Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
CALDWELL, James65Three Springs14 December 1918Three SpringsBiography
CALLER, Stanley George91Moora9 December 1995Moora
CALLERY, Jack57Three Springs29 June 1959Three SpringsBiography
CALLOW, Viola Ruth8 weeksMoora20 May 1919Moora
CAMAC, Daisy Elsie Margaret82Carnamah24 November 1999WinchesterBiography
CAMAC, Donald Reginald81Carnamah20 April 1997WinchesterBiography
CAMERON, Joseph70Mingenew22 December 1961Mingenew
CAMERON, Malcolm DouglasStillbornMingenew20 December 1938Three Springs
CAMERON, Robert Charles66Swan View1 August 1994Mingenew
CAMERON, Roy15Three Springs25 December 1924Three Springs
CAMPBELL, Alice Mary92Dongara17 June 2003Mingenew
CAMPBELL, Allan Colin59Blaxland NSW1 January 1974Three SpringsBiography
CAMPBELL, Charles82Eneabba13 March 1920Three SpringsBiography
CAMPBELL, Colin Charles39Mingenew27 November 1998Mingenew
CAMPBELL, Corel Clifford56Mingenew11 February 1967Mingenew
CAMPBELL, Duncan Cameron50-24 November 1913Moora
CAMPBELL, Edna May64Blaxland NSW1 January 1974Three Springs
CAMPBELL, Edward Robson57Moora20 April 1931Moora
CAMPBELL, James69Mingenew17 June 1941Mingenew
CAMPBELL, Janet (Jennie)70-6 January 1917Three SpringsBiography
CAMPBELL, Margery Reid72Mingenew8 February 1953Mingenew
CAMPBELL, Margery Reid91Nedlands19 April 1998Mingenew
CAMPBELL, Scott Stevenson42Mingenew3 October 1950Mingenew
CAMPBELL, Thomas Alexander50Mingenew27 July 1954Mingenew
CAMPBELL, William67Moora1 December 1914Moora
CAMPBELL, William John85Mingenew19 February 1960Mingenew
CAMPO, Francesco36Carnamah26 October 1927WinchesterBiography
CANNEL, Nina80Perenjori22 November 1945Perenjori
CANNELL, Frederick John94Morawa10 June 1985Perenjori
CANNON, Cecil David George70Perenjori9 December 1948Perenjori
CANNON, Christopher Robert42Bunjil26 January 1997Perenjori
CANNON, Clarice Eleanor74Perenjori15 December 1956Perenjori
CANNON, Enid Searls69Leederville29 July 1989Perenjori
CANNON, George Lawson84Morawa16 January 1997Perenjori
CANNON, Hazel Christina72Bunjil12 September 1994Perenjori
CANNON, Stanley Thomas59Perenjori21 November 1974Perenjori
CAPEL, Richard John67Coomberdale22 July 1953Moora
CAREY, Dora Mignonette3 months22 July 1906Mingenew
CAREY, Elsie Meta1½ months5 June 1906Mingenew
CARPIO, Eva May47Embleton29 September 1975Moora
CARPIO, Lizzie48Mingenew16 July 1943Three Springs
CARR, Henry Christian8028 July 1981Mingenew
CARR, Isabella Glasgow62Round Hill17 July 1929Moora
CARR, John Hampden7724 September 2009Mingenew
CARR, Wilhelmina7827 January 1978Mingenew
CARRAN, Cora76Perenjori23 September 1965Perenjori
CARRAN, Wilfred54Caron10 May 1944Perenjori
CARRICK, Emily80Moora28 May 1943Moora
CARRICK, W. J.80Moora16 August 1942Moora
CARRINGTON, Herbert4523 October 1923Mingenew