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Biographical Dictionary - Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs


"Wally" Walter BODYCOAT

Born 14 April 1886 in Epping, Victoria, Australia [16]
Son of Walter BODYCOAT and Mary O'DONNELL [15]
Resided with his parents in the Australian state of Victoria until 1897 when he shifted with them to Western Australia [15] [54]
Resided with his parents in Perth and then in Kalgoorlie 1897-1909 [78: 14-Mar-1957]
Attended the School of Mines in Kalgoorlie in 1909 and then mined at Uruguay in South Australia [78: 14-Mar-1957]
Spent time in England in between working as a Mining Engineer in Peru and three stints as a Miner in West Africa [203] [204]
     Departed Callao, Peru on the steamship Orcoma and arrived in Liverpool, England on 7 August 1911 [204]
     Departed Liverpool, England on the steamship Tarquah for Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa on 27 September 1911 [203]
     Departed Douala, Cameroon, Africa on the Henry Woermann and arrived in Southampton, England on 29 October 1912 [204]
     Departed Dover, England on 12 February 1913 on the Eleonore Woermann for Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa [203]
     Departed Liverpool, England for Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa on the steamship Falaba on 1 October 1913 [203]
     Departed Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa on the steamship Appam and arrived in Plymouth, England on 23 July 1914 [204]
Departed London, England on the Orontes on 12 February and arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 17 March 1915 [70] [203]
     Farmer in Waroona, Western Australia in 1915 [30] [50]
Enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in Perth on 4 January 1916 [30: item 3095635]
     On enlistment he was 5 feet 7½ inches tall, weighed 138 pounds and had brown eyes, light brown hair and a fresh complexion [30]
     At Blackboy Hill he was appointed to the Australian Imperial Force's Field Company Engineers; Regimental Number 14984 [30]
     Embarked from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia for active service abroad on the Aeneas on 30 September 1916 [30]
     Disembarked from the Aeneas in Plymouth, England on 19 November 1916; proceeded to France on 18 March 1917 [30]
     Served in France as a Sapper in the 5th Field Company Engineers, promoted to Lance Corporal on 21 March 1918 [30]
     Wounded in Action on 26 September 1917 (particulars unknown); awarded the Military Medal on 11 September 1918 [30]
     His brother Harold William BODYCOAT of the 31st Battalion was Killed in Action in Belgium on 22 October 1917 [94]
     Discharged on 3 March 1919 in London, England, after being in the Australian Imperial Force for three years and 46 days [30]
     Awarded the British War Medal and the Victory Medal [30]
Departed Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa on the steamship Akabo and arrived in Liverpool, England on 10 February 1920 [204]
     He had been in Africa a brief time but returned to England and married Katie BURT in Cornwall in 1920 [21] [78: 14-Mar-1957]
     Departed Liverpool, England on the steamship Ekari for Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa on 16 June 1920 [203]
     Remained in West Africa for over six months and wasn't accompanied by his wife, who presumably remained in England [203] [204]
     Departed Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa on the steamship Appam and arrived in Liverpool, England on 20 April 1921 [204]
     Resided at 2 Greenbank Crescent and then on Crantock Street in Newquay, Cornwall, England in 1921 [203] [204]
Departed London, England with his wife on the steamship Omar and arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia on 20 July 1921 [70]
     Initially resided with his wife in Joel Terrace in the Perth suburb of Mount Lawley [30]
     Later resided with his wife and later also their two sons in Northam until 1925 [78: 14-Mar-1957]
     In 1925 purchased Campbell W. BEAN's 2,176 acre farm in Carnamah, Western Australia [7: pages 66-69]
     The farm was Lot 6 of the Inering Estate (1,176 acres) and Lots M1008 and M1010 of Victoria Location 2022 (1,000 acres) [3]
Farmer of Trevose Farm in Carnamah 1925-1953 [19] [78: 14-Mar-1957]
     His farm was situated mainly on the south and partially on the north side of the Carnamah-Perenjori Road [62]
     On 8 October 1925 Katie extended the farm by 969 acres with Lots M1006 and M1007 of Victoria Location 2022 [27]
     The 969 acres was virgin land purchased from the Midland Railway Company for £339, and took the farm to 3,145 acres [3] [27]
     Had an account with Carnamah blacksmith, wheelwright and general repairers Henry Parkin & Son in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s [53]
     His home on Trevose Farm was telephone number Inering-8 until 1940 and then Carnamah-50U from 1941 to 1954 [60]
He had a Dodge car or truck registered with the Carnamah District Road Board with licence plate CA-148 in 1926-27 and 1927-28 [325]
     In 1927-28 he also had an International truck registered with licence plate CA-171 [325]
     He purchased a new six cylinder Chevrolet truck from Carnamah dealer L. Scott WYLIE in May 1929 [4: 25-May-1929]
Won 1st prizes for Three Fat Lambs and Potatoes at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Show in 1929 [4: 28-Sep-1929]
At the Carnamah Agricultural Show in 1930 he won 1st prize for Green Oats for Hay and 2nd for a British Bred Ram [4: 27-Sep-1930]
Committee Member of the Carnamah Ratepayers & Citizens Association 1930-1932 [4: 22-Mar-1930 & 16-Jul-1932]
Committee Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society 1931-1935 and 1939-1941 [4: 25-Apr-1931] [5: 17-Nov-1933, 26-Apr-1935] [13]
Member of Carnamah's branch of the Wheatgrowers' Union - was Treasurer in 1932 [4: 13-Feb-1932]
In 1932 was the owner of a Chevrolet truck with license plate CA-319 [4: 12-Nov-1932]
Among those who made a donation to the Carnamah Country Women's Association in 1932 to help them buy premises [5: 29-Jul-1932]
He was one of 77 ex-servicemen who attended the Sailors & Soldiers Reunion Dinner in Carnamah on 22 October 1932 [86: 29-Oct-1932]
On 9 December 1932 published an expression of thanks in the local paper to those who helped with a fire on his farm [5: 9-Dec-1932]
Financial Member of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society 1932-1952 [13]
Became a member of the Carnamah Masonic Lodge No.150 WAC on 10 February 1933[96]
Paid £2/10/- in Vermin Bonuses by the Carnamah District Road Board on 16 August 1933 for killing five foxes [300: page 41]
Steward in Charge of the Wool section at the Carnamah District Agricultural Society's Annual Show in 1933 [13]
The Carnamah Road Board recommended him to be appointed a Justice of the Peace for the Five Gums district in 1933 [5: 18-Aug-1933]
Won 1st prize for Beetroot in the Vegetable section of the Carnamah Agricultural Show on 14 September 1933 [5: 22-Sep-1933]
The local newspaper reported on 24 August 1934 that a parcel for him had arrived at the Carnamah Railway Station [5: 24-Aug-1934]
Attended the funeral of Mrs Christina B. D. FORRESTER of Carnamah at the Winchester Cemetery on 31 August 1934 [4: 8-Sep-1934]
Won 1st prizes for Fodder Plants and Lettuce at the Carnamah Agricultural Show on Thursday 12 September 1935 [5: 20-Sep-1935]
Sold 18 shorn lambs at 17/1, 26 shorn ewes at 8/7, and 17 shorn ewes at 8/10 per head through on 13 November 1935 [5: 15-Nov-1935]
Signed a guarantee on 8 December 1935 that two of his children would regularly attend the Inering State School [276]
     As a result of his guarantee and that of six other families the closed Inering State School was re-opened on 3 February 1936 [276]
At 6:10 p.m. on 8 January 1936 he reported at the Carnamah Police Station that about 80 of his Merino ewes were missing [88]
     He had mustered and counted his sheep on 28 December 1935 and when he did so again on 8 January 1936 they were 80 short [88]
     The missing sheep, which were of mixed ages, were all carrying the wool-brand QO4 and his own earmark [88]
     Constable Alan O. FIEBIG travelled from Carnamah to his farm on 8 January 1936 to make inquiries about the sheep stealing [88]
Member of the Five Gums Tennis Club from 1935-36 to 1941-42 and from 1946-47 to 1953-54 [5: 4-Oct-1935] [89]
     President from 1935-36 to 1941-42, Committee Member 1935-37 to 1940-41, and Auditor 1946-47 to 1952-53 [5] [89]
Sold nine bales of wool at 17d. per pound through Elder Smith & Co Ltd at the Wool Sale in Perth on 13 January 1936 [5: 17-Jan-1936]
Attended the funeral of Carnamah agent William B. SHERIDAN at the Winchester Cemetery on 27 January 1936 [5: 31-Jan-1936]
Sold 31 lambs at 18/4 per head, 25 hoggets at 18/1, and 17 wethers at 21/1 per head on Wednesday 20 May 1936 [5: 22-May-1936]
In 1937 there were four houses on his farm, three of which were occupied by three workmen and their families [278]
Purchased a new Chevrolet 6 truck in January 1937 [5: 15-Jan-1937]
Attended the meeting at Five Gums on 10 March 1937 to discuss the establishment of a state school at Five Gums, Carnamah [278]
E. G. FARRINGTON, editor of Geraldton Newspapers, and his wife, holidayed with them in Carnamah in September 1937 [5: 17-Sep-1937]
Member of the Carnamah Repertory Club in 1939 [489]
Vice President of the Billeroo Cricket Club in 1939 [0: image 03853]
Imported five specially selected stud Merino rams from Bungaree in South Australia in September 1939 [5: 6-Sep-1939]
In December 1940 purchased an International TD9 Trac-tractor from local agent Eric H. GURR [0: image 03963]
Member of the Carnamah Sub-Branch of the Returned Soldiers League [52]
From 1938 to 1943 also leased and farmed the 1,135 acre farm on the Inering Estate in Carnamah belonging to C. Richard BATTY [3]
     During the 1943-44 financial year extended his farm by purchasing the 1,135 acre Lot 7 of the Inering Estate from BATTY [3]
Private W71724 in Carnamah's local Volunteer Defence Corps during the Second World War [16]
In February 1946 purchased the 1,784 acre Roselm Farm in Carnamah from Ernest L. MITCHELL [P346]
    The 1,784 acres of Roselm Farm consisted of Lots M985, M986 and M990 of Victoria Locations 2022 [3]
    Upon purchase approximately 1,200 acres of the farm were cleared, and they then cleared about another 150 acres [P346]
    He appears to have transferred the 1,784 acres purchased from Ernest L. MITCHELL to his sons Ken and Gordon in 1947 [3]
Financial Member of the Three Springs Agricultural Society in 1947 [262]
Around 1954 [19] retired to Perth with his wife Katie, their sons Ken and Gordon taking over the farm in Carnamah [78: 14-Mar-1957]
Vice Patron of the Carnamah District Agricultural Society in 1956 [58]
Resided of late in the Perth suburb of Mount Lawley [2]
Father of Kenneth, Gordon and Barbara [P43]
Died 2 March 1957; ashes interred at Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth WA (Crematorium Rose Gardens, 15, 68) [2]

From Walter BODYCOAT's First World War service record, courtesy of the National Archives of Australia:
14984 L/Cpl Walter Bodycoat, 15th Fld Coy Engrs
11/9/18      Honour or Award: Military Medal      Recommended by: L.F.S. Mather Lt-Col. C.R.E. 5th Aust. Div.
Action for which commended: For gallantry and devotion to duty. In the neighbourhood of Peronne during the period 30-31st August to 1-5th Sept 1918 this N2C.O. rendered very valuable assistance to his Officer in the successful completion of a footbridge through the Somme Valley. He was situated on the footbridge head, and was pushing out this bridge at a distance of 300 yards ahead of our advanced Infantry Posts and was continually under direct enemy machine gun fire. He set a fine example to the men under him, and it was largely due to his courage that the track was completed. On 5 September 1918 oushed forward with the advanced Infantry on reconnaissance and locating enemy lines, and despite enemalties to his party removed them under very heavy shell fire.

From Contract drawn up by E.H. Stirling, BROKER:
CONTRACT OF SALE between VENDOR:- C.W. Bean. PURCHASER:- W. Bodycoat.
"The Vendor agrees to sell, and the Purchaser agrees to purchase the Vendor’s farm, on a walk in walk out basis, situated at a point about 11 miles north-east of CARNAMAH railway station, being Inering Lot 6 and Midland Railway Company Lots 1008 and 1010, under the following terms and conditions:-
The Consideration to be the Purchaser shall pay the sum of £700/-/- (seven hundred pounds stg.) cash for the Vendor’s equity, and take over the Agricultural Bank mortgage and Soldiers’ Settlement Scheme liability amounting together to approximately £1,582/-/- (one thousand five hundred and eighty two pounds stg.). And also to pay the Land Rents account amounting to approximately £38/-/- (thirty eight pounds stg.)
The Purchaser shall pay a deposit of £100/-/- (one hundred pounds stg.), and balance of £600/-/- (six hundred pounds stg.) on registration of transfer. The Purchaser agrees to pay £5/-/- (five pounds stg.) deposit as an immediate deposit and balance of £95/-/- (ninety five pounds stg.) will be paid on the production of cropping contract, clearing contract, and the inventory,
Dated the 28th day of July 1925. Signed by the said C.W. BEAN ...  Signed by the said W. BODYCOAT ...”

From the Elders Weekly newspaper, Thursday 14 March 1957:
The Late Mr. W. Bodycoat
"The death occurred suddenly, on 2nd March, of Mr. Walter Bodycoat, one of the pioneers of the Inering (Carnamah) district. Mr. Bodycoat, who was born in 1886, at Epping, Victoria, came with his parents to Western Australia in 1898. After living in Perth for sometime the family moved to Kalgoorlie, where Mr. Walter Bodycoat attended the School of Mines, training as a mining assayer. In 1909 Mr. Bodycoat left for Uruguay, South America, and later spent some time on the Gold Coast in West Africa. He returned to Western Australia in 1915, and subsequently embarked with the Australian Field Engineers for war service overseas. He served in France and Belgium until the end of the war and was awarded the Military Medal. After taking his discharge in London he went out again to West Africa, but a little later returned to England, where in 1920, he married Miss Katie Burt, of Newquay, Cornwall, whom he had met during the war. He again went to West Africa for a few months and then in 1921, he and his wife came to Western Australia. They lived in Northam for a short while, and then in 1925, they moved to the Carnamah district, where Mr. Bodycoat purchased a property of 2500 acres in the Inering district, which was then in the early stages of development. When he acquired the property, which was named Trevose, after the site of a lighthouse in Cornwall, only 150 acres were cleared. A steady, and well organised system of development was initiated and by dint of hard work and determined efforts, despite the many difficulties with which the pioneers had to contend, success was steadily and surely achieved. In all this Mr. Bodycoat was ably seconded by his wife and later, in conjunction with their two sons, further holdings in the district were acquired. In the early years wheat production was the principal activity, but steadily the land was developed for the carrying of sheep, and now the holdings constitute one of the largest wheat and sheep properties in the district. Though taking a keen interest in the growth of the district, Mr. Bodycoat never aspired to take an active part in public life, but was a keen supporter and hard worker for the Carnamah Agricultural Society. A few years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Bodycoat retired to live in Perth with their daughter, Barbara, leaving their sons, Ken and Gordon, on the farms. The sudden passing away of Mr. Bodycoat came as a great shock to the numerous friends of the family, and brought forth many expressions of condolences and sympathy."
Note: He would probably have arrived in Western Australia with his parents in 1897, not 1898, as his sister Olive was born in Woodstock, Victoria in 1897 and died later that same year in Western Australia [15] [54]

Reference:  Carnamah Historical Society & Museum and North Midlands Project, 'Walter Bodycoat' in Biographical Dictionary of Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs, retrieved 25 June 2024 from [reference list]

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