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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Harry" Herbert Charles MARKHAM

Born C.1868 [2]
Contractor at Kanowna on the Eastern Goldfields 1903-1906 [50]
Carter in partnership with Edward R. ANDREWS trading as "Markham & Andrews" in Leonora in 1906 [225: 3-Dec-1906]
Produce Merchant in Leonora 1907-1909 [50] [334: 13-Jun-1907] [420: 7-Nov-1909]
     Around November of 1909 he sold his business and emporium on Tower Street in Leonora to Fritz NOTHNAGEL [420: 7-Nov-1909]
Produce Merchant in Lawlers in 1912 [50]
Resided and worked around the Carnamah district from about 1913 until his death in 1926 [2] [8: page 19]
     Around 1913 he employed teams of men to cut sandalwood in the Carnamah area, mainly to be exported to China [8: page 19]
     As sandalwood trees became scarce in the area he went share-farming with Arthur G. DARLING [8: page 19]
Farmer in Carnamah 1915-1925 [19] [34] [50]
     In 1915 grew 2,000 acres of crop on Arthur G. DARLING's Inering Farm in Carnamah on a share-cropping arrangement [P14] [34]
     He had 53 horses in 1915 [34] in addition to many ploughs and drills [P14]
     In 1915 the Midland Railway Company hoped to sell to him Lots M929-M931 however he claimed the price was too high [34]
     Over the 1915-16 harvest he was the Carnamah agent for the wheat buying firm Bell & Company [34]
     Share-cropped 4,000 acres on DARLING's Inering Farm in Carnamah in 1916 [34] and 2,000 acres in 1917 [10: 19-Jun-1917]
     Also ran livestock in Carnamah, [34] presumably also on Arthur G. DARLING's Inering Farm [P1]
     In February 1920 sent a cheque to the Midland Railway Company after his sheep strayed onto their farms and ate some crop [34]
     At the Police Court in Mingenew in January 1920 was fined £8 and costs on two charges under the Brands Act 1904 [86: 29-Jan-1920]
Contractor in Carnamah 1916-1922 [6]
     Worked as a carting contractor carting wheat to the railway siding by horse drawn two-wheel drays [P399]
     He had up to seven horse-drawn teams working at once carting wheat - most of which could cart one ton or 12 bags of wheat [P399]
     He had a large Clydesdale horse called Prince who was particularly strong and could pull 18 bags instead of the usual 12 [P399]
     Prince knew the way into the Carnamah townsite and to the railway station yard and would lead the other six teams [P399]
     His assistant would yell "Righto, away you go" and Prince would set off leading the other horses into town and to the station [P399]
     When the wheat was unloaded from all the drays Prince would depart leading the other horses back to get another load [P399]
     Among the farmers he carted for was John BOWMAN of The Home Farm on what is now the Carnamah-Perenjori Road [P399]
Signed the petition and financial guarantee in 1917 for the Midland Railway Company to provide a resident doctor at Three Springs [34]
Vice President of the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee's Sports Meetings in Three Springs in 1917 and 1919 [124]
Purchased some of his general supplies from general store "The Supply Stores" in Yarra Street, Carnamah in 1918 [92]
It was said that he was the first person in the Carnamah district to own a car - a T Model Ford [7: page 151] [8: page 19]
     He is believed to be the person referred to as Carnamah's "Sandalwood King," who purchased a motor car in mid 1919 [10: 6-Jun-1919]
     In 1922-23 his Ford car contained number-plate PM-8 and was licensed with the Perenjori-Morawa Roard Board [325]
Donated £2/2/- to the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee in 1919 and again in 1920 [124]
Grazier at Bowgada in the Perenjori district 1922-1926 [6] [39: 20-Mar-1928]
     He had purchased 6,211 acres of virgin land near Moolanooka Spring from the Midland Railway Company in 1920 and 1921 [27] [44]
     The 6,211 acres consisted of Lots M1257 and M1328 of Victoria Location 2021 on the south side of what is now Grant Road [27] [62]
     He'd taken up the 4,766 acre Lot M1257 for £3931/10/- (16/16 per acre), payable by instalments over 15 years, on 21 July 1920 [27]
     On 19 February 1921 he took up the 1,445 acre Lot M1328 for £830/17/6 (11/7 an acre), also payable by instalments [27]
He was part of the Three Springs Kangaroo Hunting & Picnic Party of Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd September 1922 [9: 15-Sep-1922]
One of his steers, which strayed to Three Springs, charged farmer Sydney C. GOOCH and tore his clothes on 22 November 1923 [86]
     Later the same day the steer charged and knocked over Fannie GOOCH, giving her a fractured collar bone and bruises [86: 27-Nov-1923]
For a period he also leased 4,979 acres six miles east of Winchester, which was Victoria Location 7603 [10: 26-Feb-1925]
     He had forfeited the lease by February 1925 when it was offered to others for selection [10: 26-Feb-1925]
Passed away at the age of 59 years at Saint Omer's Hospital in the Perth suburb of West Perth [39: 3-Apr-1926]
Died 26 March 1926; buried at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth, Western Australia (Anglican, MA, 472) [2]
After his death his 6,211 acres "of slightly improved land" in the Perenjori district was sold for approximately £3 per acre [39: 25-Dec-1926]
     All or some of his farmland in Perenjori was sold to John A. GRANT [9: 11-Feb-1927]
     200 of his cattle in "forward condition" were sold by public auction in Mingenew at 2 p.m. on Friday 4 June 1926 [39: 15-May-1926]
     Also sold from his estate was a very valuable 1,300 acres of subdividable land on Guildford Road in suburban Perth [39: 25-Dec-1926]
     His horses and farm machinery were sold on his former farm in Perenjori on Friday 18 February 1927 [9: 11-Feb-1927]
His name also appeared in electoral rolls as Herbert Clark MARKHAM and Charles Herbert MARKHAM [19] [50]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Herbert Charles Markham' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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