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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Joe" James Joseph BROWN

Born 1880 in Perth, Western Australia [15]
Son of John BROWN and Mary HUGHES [15]
His father was "popularly known as the father of Moora" [120: 25-Sep-1909]
Farmer in Moora 1903-1909 [50]
     Sold his home and 110 acre property Findlater Park on the Walebing Road in Moora to PEREJUAN in mid 1909 [9: 11-Jun-1909]
Married Mary Anne SHERIDAN on Wednesday 1 September 1909 at Saint John's Church in Moora [9: 3-Sep-1909]
     His best man was his brother Francis BROWN while the groomsman was Mary's brother William B. SHERIDAN [9]
     After the ceremony their wedding breakfast (reception) was held at the home of Mary's parents, Mongaming Farm in Moora [9]
Attended the Midland Railway Company's 9th Subdivision Sale at the Builders & Contractors' Exchange in Perth on 18 June 1909 [9]
     The sale was the Company's first of agricultural blocks of virgin bush and townsite blocks in Three Springs [9: 25-Jun-1909]
     He was the successful bidder for three townsite blocks, for which he paid £60, £38 and £30 [120: 26-Jun-1909]
Upon their release for sale, he purchased Lots 77 and 78 of the Kadathinni townsite on 5 August 1908 [9: 13-Aug-1909]
     The lots were purchased through the Government Land Agent's Office in Geraldton for the reserve prices of £15 and £10 [9]
Newsagent in Three Springs in 1909 and 1910 [6] [9: 20-Aug-1909]
     By August 1909 he'd had a shop erected facing the railway station in Three Springs and opened a newsagency [9: 6 & 20-Aug-1909]
     It was reported that his business would be "a great boon to both residents and travellers" [9: 20-Aug-1909]
     He was seller of The Midlands Advertiser newspaper, which was produced at Moora and reported on the Midlands [9: 17-Dec-1909]
     In 1910 his newsagent and tobacconist shop in Three Springs was managed by Charles MCKAY [6] [9: 14-Jan-1910]
Attended the Midland Railway Company's 10th Subdivision Sale in Perth on Friday 10 December 1909 [86: 16-Dec-1909]
     The subdivision comprised about 44,000 acres of prospective farmland in Three Springs, of which nearly 16,000 were sold [86]
     He was successful bidder for the 1,774 acre Lot M847 of Victoria Location 2022 at 3/6 per acre, or a total of £310/9/- [27]
     The land was payable by instalments over 15 years, however, the sale was rescinded on 29 September 1916 [27]
     In 1923 the Midland Railway Company re-sold Lot M847 to Evander W. FRANKLIN at the original 1909 price [27]
     The sale to FRANKLIN was also rescinded, in 1924, before being re-sold again in 1924 to NAIRN Bros but at 5/- per acre [27]
Manager of his father-in-law Stephen SHERIDAN's General Store in Three Springs in 1911 [6]
     In partnership he and his brother-in-law "Bill" William B. SHERIDAN took over the store [9: 17-Mar-1911, 10-Jun-1911] [86: 7-Mar-1911]
     His father-in-law's Gallon License to sell alcohol was transferred into his name on 6 March 1911 [86: 7-Mar-1911]
     "Brown & Sheridan" were Storekeepers, Land, News & Commission Agents on Slaughter Street in Three Springs [9: 10-Jun-1911]
     They sold groceries, ironmongery, drapery, wine, spirits and other items [9: 17-Mar-1911]
     Advertised in The Midlands Advertiser, "Highest Quality at the Lowest Prices" and "Every Visitor Becomes a Customer" [9]
     "Brown & Sheridan" were representatives for the firm Ockerby Lehman & Co Ltd in 1911 [9: 27-Jan-1911]
     In January 1911 they sold and sent 200 tons of chaff off to the Murchison through Ockerby Lehman & Co Ltd [9]
     A Post and Telegraph Office was opened in premises adjoining their store on Friday 17 March 1911 [9: 24-Mar-1911]
     He and Bill dissolved their partnership on 15 May 1911 and the store was sold to William HARRIS [9: 10-Jun-1911, 21 & 28-Jul-1911]
By October 1911 he was building another shop in Three Springs [388: 28-Oct-1911]
     His new shop, with an adjoining residence, was built by local contractor F. E. BROCK [9: 9-May-1913]
     Store Manager in Three Springs in 1912 and 1913 [6] and a Commission Agent in Three Springs in 1912 and 1913 [50]
     In 1913 he was an agent for Patterson & Co Ltd, Mount Lyell, Florida Manures and the Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co [9]
     Among the items he sold were corn sacks, chaff bags and insurance for livestock, grain stacks and crops [9: 23-May-1913]
     He was also a Land Agent in 1913 and had farms, businesses and townsite lots for sale in Three Springs and Arrino [9: 23-May-1913]
He was one of numerous Vice Presidents of the Kadathinni Cricket Club in Three Springs upon its formation in 1909 [9: 20-Aug-1909]
Foundation Committee Member of the Three Springs Football Club in 1910 [9: 1-Jul-1910]
Addressed those present at the Arbor Day tree planting at the Three Springs State School on Friday 24 June 1910 [9: 1-Jul-1910]
Member of the Kadathinni Farmers and Progress Association - was Vice President in 1910 and Secretary in 1911 [9: 1-Jul-1910, 5-May-1911]
In June 1910 he put up for sale the 1774 acre Lot M847  situated about eight and half miles east of Three Springs [9]
     He had purchased the 1,774 acres from the Midland Railway Company in 1909 however hadn't improved the property [9]
     At the same time also put up for sale Aloba and Killarney Farms and eleven townsite blocks in Moora [9: 24-Jun-1910]
Member of the committee formed in July 1910 to obtain an Agricultural Hall for Three Springs [9: 22-Jul-1910]
Served on the Three Springs Local Board of Health - was Chairman in 1910 but resigned in 1911 [9: 26-Aug-1910, 24-Feb-1911]
On behalf of local farmers forwarded sheaves of wheaten hay and oats to be exhibited at Moora's Annual Show in 1910 [9: 28-Oct-1910]
Foundation Secretary of the Three Springs Race Club in 1910 and 1911 [9: 23-Dec-1910]
By mid 1911 he had been appointed a Justice of the Peace and local Honorary Magistrate [31: 30-Jun-1911]
Presided over Senator P. J. LYNCH's talk on Referenda in Three Springs on Saturday evening 15 April 1911 [9: 21-Apr-1911]
Helped organise a Concert & Dance in mid 1911, the proceeds of which went to the building of a local Agricultural Hall [9: 2-Jun-1911]
Member of the committee who had the Agricultural Hall built in Three Springs in 1912 [9: 12-Jul-1912]
     He was also one of 15 guarantors who covered the £300 debt to complete and furnish the new Agricultural Hall [9: 12-Jul-1912]
A storekeeper in Carnamah by the name of Joseph Edgbert BROWN went before the Three Springs Police Court in 1912 [81]
     Joseph was found guilty of supplying liquor to an Aboriginal man and fined £62 or six months imprisonment in lieu [81: 22-Sep-1912]
     Due to both being storekeepers and having similar names he was concerned people would think this was him [9: 20-Sep-1912]
     He placed a notice in The Midlands Advertiser newspaper to inform the public that he was not the man charged [9: 20-Sep-1912]
He was intending to takeover the General Store in Arrino in February 1913 [9: 7-Feb-1913]
     Advertised that he intended to apply for a Gallon License for the store's premises at Lot 57 in the Arrino townsite [9: 7-Feb-1913]
By mid 1913 he had purchased a 600 acre farm in Three Springs, consisting of Victoria Locations 4374, 4492 and 4493 [44]
     The property had been taken up as virgin bush in 1909 by Harry UNDERHILL and Robert BELL [9: 5-Nov-1909] [86: 9-Sep-1909]
By 1914 they'd left Three Springs, he was working as a Clerk and was living at 4 Hammond Street in Perth [50]
Later resided in the Perth suburb of Wembley [2]
Father of Dorothy, Joe, Veronica, Mary, John, Neil and Leo [39: 14-Dec-1953]
Died 10 December 1953: buried at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth, Western Australia (Roman Catholic, HA, 283) [2]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'James Joseph Brown' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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