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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Randolph" Henry Randolph CHRISTIE

Born 21 September 1886 in Newington, Edinburgh, Scotland [28]
Son of tobacco manufacturer Henry Duncan CHRISTIE and Jane Hewit LAWSON [28]
In 1891 he was living with his parents at 7 Cameron Crescent in Liberton, Edinburgh, Scotland [20]
Appointed a Second Lieutenant in The Queen's Rifle Volunteer Brigade of the Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) in 1904 [306: 1-Apr-1904]
In 1913 he was working as an Insurance Broker and was living at 35 Mayfield Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland [426: 7-Jun-1913]
He continued to reside at 35 Mayfield Gardens in Edinburgh until leaving for Western Australia [28] [34]
     On 26 May 1914 he arranged to purchase 854 acres of farmland in Carnamah, Western Australia [34]
     The land was two Ready-Made Farms which had been developed and were being sold by the Midland Railway Company [34]
     Paid a 10% deposit on the 854 acres, which were Lots M956 and M957 of Victoria Locations 1935 and 1936, priced at £3646 [34]
     A month later he extended his contract with the Midland Railway Company to also purchase the 416 acre Lot M953 for £1976 [34]
Married Rosa Emma Martha FELTON at the New North United Free Church in Edinburgh, Scotland on 2 June 1914 [28] [302]
     Witnesses to their marriage were R. Morrison IRELAND and his sister "Lena" E. Elena CHRISTIE [28]
After travelling to England he and his wife departed Liverpool on the steamship Medic on 27 June 1914 [34] [195]
     They were accompanied by his brother G. L. Duncan CHRISTIE, his sister E. Elena CHRISTIE and James B. GRIEG [34] [195]
     They arrived in Albany, Western Australia in early August, and on 4 August 1914 travelled from Albany to Perth by train [34]
Travelled from Perth to Carnamah by the Midland Railway passenger train on 12 August 1914 [34]
     Five cases of his belongings that arrived in Albany on the steamship Medic were temporarily misplaced [34]
     On the train to Carnamah the wagon next to the engine was burnt to ashes at Mogumber resulting in the loss of his sulky [34]
     No one met them at the railway siding when they arrived in Carnamah and on inspection he was unhappy with his farm [34]
He claimed there was insufficient water for livestock, no water at the house, the clearing was badly done, there were no stables, [34]
     the house was poorly placed, was further from Carnamah than he's been told, and wouldn't carry as many sheep as promised [34]
     Accepted invitations and aired his grievances with the Lands Committee of the Midland Railway Company on two occasions [34]
     James B. GRIEG wrote "there is a scarcity of water and the Midland Railway is fighting with Randolph already" [195]
The Company allowed him to cancel his previous contract/agreement and on 12 November 1914 he entered into a new one [27] [34]
     The new contract was to purchase 1,016 acres of farmland in Lots M953 and M1057 of Victoria Locations 1934 and 1935 [27]
     The total cost of the land, which was partially cleared and fenced, and included a house, was £4,800 payable by instalments [27]
     Thomas J. BERRIGAN of Three Springs bored for water on the property at the expense of the Midland Railway Company [34]
     He purchased a buggy for £10 from the Midland Railway Company [34]
Farmer of Felton Mains and Kilmaurs Farms in Carnamah in 1914 and 1915 [34] [195]
     His two farms were Lots M953 and M1057 of Victoria Locations 1934 and 1936, and collectively were 1,016 acres in size [27]
     He's believed to have named Felton Mains after his wife's surname and Kilmaurs after the parish in Ayrshire, Scotland [P1]
     He settled on the farms with his wife Rosa, brother Duncan, sister Lena, and James B. GRIEG [195]
     They resided in a house on his Felton Mains Farm in Carnamah, which was Lot M953 [34] [195]
     Shortly after arrival he employed Sydney EDWARDS as manager of his Felton Mains Farm and Kilmaurs Farms in Carnamah [195]
     He had four sows and seven little piglets by October 1914, which were running loose on the farm [195]
     In late October 1914 they had a visit from the Minister who visited Carnamah once a month [195]
He also purchased a small property by the name of Lucerne in Serpentine and travelled between this and his Carnamah farm [34]
     In November 1914 shifted to his property at Serpentine as there wasn't enough water for livestock on the farm in Carnamah [34]
     Railed household furniture and livestock, including horses and pigs, to Lucerne in Serpentine on 24 November 1914 [34]
     Himself, his wife, his sister Lena and James B. GREIG left Carnamah by train on Wednesday 25 November 1914 [34] [195]
     He intended to run Lucerne Farm in Serpentine on the Canadian style of farming - which was using a tractor instead of horses [195]
Left Felton Mains and Kilmaurs Farms in Carnamah under the management of his brother Duncan and Sidney EDWARDS [195]
     By December 1914 he also had employee James B. GREIG back in Carnamah working on Felton Mains and Kilmaurs Farms [195]
     In late January 1915 a 38 foot deep well was finished on his farm in Carnamah, and was getting 13 feet of quite good water [195]
     Two other bores that were sunk produced good flows of water that was "saltier than the sea" and at only 16 feet deep [195]
     He arrived in Carnamah during the early hours of the morning on 10 February 1915 to visit his farms [195]
     On 21 February 1915 he "gave up Carnamah as a hopeless job" and moved his employee James B. GREIG to Serpentine [195]
Departed Fremantle, Western Australia on the steamship Persic and arrived in London, England on 21 September 1915 [204]
     Following their arrival he, his wife and their infant daughter resided at 35 Mayfield Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland [204]
He employed the services of solicitors who corresponded with the solicitors of the Midland Railway Company [34]
     From Scotland he sent a letter to London to A. J. BARBER, the General Manager of the Midland Railway Company [34]
     He reached a settlement with the Midland Railway Company and signed an agreement with them on 13 April 1916 [34]
     The Company agreed to give him £86/7/- and discharge him from contracts to purchase Lots M953 and M1057 in Carnamah [34]
     In exchange for being released from his contracts he withdrew all claims and allegations against the Midland Railway Company [34]
Departed Marseilles, France on the Kaisar-I-Hind and arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 14 July 1916 [70]
Four years later departed London, England on the Orontes and arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 27 March 1920 [70]
     In mid June 1920 he was reported to have been among the guests staying at the Savoy Hotel in Perth [408: 18-Jun-1920]
In 1920 the Midland Railway Company re-sold what had previously been his Felton Mains and Kilmaurs Farms in Carnamah [27] [34]
     They sold Lot M953 to the Repatriation Department on 15 April 1920 and it became part of the Carnamah Estate [27]
     The Carnamah Estate was surveyed into new Victoria Locations and allocated to ex-servicemen from the First World War [P1]
     What had been his house and farm is said to have become Victoria Location 7186 which was allocated to Zebulun GREEN [P96]
     His Lot M1057 might in fact have been M1047, which was sold to local farmer W. Henry WATSON on 10 September 1920 [27]
He later returned to Scotland where he worked as a Company Promoter and resided at 13 Marchmont Crescent in Edinburgh [28]
Father of Anita [204]
Died 9 October 1926 at the Royal Asylum in Morningside, Edinburgh, Scotland [28]
He was buried in the same grave as his parents and his father's parents at Saint Cuthbert's Churchyard in Edinburgh [425]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Henry Randolph Christie' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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