Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
TAMBLYN, Elizabeth Ellen82Coorow16 December 1954WinchesterBiography
TAMBLYN, Gordon Royal Anthony50Coorow19 February 1957WinchesterBiography
TARADZIC, Ivan22Little Anchorage3 April 1968Moora
TAYLOR, Alfred Edward22Arrino2 March 1973Three Springs
TAYLOR, Alfred Ernest74Coorow23 December 1965Three Springs
TAYLOR, Alfred Gregory49Three Springs20 February 1976Three Springs
TAYLOR, Andrew36Karrinyup7 January 1997Moora
TAYLOR, Angerlina Rose8 monthsNew Norcia21 February 1958Moora
TAYLOR, Anslem Augustine53Wanneroo11 October 2005Moora
TAYLOR, Anthony50Carnamah21 August 1966Three SpringsBiography
TAYLOR, Attrol George39Three Springs3 December 1972Three Springs
TAYLOR, child2 monthsArrino10 June 1960Three Springs
TAYLOR, Daisy64Coorow11 April 1957Three Springs
TAYLOR, David John13 monthsWatheroo1 February 1958Moora
TAYLOR, Derek W.16Badgingarra10 June 1988Moora
TAYLOR, Edmund Youlden80Yandanooka29 December 1950MingenewBiography
TAYLOR, Edna May72Goomalling18 November 2010Moora
TAYLOR, Frank49Coorow22 June 1964Three Springs
TAYLOR, Gabriel37Midvale22 January 1978Moora
TAYLOR, Helen Mary2 daysArrino8 September 1959Three Springs
TAYLOR, Helen Thelma48Arrino31 August 1979Three Springs
TAYLOR, John William53Carnamah10 June 1985Three SpringsBiography
TAYLOR, Laura81Bindi Bindi10 February 1962Moora
TAYLOR, Lewis A.48Armadale6 April 1975Moora
TAYLOR, Michael Joseph15 hoursThree Springs23 April 1958Three Springs
TAYLOR, Peter John3 weeksPerenjori4 September 1991Three Springs
TAYLOR, RichardStillbornJigalong29 September 2006Moora
TAYLOR, Sheila Joan52Balga15 January 2005Moora
TAYLOR, Tracy TrishaStillbornArrino16 March 1963Three Springs
TAYLOR, Trevor Stephen36Midvale5 January 1993Moora
TAYLOR, Walter Henry82Latham10 July 1949Perenjori
TAYLOR, William James11 monthsWatheroo2 September 1933Moora
TAYLOR, William John55Three Springs24 September 2001Three Springs
TEEHAN, Paul78Three Springs29 December 1968Three Springs
TELFER, David7 monthsPerenjori22 December 1924Perenjori
TENONSEAS, Krist35-28 October 1929Moora
TERRY, Johanna Teresa76Moora5 November 1920Moora
THOMAS, Allan Robert589 December 2001Mingenew
THOMAS, Charles (believed to be)52-2 February 1952Moora
THOMAS, Charles Frederick78Three Springs22 June 1977Three SpringsBiography
THOMAS, Charles Frederick (Snr)73Three Springs8 October 1941Three SpringsBiography
THOMAS, David St. John23Three Springs21 January 1969Three SpringsBiography
THOMAS, Eric Bruce82MingenewBuried 23 March 1985Mingenew
THOMAS, Everett St. John5Three Springs18 September 1936Three SpringsBiography
THOMAS, John Robert77Three Springs2 November 1996WinchesterBiography
THOMAS, June Hope20 daysCarnamah7 July 1925Three SpringsBiography
THOMAS, Madge Alexander74Mingenew8 July 1983Mingenew
THOMAS, Winifred Beatrice89Embleton12 August 1993Three SpringsBiography
THOMAS, Winifred Mary78Three Springs2 June 1946Three SpringsBiography
THOMPSON, Andrew James64Coomberdale18 August 1968MooraBiography