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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs



Born 6 June 1927 in Carnamah, Western Australia [98]
Daughter of "Dido" Joachim DIDO and Jessie NEBRONG [5: 25-Aug-1944] [15] [243]
Initially resided with her parents in Carnamah and attended the Carnamah State School [98]
Enrolled as a student at the Dominican Convent School in Three Springs on 26 June 1937 [98]
In 1944 she was living at the Moore River Native Settlement in Mogumber [12: 15-Sep-1944]
She ran away from the Native Settlement three times, and at least once went to Mrs Mary M. EDWARDS in Carnamah [12: 15-Sep-1944]
By 1950 she was living in Geraldton [86: 24-Jun-1950, 24-Aug-1950]
Fined £3 plus costs of 1/- for creating a disturbance at the railway station in Three Springs on 26 April 1950 [86: 24-Jun-1950]
She went before the Police Court in Geraldton in August 1950 and was fined £2 for being disorderly [86: 24-Aug-1950]
Sentenced to a month in prison for being in the possession of liqour at the Police Court in Mingenew on 29 January 1951 [506: 1-Feb-1951]
In 1954 she was living with her mother and partner Harry at a native camp on Eastern Road in Geraldton [86: 15-Apr-1954]
Married Harry KIMBERLEY in 1957, although she'd used the name of Mary KIMBERLEY from as early as 1954 [66] [86: 15-Apr-1954]
She and her husband were living on the Native Reserve in Mingenew in 1963 and 1964 [24] [50]
Her husband, who was a labourer and pensioner, passed away in Three Springs at the age of 45 years on 29 July 1964 [24] [176]
Although an application was lodged for him to be buried at Three Springs, he was buried at Plot C41 of the Mingenew Cemetery [24] [176]
Died 1968 in Carnarvon, Western Australia [15]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Mary Dido / Kimberley' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 13 June 2024 from [reference list]

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