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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Tom" Thomas Patrick Joseph FARRELL

Born 1882 in Huntly, Victoria, Australia [15]
Son of George FARRELL and Margaret BURNS [15]
His given names were registered at birth as Thomas Patrick [15], but he appears to have mostly gone by Thomas Joseph [19] [50] [54]
On at least one occasion, at his marriage in 1943, he gave his given names as Thomas Patrick Joseph [66]
Himself and his brothers Matthew J. FARRELL and William J. FARRELL worked as contractors along the Midland Railway line [152]
     They went to what was to become the Perenjori district looking for land to take up as they wanted some for a horse run [152]
     In about 1908 himself and his brothers took up land "East of Carnamah" which later became Perenjori [44] [152]
     Himself and his brothers Matthew J. FARRELL and William J. FARRELL were the first people to take up land in Perenjori [152]
Sharefarmer with his brothers as "Farrell Bros" in Mingenew 1908-1914 [9: 22-Jan-1909] [81: 1-Feb-1914] [152]
     They share-farmed part of George J. GOOCH's 23,000 acre Bacton Station in Mingenew [9: 22-Jan-1909] [81: 1-Feb-1914] [152]
     Through George J. GOOCH himself and his brothers donated £1 to the Children's Hospital in Perth in November 1908 [39: 7-Nov-1908]
     They advertised in December 1908 that they had good seed wheat, skinless barley, oats and wheaten chaff for sale [39: 15-Dec-1908]
     A photograph of Calcutta oats they grew in Mingenew was featured in The Western Mail newspaper on 11 December 1909 [120]
     Their average wheat yield from five years on Bacton Station in Mingenew was 15 bushels per acre [152]
     A fire went through Bacton C.1912 and he lost about £1,500 worth of stuff, as did his brothers and George J. GOOCH [39: 9-Dec-1915]
     It was reported in The Sunday Times newspaper that their 1913 crops had performed much better than the year before [81: 1-Feb-1914]
     Among their crops on Bacton Station in Mingenew in 1913 they reaped 800 bags of wheat from an 80-acre plot [81: 1-Feb-1914]
"Farrell Bros" were also listed as Farmers & Contractors in Carnamah 1910-1917 [6]
     He and his brothers were said to have sunk a lot of the early dams in the Carnamah district [P399]
     In 1913 he took up the expired contract to deliver mail to Perenjori [31: 4-Jul-1913]
Farmer in Perenjori 1914-1953 [19]
     He was the freehold owner of Victoria Location 3591 in Perenjori [61]
     Unsuccessfully tendered to contract harvest some of the Midland Railway Company's crops in Carnamah in 1915 [34]
     In addition to Perenjori he was also listed as a Farmer in Carnamah in 1918, 1919 and 1920 [6]
Member of the Perenjori branch of the Primary Producers' Association - was Vice Chairman in 1918 [353: 19-Jul-1918]
Donated 10/6 to the Three Springs Saint Patrick's Day Committee in 1920 [124]
From Perenjori on 16 July 1920 he wrote a letter to the Midland Railway Company asking about land for sale or lease [34]
     He was interested in Salmon Gum country south east of Dampawa or land north of Carnamah and Perenjori [34]
     Also requested permission to cut posts from timber on the Company's land and asked what royalty they would charge [34]
     The Company responded stating they wouldn't issue a permit to cut posts from timber on their lands [34]
Married (1) "Winifred" Annie Winifred DAVIESON in Perth 1921 [66]
    His wife, late of the Perth suburb of Victoria Park, died on 12 January 1926 aged 35 years [2] [39: 14-Jan-1926]
He grew 600 acres of crop on his Perenjori farm in 1923 [86: 7-Jun-1923]
It was said that the quantity and quality of his wheat crops could always be relied upon as he worked his land so well [39: 15-May-1929]
Sold two bales of wool through Elder Smith & Co on 18 October 1929 - one at 11d. and the other at 10¾d. per pound [4: 19-Oct-1929]
Grew just over 1,600 acres of crop on his farm in Perenjori in 1930 [39: 22-May-1930]
Vice President of the Perenjori Golf Club in 1934 [39: 24-Apr-1934]
Vice President of the Perenjori Football Club in 1934 [39: 4-Apr-1934]
Member and Patron of the Five Gums Tennis Club from 1935-36 to 1940-41 [5: 4-Oct-1935] [89]
Married (2) Margaret Augusta DARLEY at Saint Mary's Cathedral in Perth on Saturday 3 April 1943 [39: 3-Apr-1943]
He and his wife had left Perenjori by 1954 and were living at 13 Lillimur Road in the Melbourne suburb of Ormond [50]
Died 1958 in the Melbourne suburb of Ormond, Victoria, Australia [54]
Also known as Thomas Patrick FARRELL [15] but mostly as Thomas Joseph FARRELL [19] [50] [54]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Thomas Patrick Joseph Farrell' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 5 July 2020 from [sources]

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