Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
O'BRIEN, Martin63Moora12 August 1930Moora
O'Brien, Michael80Walebing2 April 1954Moora
O'CALLAGHAN, Annie Rosalind53Coorow12 June 1964Three SpringsBiography
O'CALLAGHAN, Mary1½ hoursThree Springs9 April 1954Three Springs
O'CALLAGHAN, William Michael83Coorow3 June 1985Three SpringsBiography
O'CONNOR, John646 October 1910Mingenew
O'DEA, Joseph Alexander59Perenjori29 October 1973Perenjori
O'DEA, Joseph James89Perenjori5 January 1970Perenjori
O'DEA, Mary Janet79Perenjori29 January 1967Perenjori
O'DWYER, Doraothy Jean77Moora5 June 1996Moora
O'DWYER, Kevin63Moora10 May 1979Moora
O'GRADY, Standish Darby57Carnamah4 September 1928Three SpringsBiography
O'HALLORAN, Charles Walter53Mingenew28 March 1919MingenewBiography
O'HALLORAN, James58Moora27 June 1975Moora
O'HARA, Felix28Moora23?May 1910Moora
O'NEIL, Frank72Moora14 June 1912Moora
O'Toole, Michael Festius50Watheroo28 July 1956Moora
OAKES, child7 monthsWillagee25 November 1959Three Springs
OBST, Iris Joan8931 May 2008Mingenew
OBST, Ivan Charles74Mingenew20 April 1991Mingenew
OFFER, Dwayne Aaron22Moora1 November 1995Moora
OLIVER, Anthony Charles18 monthsMoora25 August 1961Moora
OLIVER, Arthur52Three Springs31 August 1924Three SpringsBiography
OLIVER, Bessie Alice70Mingenew24 June 1951Mingenew
OLIVER, Charles Shepherd6926 July 1907Mingenew
OLIVER, childStillbornCoorow16 March 1945Three Springs
OLIVER, Ellen8417 December 1929Mingenew
OLIVER, John Patrick84Three Springs19 February 1996Three SpringsBiography
OLIVER, Margaret79Three Springs28 December 1951Three SpringsBiography
OLIVER, William Shepherd87Mingenew21 August 1960MingenewBiography
OLSEN, Olagus70Three Springs6 July 1920Three Springs
OLSON, Carl80Three Springs20 March 1946WinchesterBiography
OTTE, childStillbornCarnamah7 December 1933WinchesterBiography
OVERSBY, Elspet47Perenjori20 November 1936Perenjori
OVERSBY, Geoffrey Colin17 monthsPerenjori10 July 1952Perenjori
OVERSBY, John Marsh23Perenjori6 June 1924Perenjori
OVERSBY, Thomas Edward86Lesmurdie25 November 1972PerenjoriBiography