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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


James Edward HUNTER

Born C.1887 [2]
Son of James HUNTER [15]
Farmer of Daniel Farm in Wylam, Northumberland, England [447: 11-Apr-1914]
In October 1913 made plans to purchase from the Midland Railway Company a 375 acre farm in Winchester, Western Australia [34]
     The 375 acre farm was Lot M920 of Victoria Location 1937 and was part of the Company's Ready-Made Farms Scheme [34]
     In 1914 he married Edith Gertrude BURN [21] and paid a 5% deposit for his future farm in Western Australia [34]
He relinquished the lease for Daniel Farm in Wylam and on 29 April 1914 held an auction to sell his farming stock [447]
     His livestock up for sale consisted of 36 shorthorn cattle, 2 Clifty draught horses "of power and substance" and 50 fowls [447]
     Implements and equipment included five carts, milk float, grass cutter, horse hay rake, two hay bodies, zig-zag harrows, [447]
     wheel and digging ploughs, scuffler, wire netting, turnip slicer, hand tools, cow chains, ferret hutch, two milk coolers, [447]
     six railway milk cans, dairy utensils and harness, saddle and bridle [447: 11-Apr-1914]
Along with his wife departed London, England on the steamship Medic on 27 June 1914 bound for Albany, Western Australia [203]
     Following their arrival they travelled by train, using Company passes, from Midland Junction to Winchester on 12 August 1914 [34]
     Their furniture was in the carriage next to the train's engine and near Mogumber the entirety of their furniture was burnt to ashes [34]
Farmer of Wylam Farm at Winchester in Carnamah, Western Australia with his wife Edith 1914-1936 [19] [34] [44]
     The Midland Railway Company had seeded 120 acres of crop on the farm earlier in 1914 at a cost of £150 [34]
     In October 1914 the Midland Railway Company paid GALBRAITH and HOLLINGSWORTH to bore wells on his farm [34]
     Finalised the contract for the purchase of the 375 acre farm on 23 February 1915 [27]
     The 375 acres was purchased from the Midland Railway Company for £1,734, payable by instalments [27]
     The farm came partly cleared, fenced, with a house and with water supplied [34]
     He took out assistance under the Industries Assistance Board while establishing his farm [34]
     In March 1915 applied to purchase an adjoining 660 acres of land from the Midland Railway Company for 8/- per acre [34]
Extended Wylam Farm over six years to a total of 1,968 with another three purchases of land from the Midland Railway Company [27]
     On 29 June 1915 purchased the virgin 681 acre Lot M1058 of Victoria Location 1937 for £272 (8/- per acre) [27]
     On 20 October 1915 his wife purchased the 395 acre Lot M917 of Victoria Location 1936 for £1826 (later reduced to £1095) [27]
     Lot M917 was partially developed, being the former Ready-Made Farm of Major Christopher H. HOSKYNS-ABRAHALL [27] [34]
     On 29 April 1921 his wife purchased 517 acre of virgin land in Lot M1309 of Victoria Location 2023 for £246 [27]
The Midland Railway Company loaned him their horse "Ginger" to harvest his crop in 1915 [34]
Sold 431 bags of wheat after harvesting his 1915 crop - sold 281 bags for 4/- and 150 bags for 2/6 per bushel [34]
In January 1916 he forecast his expenses for the ensuing year as follows: super and railage £60, bags and railage £60, twine £5, [34]
     wages £75, insurance £24/9/-, assurance on life £17/18/-, taxes £5, living expenses and sundries £200, and horses £100 [34]
Contract carted hay for the Midland Railway Company from Lot M944 in Carnamah in 1916, for which he was paid £4/10/- [34]
In May 1916 borrowed £111 from the Industries Assistance Board to purchase three horses [34]
In 1916 grew 400 acres of crop on Wylam Farm [34]
Member of the Midland Railway Ready Made Farm Settlers' Association in 1916 [34]
In August 1916 signed a petition which was sent to the Midland Railway Company requesting the price of their farms be reduced [34]
      After further petitioning the prices were eventually reduced by 40% - his original 683 acres dropped from £1,734 to £1,040 [27]
Member of the Winchester-Carnamah branch of the Farmers & Settlers' Association in 1917 [34]
Signed the petition and financial guarantee in 1917 for the Midland Railway Company to provide a resident doctor at Three Springs [34]
Foundation Committee Member of the Winchester Financial and Building Hall Committee in 1919 [10: 9-May-1919]
In 1921 part of his farm was share-cropped by Robert G. SKINNER, possibly to help financially after they'd purchased more land [19]
Signed the petition in February 1923 for the Irwin Licensing Court to grant a hotel license for Carnamah [10: 9-Mar-1923]
In 1927 purchased a new Chrysler car, which was said to have been "spic and span" whenever it was seen [4: 7-May-1927]
Had an account with Carnamah blacksmith, wheelwright and motor mechanics Henry Parkin & Son in 1928 and 1929 [53]
By 1929 his wife's nephew Charles Brazier BURN had joined them on Wylam Farm in Winchester [19]
Participant in the Winchester Dingo Hunt of 1932 which resulted in a frequently seen dingo meeting its end [4]
While in Perth on a holiday in February 1934 he became seriously ill and was admitted to a private hospital [5: 23-Feb-1934]
After receiving medical treatment in Perth for three months he returned to his farm in Winchester in early May 1934 [5: 11-May-1934]
Requested permission from the Carnamah District Road Board to lay a pipe across the road that passed through his Lot M1058 [5]
     The Road Board granted permission for his request at their monthly meeting on 22 January 1936 [5: 24-Jan-1936]
He passed away 16 days after the death of his wife Edith [5: 22-May-1936]
Died 2 June 1936 in the Perth suburb of Subiaco; buried Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Anglican, LE, 240) [2] [5: 5-Jun-1936]
90 lambs were sold from the "Estate of J. E. & E. G. Hunter" at the Midland Market on 26 August 1936 [5: 28-Aug-1936, 9-Oct-1936]
48 sheep were sold from his estate at 14/7 per head through Westralian Farmers Ltd at the Midland Market on 7 October 1936 [5]
84 lambs at 20/7 and 2 rams at 15/7 per head were sold from his estate through Westralian Farmers Ltd on 7 July 1937 [5: 9-Jul-1937]
Following the death of his wife and himself their farm in Winchester was inherited by their nephew Charles Brazier BURN [3]

From The North Midland Times newspaper, Friday 5 June 1936:
Obituary - The Late Mr. James E. Hunter
"The death occurred on Tuesday, June 2, when Mr. James Edward Hunter, of Winchester, passed away quietly at St. John of God Hospital, Subiaco. The deceased, a pioneer resident of the Winchester district, had not enjoyed good health for considerable time. The late Mr. Hunter was predeceased by his wife by a fortnight, Mrs. Hunter having passed away at the same institution on May 17."

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'James Edward Hunter' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 May 2024 from [reference list]

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