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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Reginald" Thomas Reginald SIZER

Born 1894 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia [54]
Son of John SIZER and Emma O'CONNELL [54]
Farmer in Bendigo prior to enlisting in the Australian Imperial Force in Bendigo on 20 July 1915 [30: item 8085671]
     On enlistment he was received as being 5 feet 9½ inches tall, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion [30]
     Being a few months under the age of 21 he obtained his mother's consent to enlist in the A.I.F. (his father being deceased) [30]
     Gave his mother as his next of kin, her address being West End Hotel in Bendigo, and allocated to her three fifths of his pay [30]
     Embarked from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia for active service on the A32 H.M.A.T. Themistocles on 28 January 1916 [18]
     Disembarked in Alexandria, Egypt on 28 February 1916 and after a month in Egypt proceeded to France [30]
     Private and later Lance Corporal 4600 in the Australian Imperial Force's 6th Battalion in France during the First World War [30]
     Held the rank of Private until 11 October 1917 when in France he was appointed Lance Corporal [30]
     Wounded in Action in France on 27 March 1918, suffered from shell gas, and was evacuated by a hospital ship to England [30]
     Following treatment at the Bath War Hospital he returned to France on 6 November 1918, however was found medically unfit [30]
     Embarked from England on the Soudan on 12 May 1919 and disembarked in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 29 June 1919 [30]
     Discharged from the Australian Imperial Force on 21 August 1919; received the British War Medal and the Victory Medal [30]
In 1923 he was living in Kerang, Victoria, Australia [30]
Resided in Arrino, Western Australia in 1927 [39: 8-Nov-1927, 31-Jan-1928]
With his sister Mrs Daisy H. WIGGIN purchased Daniel P. FARLEY's Dartmouth Farm in Coorow in late 1927 [39: 8-Nov-1927, 31-Jan-1928]
     The farm was 1,331 acres in size and consisted of Lots M947 and M961 and M1121 of Victoria Location 2023 [3] [27] [34]
     He owned a Chevrolet truck in 1927-28 which was registered with the Carnamah District Road Board with license plate CA-202 [325]
     They appear to have sold the farm in Coorow to Charles A. NOLAN by 1929 as it was part of his estate after he died [39: 7-Mar-1930]
He resided in Three Springs, Western Australia 1930-1935 and in Carnamah, Western Australia 1936-1941 [5] [6] [19]
     In Three Springs he initially worked as a Labourer [19] and later as a Shop Assistant in the store of William G. JORDAN [P2]
     In 1935 he was a Farm Manager in Three Springs [6]
     Ran Oswald S. SOWERBY's H. V. McKay Massey Harris Pty Ltd agency at 1 Macpherson Street in Carnamah [5: 21-Feb-1936] [P6]
He was among the 400 people who attended the Matrons and Benedicts Ball held in Three Springs on 31 August 1928 [4: 8-Sep-1928]
Attended the evening dance at the Three Springs Hall after the R.S.L. Sports Day at Arrino on 5 November 1932 [5: 18-Nov-1932]
Member of the Three Springs Golf Club in 1933, Vice Captain in 1934 and Captain in 1935 [5: 2-Jun-1933, 13-Apr-1934, 4-Oct-1935]
Attended the Official Opening of the Carnamah Golf Course at Centenary Park in Carnamah on Sunday 23 July 1933 [5: 28-Jul-1933]
Had charge of the catering on behalf of F. J. BEAUMONT at the R.S.L. Ball in Three Springs on 1 September 1933 [5: 8-Sep-1933]
Presented with the Club Championship Cup at the Three Springs Golf Club's Annual Ball on Thursday 12 October 1933 [5: 20-Oct-1933]
Attended the Carnamah Golf Club's Opening Season Dance at the Carnamah Hall on Saturday 21 April 1934 [5: 27-Apr-1934]
He and Joyce BASTIAN won the trophy for the Three Springs Golf Club's mixed foursomes in 1934 [5: 9-Nov-1934]
Played for the victorious R.S.L. team who defeated "The Rest" at cricket in Three Springs on Sunday 2 December 1934 [5: 7-Dec-1934]
Member of the Three Springs Cricket Club in 1934-35 [5: 1-Feb-1935]
Member of the Three Springs Tennis Club in 1934-35, and a Committee Member in 1935-36 [5: 8-Mar-1935, 20-Sep-1935]
Competed in the Three Springs verses Carnamah billiard contest held in Three Springs on Thursday 14 February 1935 [5: 15-Feb-1935]
Attended the Three Springs Golf Club's Annual Ball held at the Agricultural Hall in Three Springs on 2 October 1935 [5: 4-Oct-1935]
Won the Gent's Prize in Bridge at the Card Party held at Mrs Clare BLACK's home in Three Spring on 7 October 1935 [5: 11-Oct-1935]
Secretary of the R.S.L. Reunion Dinner of the North Midlands Zone held in Three Springs on Saturday 19 October 1935 [5: 11-Oct-1935]
Attended the R.S.L. Reunion Dinner held in Three Springs on Saturday evening 19 October 1935 [5: 25-Oct-1935]
Resided in Three Springs until February 1936 when he shifted to Carnamah [5: 21-Feb-1936]
Committee Member of the Carnamah Golf Club in 1936, and Vice Captain in 1937[5: 1 & 8-May-1936, 5-Mar-1937]
     With Mrs Dorothea M. C. METTAM of Carnamah won the mixed foursomes competition held on the Club's 1936 Opening Day [5]
     At the wind-up of the 1937 season he received the Championship Trophy and the R. W. Clark Trophy [5: 17-Sep-1937]
Winner of bridge at the Parkinson Tennis Club's Annual Social Evening at the Church Hall in Carnamah on 14 May 1936 [5: 22-May-1936]
Attended the Coorow Golf Club's Opening Day for the 1936 season in Coorow on Sunday 17 May 1936 [5: 22-May-1936]
Member of Carnamah's Parkinson Tennis Club in 1936-37 [5: 30-Oct-1936, 5-Mar-1937]
Competitor in the Parkinson Tennis Club's Tennis Tournament held in Carnamah on New Year's Day 1 January 1937 [5: 8-Jan-1937]
Played for "The Rest" of non cricketers who defeated the Carnamah Cricket Club's B team on Sunday 14 February 1937 [5: 19-Feb-1937]
Competed in the Carnamah Tennis Club's Easter Tennis Tournament at Centenary Park in Carnamah in March 1937 [5: 2-Apr-1937]
With Charles S. TOWNSEND won the Men's Foursome Handicap at the Carnamah Golf Club's Season Opening in 1937 [5: 7-May-1937]
He was among the 80 who attended the Carnamah Repertory Club's Social Evening at the Carnamah Hall on 25 June 1937 [5: 2-Jul-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Social Club - was Runner-Up Men's Singles Badminton Champion in 1937 [5: 10-Sep-1937]
Committee Member of the Carnamah Tennis Club in 1937-38 [5: 13-Aug-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Cricket Club in 1938 - played for Carnamah Blues [0: image 03318]
Managed the Carnamah Cash Store and Agency in 1941 [0: image 02958 / 9]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Thomas Reginald Sizer' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 23 August 2019 from  [ sources ]

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