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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Max" Maxwell John BARKER

Born 1 November 1909 in Wallaroo, South Australia [55]
Son of John BARKER and Elizabeth Jane MOLDENHAUER [55]
Believed to have grown up in Wallaroo as that is where he was born and where his mother died on 27 August 1937 [P293]
Nephew of Mrs Eliza A. AUNGER and "Moray" Maurice S. B. AUNGER of Oakover Farm in Carnamah, Western Australia [P156]
By December 1934 he was living in Carnamah, Western Australia [5]
Member of Carnamah's Parkinson Tennis Club in 1934-35, 1935-36 and 1936-37 [5: 7-Dec-1934, 25-Oct-1935, 30-Oct-1936]
Member of the Billeroo Cricket Club in 1934-35 and 1935-36 [5: 4-Jan-1935, 15-Nov-1935]
After spending two months with his parents in South Australia he arrived back in Western Australia on Friday 14 February 1936 [5]
      Returned to Carnamah with his uncle and aunt Maurice & Eliza AUNGER two days later on Sunday 16 February 1936 [5: 21-Feb-1936]
Played for the defeated "The Rest" in a cricket match against Carnamah in Coorow on Sunday 22 March 1936 [5: 27-Mar-1936]
Played for the combined Carnamah-Parkinson tennis team against Winchester-Waddy-Coorow on Sunday 5 April 1936 [5: 3-Apr-1936]
Attended the Parkinson Tennis Club's Annual Social Evening at the Church Hall in Carnamah on Thursday 14 May 1936 [5]
     During the evening received the trophy for winning the Club's Championship Singles for the 1935-36 season 1936 [5: 22-May-1936]
Attended the Surprise 21st Birthday for Miss Eileen R. PERRY in Carnamah on Saturday evening 18 July 1936 [5: 24-Jul-1936]
Member of the Carnamah Athletic Club in 1936 - participated in their cycle races[4: 29-Aug-1936]
Attended the Reunion of South Australians in the North Midlands at Centenary Park in Carnamah on Saturday 26 September 1936 [5]
     In the afternoon sports he won the Single Men's Race, and with Shirley D. BENTLEY won Threading the Needle [5: 2-Oct-1936]
Travelled from Carnamah to South Australia by truck with a group of other erstwhile South Australians in December 1936 [5]
     They departed Carnamah on 16 December 1936 and after travelling overland hoped to be in South Australia by Christmas Day [5]
     Everyone on the truck was from Carnamah or Winchester and the others included Maurice S. B. & Eliza A. AUNGER, [5]
     C. George AUNGER, Mervyn A. PERRY, T. Gordon PERRY, Eileen R. PERRY, Shirley D. BENTLEY, Ida W. BENTLEY [5]
     "Tony" Edgar H. & Beatrice M. BENTLEY, Mrs I. Gertrude ALLEN, Russell J. BENTLEY, Thomas J. BARKER [5: 18-Dec-1936]
     The 1,835 miles of driving of the Commer truck was shared between himself, his uncle Maurice and cousin George AUNGER [5]
     He and the rest of the group arrived back in Carnamah on the truck on Monday 15 February 1937 [5: 19-Feb-1937, 23-Jul-1937]
Member of the Five Gums Tennis Club in 1936-37 and 1937-38 [5: 19-Mar-1937] [89]
Competed in the Carnamah Tennis Club's Easter Tennis Tournament at Centenary Park in Carnamah in March 1937 [5: 2-Apr-1937]
Married Mavis Anna FROST on 29 January 1938 at the Methodist Church in Alford, South Australia [415: 9-Feb-1938]
On leaving Carnamah shifted to Marchagee where he farmed land belonging to his uncle Maurice S. B. AUNGER [P156]
Farmer in Marchagee, Western Australia [19]
     In August 1947 purchased in partnership with his brother-in-law Arnold D. FROST 4,992 acres of farmland in Marchagee [3]
     The 4,992 acres was purchased from his uncle Maurice S. B. AUNGER and was the land he'd been farming [P156]
     The farm's 4,992 acres consisted of Victoria Locations 915, 3344, 5646, 6814, 8370, 8414, 8699 and 8741 [3]
Private W83517 in Coorow's local Volunteer Defence Corps during the Second World War [16]
Sent a floral tribute for the grave of Waddy Forest farmer Price W. HUNT at the Winchester Cemetery in 1946 [5: 20-Sep-1946]
Member of the East Marchagee Tennis Club from 1946-47 to 1948-49 [5: 24-Jan-1947, 5-Mar-1948, 8-Dec-1949]
    He competed in the club's first ever competition, which was against Coorow in Coorow on 19 January 1947 [5: 24-Jan-1947]
Competitor in the Waddy Forest Tennis Club's Easter Tennis Tournament held in Waddy Forest in 1947 [5: 18-Apr-1947]
Donated a Metters Number 2 Stove for use in the Marchagee Hall in November 1947 [5: 28-Nov-1947]
He and his brother-in-law Arnold D. FROST donated £4/4/- to the Farmers' Union Appeal Fund in 1949 [5: 1-Sep-1949]
Member of the Marchagee Tennis Club from 1950-51 to 1957-58 [4: 9-Dec-1950, 21-Mar-1958]
Around 1951 he and Arnold D. FROST appear to have ended their partnership and split their farmland between themselves [3]
     After they divided the farm he had 2,966 acres - Victoria Locations 5646, 8370 and a portion of Victoria Location 8699 [3]
Employed the services of Coorow builder E. Clive HUNTER to build him a house [P320]
Resided in retirement onCommercial Street in the Coorow townsite from as early as 1970 until his death in 1976 [1] [19] [90]
Father of Kevin, Elaine and Doreen [14]
Died 8 August 1976 in Coorow; buried at the Winchester Cemetery in Carnamah, Western Australia (Row V, Plot 2) [1]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Maxwell John Barker' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 July 2024 from [reference list]

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