Burial Index of the Moora, Winchester, Perenjori, Three Springs and Mingenew cemeteries

Surname, Given Names Age Residence Date of Death Cemetery Links
PACIEJUN, Stefan77Moora31 January 2005Moora
PAGE, child7 monthsThree Springs25 July 1929Three Springs
PAGE, Ernest Edgar57Dongara6 May 1937Three SpringsBiography
PANTON, Donald Murray42Moora27 July 1996Moora
PARFITT, George35Three Springs18 March 1963Three Springs
PARFITT, Glen28Moora20 February 1992Moora
PARFITT, Mena62Moora18 December 1997Moora
PARFITT, William65Moora4 April 1923Moora
PARKER, John Walter56MingenewBuried 29 August 1962Mingenew
PARKER, Margaret Ellen43Three Springs1 January 1972Three Springs
PARKIN, Henry82Carnamah27 April 1958WinchesterBiography
PARKIN, Mary Ellen88Carnamah22 January 1990WinchesterBiography
PARKIN, Philippa Mary74Carnamah18 December 1942WinchesterBiography
PARRY, Edward Arthur29Perenjori7 January 1955Perenjori
PARSONS, Katherine Mary60Moora6 November 1937Moora
PASCOE, childStillborn27 April 1930Mingenew
PASCOE, Frederick John69Mingenew16 January 1986Mingenew
PASCOE, Harcles7712 July 1922Mingenew
PASCOE, Harcles James75Mingenew5 August 1958Mingenew
PASCOE, Joan73Langford2 October 2001Mingenew
PASCOE, Mary3Three Springs10 May 1929Three SpringsBiography
PASCOE, Mary Edith44Three Springs14 July 1932Three SpringsBiography
PASCOE, Matilda Christina Claire78Mingenew7 May 1975Mingenew
PASCOE, Patrick30-23 February 1944Moora
PASCOE, Pauline16 monthsThree Springs17 March 1930Three SpringsBiography
PASCOE, Sarah Ann94Geraldton3 September 1952Mingenew
PASCOE, StanleyStillbornThree Springs1 July 1932Three SpringsBiography
PASSAMANI, Brian Anthony54Moora31 October 1994Moora
PASSAMANI, Guiseppe Felice82Jurien15 June 1989Moora
PASSMORE, John Theodore69Mingenew27 September 1997Mingenew
PATON, Eric Charles Waller75Waddy Forest29 April 1952Three SpringsBiography
PATON, Johanna Jane73Waddy Forest2 January 1949Three SpringsBiography
PATTON, Elizabeth Isabell89Dalwallinu20 March 2007WinchesterBiography
PATTON, Roy Malcom65Coorow22 December 1981WinchesterBiography
PAUL, Alan4 monthsWatheroo6 December 1951Moora
PAULL, Ellen May7 daysRound Hill28 September 1913Moora
PAULL, John William65Round Hill25 May 1946Moora
PAYNE, Catherine Mary70Gosnella11 April 1987Winchester
PAYNE, Charles Reginald84Three Springs26 April 1987Three Springs
PAYNE, Elaine May57Morawa24 February 2004Perenjori
PAYNE, Harriet68Perenjori14 December 1943PerenjoriBiography
PAYNE, Kerry Patricia20 monthsMingenew23 February 1960Mingenew
PAYNE, Leah Agnes8523 April 1996Mingenew
PAYNE, Margery62Carnamah18 July 1984Three SpringsBiography
PAYNE, Ronald Alfred38Arrino26 December 1986Three SpringsBiography
PAYNE, Roy William83Iluka17 May 2003Perenjori
PAYNE, William Ernest92Morawa26 June 2009Perenjori
PEARCE, Coral Beatrice97Greenmount8 May 2011Winchester
PEARCE, Edward John72Carnamah10 May 1978WinchesterBiography
PEARCE, Francis Newman56Three Springs24 January 1982Three SpringsBiography