior to moving to Carnamah in April 1912 [39: 13-Aug-1913]
Railway Fettler for the Midland Railway Company in Carnamah in 1912 and 1913[39: 13-Aug-1913]
     They resided in a house in Carnamah, had the PARKIN family as their neighbours and had three boarders [39: 13-Aug-1913]
     He sang a song at the farewell in Carnamah for the departing stationmaster and his wife on Wednesday 7 May 1913 [9: 16-May-1913]
     Lived happily with his wife until she said she was sick of married life in June 1913 but after four weeks things settled [39: 13-Aug-1913]
     He didn't like one of the boarders they had in Carnamah so arranged for a transfer but didn't tell his wife [39: 13-Aug-1913]
     In June 1913, once the transfer was granted, he told his wife but she replied "You can shift. I won't. I like Carnamah" [39: 13-Aug-1913]
He was working with his railway gang near the 174½ Mile Post of the railway in Carnamah on 9 July 1913 [39: 13-Aug-1913]
     When they stopped for lunch the first mouthful of his egg sandwich tasted bitter so he spat it out and didn't eat it [39]
     He ate a bit of the bread of the sandwich but no more egg, and 15 minutes later he staggered, had cramps, shook and twitched [39]
     One of his workmates got salt and water from an Aboriginal camp and another got mustard and hot water, and he drank the lot [39]
     The food he spat out was eaten by a dog which subsequently died, and their neighbour's cat had also died that morning [39]
His workmates put him on a passing train back into Carnamah and when he got home his wife urged him to see a doctor [39: 13-Aug-1913]
     His wife got him some money and walked him to the train which he caught to Moora, during which he felt ill and threw up [39]
     He was met at the railway station in Moora by Dr MYLES who examined him and gave him some tabloids to take [39]
     Later that night he returned to Carnamah on a goods train but returned to Moora the next day and made a statement to police [39]
His wife was arrested on 30 July 1913 and on 2 August 1913 he left their children with the police in Moora [39: 31-Jul-1913, 13, 14 & 15-Aug-1913]
     His wife was accused of poising him with strychnine and the Police Court in Moora heard evidence over three days [39]
     During the hearing he revealed he disliked one of their boarders as he was too reserved and too well liked by his children [39]
     Although there was no misconduct he was suspicious of the boarder and had wanted to move his family away from Carnamah [39]
     His wife had previously obtained strychnine from her brother and she had admitted to police she was sick of being his wife [39]
Father of four children [39: 5-Sep-1913]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Henry McClymans' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 13 June 2024 from [reference list]

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